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Welcome to Saveourwaterrebates

The toilets in your bathrooms are an integral part of your home, and we’re here to take care of them for you.

Thanks to modern innovations, we can easily and effectively practice good hygiene. Because of this, we’re here to make sure you have no trouble finding the right toilet accessories, installing the appropriate equipment, and keeping the system in working order. Feel free to throw any questions our way!

Who are We

Freddie J. Hagopian

Hello, my name is Freddie, and I am the founder of Saveourwaterrebates.com. I am inclined to launch this website in order to provide the best tips and guides for you to fix simple issues at home when access to a plumber is unavailable.

Over the course of my more than 15 years as a plumber, I’ve seen many families struggle with the simplest yet troublesome issues. It entails choosing the best appliances that will benefit them in the long run, as well as installing and maintaining toilet accessories and dealing with other sewage-related problems that arise.

Paulk Webb

Hello, and thanks for visiting our website. I’m Paulk Webb, and I work as a writer for Saveourwaterrebates. I’m happy to put in the time and effort to conduct market research to identify the most pressing issues faced by households concerning their plumbing. Feel free to reach out to us to get the most informed recommendations for how to solve your problems.

The Basis of Our Trustworthiness

Our commitment to trustworthiness rests on several fundamental pillars. First and foremost, we prioritize delivering high-quality content that upholds the integrity and credibility of our website. 

We ensure that our content is well-researched and supported by evidence from respected industry experts, authoritative publications, and credible websites. Information from sites such as Thespruce, Popularmechanics, Freshhomeguide… and research papers are also included as a crucial part of our research information.

Furthermore, we adhere to strict ethical considerations in our content creation process. Our AI technology is not employed to generate or manipulate information, ensuring that human expertise and judgment are the driving forces behind our content. We also maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism, acknowledging and respecting the intellectual property of others.

By upholding these principles, we strive to foster an environment of trust where our readers can rely on us as a reliable and credible source of information.

Our Test Sites

At Saveourwaterrebates, our process is driven by a commitment to thoroughness, credibility, and objectivity. To quantify our assessments, we employ the SOWR Core, our proprietary scoring system. This methodology enables us to provide consistent and objective evaluations across different products.

Why Should You Trust the SOWR Core?

– Increased trust and informed decision-making: By considering factors such as customer reviews, expert evaluations, and objective criteria, the score provides you with a reliable metric to assess products or services.

– Improved purchasing experience: With the SOWR score, you can have a more streamlined and efficient purchasing experience. By relying on a comprehensive evaluation system, you can quickly identify top-rated products or services that align with your needs and preferences.

– Enhanced credibility and reputation: By employing a transparent and objective methodology, the SOWR score establishes a reputation for providing reliable assessments. 

With our commitment to thoroughness, credibility, and objectivity, you can trust the SOWR Core to guide you towards informed decision-making, an improved purchasing experience, and reinforced credibility for us.

Product Review Process


Consider top-rated products

We’ve scoured the market to identify the vast array of products available for purchase. We understand the importance of choice, therefore, our team has diligently researched and compiled a comprehensive selection, ensuring that we cover a wide range of options for you to consider. 

Analyze and review the products

From the extensive list of products, we handpick the top-rated and widely favored ones for our team of experts to delve into. We take the time to thoroughly review each product, examining its features, performance, and overall quality while ensuring transparency. Our goal is to provide you with an in-depth analysis that goes beyond the surface.

Expert Reviews


To augment our expert reviews, we tap into the wisdom of highly regarded sources such as Thespruce, Popularmechanics, Freshhomeguide, and more. By tapping into their expertise, we enhance the breadth and depth of our product evaluations, providing you with a comprehensive perspective to make informed decisions. 

Analyze consumer opinions

In our pursuit of objectivity, we seek input from actual product users, as we value the experiences and opinions of consumers who have firsthand experience with the products we review. By analyzing their feedback, we gain valuable insights into real-world performance and satisfaction levels.

Saveourwaterrebates is dedicated to equipping homeowners with the fundamental and necessary knowledge and resources to tackle plumbing issues confidently. Our mission is to provide reliable tips and guides, ensuring that individuals can address common problems and maintain their plumbing systems efficiently.

We encourage you to engage with our team to receive the most informed advice tailored to your specific needs. Whether you have questions, need recommendations, or want to share your own experiences, we are here to help.

Join us in our mission to empower homeowners and become part of the Saveourwaterrebates community!