American Standard vs Kohler Toilets: A Detailed Comparison

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American Standard vs Kohler Toilets

When it comes to bathroom fixtures, American Standard and Kohler are the toilet brands that first come to your mind. Due to the unceasing dedication to producing quality toilets for a hundred years, these manufacturers have gained buyers’ trust.

They both produce efficient toilets with a sleek appearance and reliable durability. It’s hard to choose so an article that covers American Standard vs Kohler toilets is helpful to many.

With important features like flushing power and water consumption, you’ll be guided to get the right toilet for you. Their pros and cons will be shown here. Read on for the comparison of Kohler vs American Standard toilets.

Features Comparison of Toilets American Standard vs Kohler


Flushing Systems

The power of the toilet’s flushing system promotes cleanliness. Different flushing systems can be spotted on these brands. You’ll also realize that a weaker flushing performance requires frequent cleaning.

Unlike a powerful dual flushing system, you sometimes can’t have just a single flush. Cleaning is necessary before you leave. However, it’s beneficial as it consumes less water.

In this aspect, the toilets American Standard vs Kohler are head-to-head. They both have a powerful flushing system as flushing toilets are with the right level of GPF, which is 1.6 and 1.28. Still, you may need to know how each of them works.

American Standard takes pride in its cadet 3 and 4 flushing systems due to its capability of removing the toughest particle and all the waste in a single flush. Without the need for a second flush, you can lower your water bill and save up to 16,500 gallons of water every year. Therefore, American Standard makes water-efficient toilets but with a silent flushing system.

Kohler toilets tend to demand more than just one flush. However, you may check out the ones with the Aquapiston flushing system. This is designed to eliminate liquid and solid waste smoothly. It can release a powerful flush within a 360-degree angle. Hence, there’s no room for ghost flushing.

Material and Bowl Types

American Standard and Kohler utilize vitreous china in making their toilets. They also apply a ceramic coating on the surface. That’s why they’re almost similar in ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Furthermore, the sturdiness and lifespan don’t have a big difference at all. Based on my observation, American Standard toilets showcase seamless and minimalist designs. Being seamless toilets, you’ll find it a piece of cake to clean.

Simply wiping them down can maintain their shiny and fresh looks. These seamless toilets won’t deprive you of detecting hidden dirt or grime and unsightly stains. You should also know that American standard toilets have a quality base.

Its products vary from one-piece or two-piece toilets, WC close-coupled toilets, and floor-mounted toilets. The bowl design is either round or elongated toilets. Some of these features can be seen in Toto toilets.

Although these brands utilize the same material, Kohler includes numerous bathroom features. These are the features that make it excel from American Standard. You can choose from one-piece toilets, two-piece toilets, wall-hung toilets, and urinals.

You can also avail the elongated bowls that promise comfort as your weight is evenly distributed when you sit on them. Another option that might be in favor of you is the round bowls. You can find a toilet seat in various materials, such as wood and plastic.

Water Efficiency

As mentioned, the flushing system has something to do with saving water. The advantages are not only cutting down water bills but being environmentally friendly. American Standard has been certified by EPA because its toilets can save 20% of water compared to the average ones.

Although there are not many options on the WaterSense line the other models can rock it as it’s the company’s goal to save water! Kohler has WaterSense certification which was given by the EPA to its water-efficient toilets.



It’s undeniable that toilet design is important when choosing the right toilet. Although American Standard offers a conventional toilet, it works as expected. At times, some users experienced the toilets failing due to poor structural integrity. You might need the service of professional plumbers if it happens.

Meanwhile, Kohler is known for its modern toilets. Even so, it also produces traditional two-piece toilets. The best part is that they don’t have structural issues. But still, these brands offer similar bowl types and flushing options.

Nonetheless, I would like to show you specific models that excel from a specific feature:

American Standard

  • Best Overall: H2Option
  • Best Premium: Boulevard FloWise
  • Best Tall: Champion 4
  • Best Value: Fairfield


  • Best Flush: Cimarron
  • Best Overall: Santa Rosa
  • Best Premium: Memoirs Stately
  • Best Value: Wellworth Dual

In regards to this matter, I would like to discuss American Standard Champion 4 Max vs Kohler Cimarron as they are my personal favorites. What I like the most about Champion 4 Max is the ease of cleaning since it’s a one-piece toilet and not prone to clogging due to the glazed trap way.

