Bemis vs Kohler Toilet Seat: Which Is a Better Choice?

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bemis vs kohler toilet seat

Since they’re the top pick toilet seat brands, it just makes sense to compare Bemis vs Kohler toilet seat. Bemis has been in operation for a long time and it perfects production. It offers varieties of plastic and wooden seats of excellent quality. On the other hand, Kohler has found many ways to be creative with its toilet seats. It also uses wood and plastic for its toilet seats.

Due to the quiet-close feature, Kohler toilet seats attract many buyers. Nevertheless, there are more wonderful attributes that these products can offer. You’ll know more about them as you continue reading.

Bemis Toilet Seats

Bemis is based in Wisconsin, United States and it’s been producing different bathroom fixtures including toilet seats since 1858. Thus, it’s guaranteed that their products are made through the highest industry standards.

Based on consumer reports, Bemis toilet seats are the most comfortable toilet seats. They also prove to be durable. Despite all the advantages, these seats are sold at an affordable price.


  • Right fit

You can either have the round or elongated seats from Bemis. With all certainty, you won’t find any offset seats. The company made their seats adjustable so they won’t be shorter than the bowl or protrude.

  • Sta-Tite installation system

Kudos to Bemis for coming up with this idea as toilet seat installation has never been easy! After you install a Bemis toilet seat, you won’t be bothered by it loosening and shifting around.

  • Precision seat fit

You don’t have to stress yourself when doing the installation just to get a great result. It’s top-mounting so you don’t have to bend and strain your knees when tightening the wing nuts on the bowl’s underside.


  • Vulnerability to chemicals and scratches

You have to be careful about what you use on Bemis toilet seats since they’re sensitive to substances like vinegar, aerosol can, scouring powder, bleach, and disinfectants. It’s best to keep them dry, if possible, all the time. Also, they can be scratched easily.

Kohler Toilet Seats

Just like Bemis, Kohler is located in Wisconsin and it’s been in business since 1873. This company doesn’t only excel in plumbing but toilets and seats as well. Many people turn to this brand when they need to replace the toilet seat or buy one for a newly bought toilet. The soft-close feature of the Kohler toilet seats is what made its good reputation blossom.


  • Soft-close feature

Aside from the sound of the flush, the banging noise from a toilet seat can make you reluctant to use the toilet in the middle of the night. Kohler knows this concern very well so it integrates a soft-close feature in most of its toilet seats. You’ll no longer worry about waking up someone at night.

  • Quick removal and installation

The quick removal and installation will give you a huge relief. It’s a toilet seat for cleaning with ease when you need to do a deep cleaning on your toilet once in a while. Because of these features, you don’t need to hire someone to install the toilet seat.

Moreover, there are rubber bumpers to support the ergonomic design of Kohler seats. The bumpers are found on the underside of the seat, which becomes secured in its place. Users will be comfortable sitting on them without worrying about it sliding and slipping.

  • Deodorizing function

The toilet can sometimes stink so there’s a carbon filter in most Kohler toilet seats. You can find it in the line called Purefresh. Every Purefresh toilet seat has an intuitive fan and a pack of scents to fill your bathroom with a light, fresh scent.


  • Product variations

Some of the Kohler toilet seats are top mount and others are bottom mount. You have to be attentive to the exact type that fits your toilet. It may be confusing but you can avoid mistakes if you pay attention to the product description. Those that are not top mounting require more effort.

Do Bemis and Kohler Toilet Seats Have the Qualities That You’re Looking for?


When it comes to toilet seat material, these brands are equal because they both produce wooden and plastic seats that have the same toughness as porcelain. Other qualities that you want from a toilet seat are listed here.

1. Special features

If you want to upgrade your toilet with something like a bidet, both of these brands offer you options. You can opt for the Bio Bidet of Bemis, which has a heated seat, heated water, and nightlight.

The same features are found in Kohler PureWarmth but it offers an app where you can adjust the settings based on your preference. The installation of Bio Bidet can be complicated but the PureWarmth, like other Kohler seats, can be removed and installed easily. I can say that Kohler has made it simple for you to have a bidet in your toilet without setting a high price as well. The bestseller Kohler Cachet will also impress you.

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2. Strength and durability

The strength and durability are not only expected from a toilet seat for a heavy person. Every user has a weight to put on the seat so it should be tough enough to bear whatever is thrown at it. It’s great that these toilet seats are tough yet affordable. For instance, Bemis 1500EC 000 is an elongated, enameled wood toilet seat that is of high quality but in the budget-friendly price range.

The Kohler Brevia toilet seat can compete with it as it holds up well even with pressure-assisted toilets. It’s also budget-friendly but has features you can find in more expensive seats. You may have the heavy-duty toilet seat with metal hinges from Kohler if you need more assurance that there won’t be any breaking despite your weight.

Bemis also made an oversized toilet seat with stainless hinges. It can accommodate a weight of up to 1,000 lbs. However, expect to pay more for these upgraded toilet seats.

3. Installation

Bemis and Kohler see to it that the users won’t have a hard time installing a toilet seat. But I can say that Kohler is great in making most of their toilet seats easy to remove. So, it’s very convenient when cleaning a toilet. It’s easy to achieve the non-loosening, tight placement of both seats. But I must say Kohler made it more convenient as installation and removal can be done simply.

But Bemis also did a good job with the top-mounting seat as you don’t have to strain your knees during installation.

4. Cost

A few models of toilet seats are introduced here. Some of them are affordable as they’re only $25 or $26. But some are more expensive because they have the bidet features and are upgraded or bigger than the normal size.

All in all, Bemis and Kohler are competitive as they have a wide array of toilet seats that can suit your budget, needs, and preference. Even those with low prices have good quality.


It’s no wonder that Bemis vs Kohler toilet seat is a hot topic. These companies have been serving the American people for more than a century and they never fail to impress or satisfy the customers. Bemis toilet seats have remarkable steadiness and stability. The soft-close seat and easy removal are qualities that make most Kohler toilet seats shine.

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