2 Ply Vs 3 Ply Toilet Paper: Let’s Compare and Contrast

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2 ply vs 3 ply toilet paper

One of the factors that we need to consider when shopping for toilet paper is the ply. In the market, 2 ply vs 3 ply toilet paper is common. But deciding between the two is difficult if you do not know the differences. If you are in this situation right now, don’t worry. This article will enlighten you.

What Is the Toilet Paper Ply?


Understanding the toilet paper ply meaning can help you decide which meets your needs. Ply refers to the number of paper layers. As such, 1 ply has one layer, 2 ply has two, and so on.

However, ply is not the only basis you should consider. The quality of the paper and the comfort that it can bring is also essential to think about.

One-ply toilet paper can be as thick as two-ply if it’s thick enough and of high quality material.

2 Ply Toilet Paper

A single ply of toilet paper is favorable on the economic side, but some of them can be abrasive. So, your next option is two-ply paper. For this, it is best to buy in bulk and save some bucks. It also comes with the convenience of long-time use.

But not all two-ply rolls of toilet paper are the same. They have different levels of quality once you touch and compare them. You may realize that the basic and inexpensive one is not different from one-ply toilet paper.

To get a better experience, you can spend more on deluxe or premium toilet paper. The thickness and softness are usually instantly noticeable. It may cost more, but a few of them can do the cleaning that you need.

Examples of good 2 ply toilet paper are Amazon Basics 2-ply Toilet Paper, Presto Mega Roll Toilet Paper, and Cotonnelle Ultra Clean Toilet Paper.

3 Ply Toilet Paper

Due to more layers of paper, many think that 3-ply toilet paper is way better than one ply and two ply. Primarily, it’s great for high-end applications, executive offices, and restaurants. These places want their guests and visitors to have a great toilet experience as it creates a good impression of their establishment.

It’s all about building an impassive reputation just like 3 ply toilet paper from Reel, The Cheeky Panda, and Renova. On the other hand, it’s not practical to apply 3-ply toilet paper in casual settings.

Apart from being costly, the luxurious appeal is not a priority in most households. With the right quality, one-ply or two-ply toilet paper can serve the toilet needs of everyone in your house.

Distinguishing the Difference Between 2 Ply and 3 Ply Toilet Paper

  • When it comes to cost efficiency, 2 ply wins over 3 ply. Since only two layers of paper are used for making two-ply, the manufacturer saves production cost and this saving is passed to buyers.
  • But the final product should be of good quality after all the selected materials and preferred processing methods. Indeed, 2 ply is cost-efficient as you can buy them in bulk and save more money.
  • In 3 ply vs 2 ply mask, nothing would beat the former in terms of strength, absorption, and comfort. Thus, it’s choice of executive offices and other establishments to impress guests who visit their location. It may be costlier than its counterparts, but it’s worth it.

Reasons for Getting 3 Ply Toilet Paper


As mentioned, 3 ply toilet paper is more expensive than single-ply and two-ply. But there are reasons why it costs more money.

1. The strength of 3 ply

With 3 ply toilet paper, you can clean up in the toilet whether you wad, fold, or scrunch it.

You won’t be in a situation in which you’re surprised that you unintentionally touch some skin and need to wash off what your hands encountered. This is not a good experience, especially if you’re in a hurry or at a public toilet.

These unpleasant experiences can be avoided when you have 3-ply toilet paper. Even a single piece of it can protect your hands from contacting something that you don’t like. Hence, you won’t have to deal with more mess after doing your business.

2. Being plush

The three layers will give you the plushest and softest feel. Yours behind deserves this kind of treatment, especially if the paper touches sensitive parts. Apart from your toilet business, it can work well for other things, such as makeup removal, blowing noses, and cleaning minor spills.

3. Safe for plumbing as well as your budget

Since 3 ply is thick enough to cover your hands, you don’t have to take out several pieces. Moreover, a few pieces of 3 ply won’t wreck your plumbing. You can avoid spending a lot of money and time on fixing the system. As you know, a plumber can only be available during office hours.

If the waste can’t get into your hands, you don’t have to use additional toilet paper to clean. The efficiency of the 3 ply thickness can prolong the service life of a single roll of toilet paper. By thriftily using toilet paper, you can save some money.

Checklist of a Good Toilet Paper

As mentioned, good toilet paper is not only about the ply but also the quality. There are some things that you have to include in your checklist. They will help you decide wisely.

1. Chlorine-free and environmental-friendly

Quality toilet paper should be chlorine-free as you use it in your private parts. Being chlorine-free also makes it friendly to the environment.

Toilet paper from recycled paper is the best option as it means that there’s no abuse of cutting down trees. Otherwise, the manufacturer should indicate that they practice proper forest management.

2. Ease of tearing

One characteristic of toilet paper is that you can easily tear it. This prevents confusion after you finish your business on the throne and need to clean your bottom. You don’t want to waste time figuring out how to tear the toilet paper.

3. Not causing irritation

When the fibers in the toilet paper cause irritation, it means it is low quality. Quality ones won’t leave your skin red, irritated, and itchy.


In this 2 ply vs 3 ply toilet paper article, you’ve learned that the numbers of ply are not the only basis for choosing the right type of paper.

Every ply should be a quality one to guarantee strength and softness. There’s a one-ply toilet paper that can be an equivalent of a two-ply with bad quality. Good toilet paper is soft, easy to tear, environmentally friendly, and not a skin irritant. You also can check this comparison about 1-ply vs 2-ply toilet paper here!

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