It also works for comfort and efficiency. I can say that it’s a reliable toilet as it can move 70% of its mass, which is higher than its counterparts. Despite its power, it operates quickly and quietly.

Its 16.5-inch rim height can be referred to as chair height as there’s an additional inch from the seat. I feel comfortable sitting and getting off of it. This is a slow-close toilet type so slamming can be avoided. Hence, you won’t startle the people in your house when using the toilet.

It’s water-efficient with 1.6 GPF. I couldn’t be happier as cleaning is not demanding. However, you’ll need more installation space because of its elongated bowl, which is a common feature among American Standard toilets. It also might be too big for some bathrooms.

Many Kohler users patronize Cimarron due to its design and color variations (black, biscuit, gray, sandbar, and white). It’s the reason why it suits most bathrooms’ interior and other bathroom fixtures.

You may not prioritize the appearance but this Kohler toilet doesn’t fall short in other aspects. It’s comfortable, efficient, and powerful! You can save money on water bills and the environment because of its 1.28 GPF rating.

This GPF level shows that it’s a low-flow toilet. You won’t only lower your water bill but amazingly, conserve 16,500 gallons of water yearly. Thanks to its canister flush valve, clogging won’t be a big problem. It’s about powerful and low water consumption all at the same time.

You won’t be disappointed with the comfort that you seek when sitting on a toilet. It’s in a chair height or comfort height, which means you won’t have trouble sitting and getting off. With all the information I shared here, it’s crystal clear that both of these toilets have competitive capabilities.

Necessary Cleaning

When you compare Kohler and American Standard toilets, it’s not only focused on flushing systems, construction material, water efficiency, and design. The necessary cleaning should also be considered.

Since American Standard is renowned for its powerful flush, you won’t need to devote time to some clinging waste on the bowl. As you’ve already read, Kohler consumes less water resulting in a weak flush.

You may need more than a single flush to get rid of everything. Moreover, you’ll have to use a scrub right after flushing. Both Kohler and American standards can maintain a nice appearance but the former would require time for more cleaning though.


The installation is based on a toilet model but it won’t be a burden if it’s a skirted single-piece toilet. But one-piece is heavier than the two-piece toilet as you carry it as a whole. The latter will be delivered to you with unattached parts which make installation challenging to some.

You shouldn’t hastily decide to hire a plumber but instead, refer to the manual for installation instructions. Try to do it by yourself. Who knows? You might be a handy person!


Budget-conscious buyers are eager to know about affordable toilets. Fortunately, you can find those with a low price tag but ensure reliability and durability. I made a list of prices for the top-pick toilets.

American Standard

  • Cadet 3 = $189
  • Cadet 3 (one-piece) = $249
  • Champion = $199
  • Optum Vormax = $269
  • Reliant $99


  • Cimarron Revolution = $249
  • Elmbrook = $189
  • Highline Arc = $169
  • Santa Rosa = $319
  • Valiant = $288

The numbers show that if you’re on a budget, you can opt for American Standard. Although the price of the Kohler for a slightly comfortable toilet is a bit high, the American Standard at a reasonable price assures durability. All in all, these two brands are much better than other toilet brands.


Many buyers rejoice about the warranty provided by American Standard for five to ten years. This is a worthy exchange for maintenance costs for high medium leak issues. On the other hand, Kohler offers a year of limited warranty to its users as you won’t likely have issues with its poor structural integrity.


  American Standard Kohler
PROS Powerful flush Eco-friendly
  Affordable models Better design
CONS Integrity issues Weak flush
  Higher price

Summing Up

After you go through the comparison of important aspects between American Standard vs Kohler toilets, you’ll be able to know which toilet brand meets your needs and preference. As you can see on the table, American Standard suits you if you need a powerful flush and affordable model. But go for Kohler toilets if you’re into good design and environmental protection.

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