1 Ply Vs 2 Ply Toilet Paper: Differences and Comparison

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1 Ply Vs 2 Ply Toilet Paper

One way to describe toilet paper is through the number of sheets called ‘ply,’ which are usually rolled. Manufacturers make different tissue rolls so buyers must compare 1 ply vs 2 ply toilet paper.

A 1 ply toilet paper is regarded as the commercial type with lower quality. The 2 ply toilet paper is often seen as having premium quality due to its thickness. There are two sheets in the entire roll so it’s thicker than the single-ply and softer at the same time. Wax or lotion is also added to two-ply toilet paper.

Besides these, there are other things you have to know. It can be linked to your priorities, such as comfort, quality, and cost-effectiveness. You’ll find it in the following part.

What Is 1 Ply Toilet Paper

You would usually find jumbo rolls of toilet paper with thin sheets in the restrooms of offices, shopping malls, theme parks, and other public places. One-ply toilet paper is ideal for toilets that are always under high traffic.

It lasts for a long time so it doesn’t cost a lot and doesn’t require frequent refills. Good examples for this are the 4 packs with 6 rolls each of Cotonelle, Pacific Blue with 2,000 linear feet per roll, and Tork Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper Roll.

It may not be the most comfortable but it serves its purpose well enough. Also, it’s a convenient option for businesses.

What Is 2 Ply Toilet Paper


The 2 ply toilet paper meaning is two layers of paper for more softness and strength. It’s softer to the touch compared to single ply paper. Since there are two pieces of paper, it’s also stronger. It won’t cost too much even if you use it daily when you buy it in bulk. Businesses can also have this but they have to stock more of it.

Many would-be please to find this in a bathroom because of the comfort it provides. You can get the best deal from Presto Mega Roll, Angel Soft Toilet Paper, and Solimo Toilet Paper.

Comparison of 1 Ply and 2 Ply Toilet Paper

To decide which product is best for you, take cost, comfort, and effect on a septic tank into consideration.

1. Cost

The fewer pieces of ply used, the lower the cost. Therefore, the winner in 1 ply vs. 2 ply toilet paper cost is the one-ply. Generally, one-ply is cheaper than two-ply so it won’t be costly to use multiple sheets.

2. Comfort

The two sheets of double-ply toilet paper compensate by providing softer, thicker, and stronger rolls. However, the differences between two-ply and one-ply are thinning because of advances made in product design and the manufacturing process. You’ll find one-ply toilet paper that has almost the same characteristics as the two-ply.

3. Effect on septic tank

1 ply toilet paper is the ideal choice for people with septic tanks in their houses. People use the same number of sheets despite the density of the toilet paper.

Thus, 2 ply rolls double the number of sheets that get into the tank, which is not good for your septic tank. Bathrooms in RVs and boats just need 1 ply as well.

More Features of Toilet Paper


1. Luxurious appeal

Just like other items, toilet paper of premium quality can easily be found in the market. Many features attract buyers, such as the quilted version, silky soft layer, and extra cushion. There’s even four-ply tissue that you can buy! With these additional features, expect to pay more than the usual toilet paper.

The advancements of toilet paper can be found in two-ply as well like the Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong and Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper. One-ply like embossed Pacific Blue toilet paper has the two-ply feels and quality.

2. Eco-friendly

Many individuals and businesses are conscious of the effects of the products that they use on the environment. Two-ply eco-friendly toilet paper like Aria Premium Earth Friendly Toilet Paper and Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper are up for grabs. They are usually made of recyclable paper or timber from the sustainable growth of trees.

Although Tork Universal Bath Tissue Roll is one-ply, it’s not harmful to the environment with the proof of being EPA compliant and Eco logo certified. It’s biodegradable toilet paper that is wrapped elegantly! Moreover, there’s one-ply toilet paper from Camco that is biodegradable and safe for septic time. It’s even ideal for RV and motorhome use.

These eco-friendly rolls feel similar to your usual toilet paper. So, there’s no reason for you to feel awkward utilizing it. When you use it, it will be a great help to conserve or even restore natural resources.

Finalizing Important Points

To sum up, between 1 ply vs 2 ply toilet paper, most businesses choose the former as it’s cost-effective. The budget of homeowners may allow them to buy 2 plies, but it’s not a good idea if they have a septic tank at home. Nonetheless, you can find 1 ply toilet paper that is almost as soft and thick as the 2 ply due to today’s new design and production. Also, here is the 2 ply vs 3 ply toilet paper comparison if you like it.

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