5 Best Pressure-Assisted Toilets for a Strong and Effective Flush

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best pressure assisted toilets

It’s always a nightmare to deal with clogs in the toilet because of all the mess. Fortunately, there’s a toilet that can push the waste out on the first flush. They’re the best pressure assisted toilets which are also water-efficient because their flush rating is usually less than 1.6 GPF (gallons per flush).

Because of their popularity, you can find many pressure-assisted toilets on the market today. Here are things that you should look for when buying pressure toilets.

Flushing Power

The toilet should use a powerful pressure assist toilet system to eliminate waste. The majority of our reviewed products use EcoFlush to pack more punch and produce the best pressure in every flush. That additional power helps push the waste completely.

Water Consumption

You want the toilet to flush the waste with as little water as possible. The products in our list feature a flushing system that uses water between 1-1.6 gallons per flush.


The most durable pressure-assisted toilets in our review are made of vitreous china. They even have a special coating to repel stains. All of them are pretty versatile because they come in a two-piece configuration.

Learn more about how to choose the right pressure-assisted toilets in our buying guide below. You can also check our top pressure assist toilet reviews to know what brands are hot or not.

3 Premium-Rated Picks


SOWR score

Kohler 3493-96

Configuration: Two-piece

Shape: Elongated

Flush: 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF)


SOWR score

American Standard 2467016.020

Configuration: Two-Piece

Shape: Elongated

Flush: 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF)


SOWR score

Kohler K-3531-0 Wellworth

Configuration: Two-Piece

Shape: Elongated

Flush: 1.0 gallons per flush (GPF)

5 Top-rated Pressure-Assisted Toilets

1. Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic Pressure Lite Toilet

Dimensions: 29.5 x 21.06 x 31.25 inches

Configuration: Two-piece

Material: Vitreous china

Shape: Elongated

Flush: 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF)

Handle: Left-hand trip lever

Includes Toilet Seat: No

Special Feature: Chair height

The K-3493-0 Highline Classic Pressure Lite is a pressure-assisted flush toilet that offers the most powerful flush, just like Toto. This model stands out with its comfortable height—up to 17 inches, making it suitable for the elderly, taller people, and those with mobility problems.

Additionally, this pressure-assisted toilet boasts an elongated bowl that reaches 18 ⅝”, so people on the heavy side will feel more comfortable because it supports the thighs more securely.

What makes this Highline Classic model more desirable is its powerful flushing system. The Sloan Flushmate vessel inside the toilet tank creates a strong pressure to push the toilet paper and solid waste in one go. Along with a large trapway, I’m no longer scared of clogs anymore.

As one flush is enough for this pressure flushing system to clean away solid waste, I’m certain that I can save water in the long run. This pressure-assisted toilet also only uses 1.6 gallons per flush, so I’m confident it won’t add too much to my water bill.

Not to mention that this two-piece toilet looks fabulous with its vitreous china material. It looks shiny and is resistant to cracks. Thankfully, it has a 12 inches rough-in, making it an easy replacement for my old standard toilet. The tank bolts serve their purpose very well because they don’t leak when properly tightened.

However, this power flush toilet doesn’t include a toilet seat and supply line.

  • Comfortable to use with its 18 ⅝” elongated bowl shape
  • Easy to sit and stand with its comfortable 17-inch height
  • Has secure tank bolts to prevent leaks
  • Offers a large trapway and a powerful flush to prevent clogs
  • May help save water since one flush is enough
  • Looks sleek, crack-resistant, and easy to install
  • No seat and supply line included

2. American Standard 2467016.020 Cadet Pressure-Assisted Toilet

Dimensions: 30.25 x 20.05 x 30.75 inches

Configuration: Two-Piece

Color: White

Material: Vitreous china

Shape: Elongated

Flush: 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF)

Includes Toilet Seat: No

Special Features: Sanitary dam, EverClean

Cadet is a commercial power flush toilet that also packs power with its pressure-assisted siphon jet mechanism. It has also solved my clog problems, plus it comes with a good height for comfort.

From the rim to the floor, the toilet measures about 16.5 inches, which is still above the standard height (14.5-16 inches). The rough-in dimension is 12 inches, making it easy to install in my standard bathroom space. Since it comes with an 18.5” elongated bowl, I feel more comfortable sitting on the toilet than my old round one.

I have to applaud the performance of the EcoFlush system because it cleans the solid and liquid waste in one single flush only, leaving no mess behind. Also, I like how relatively quiet it is because I don’t like to bother my family when I’m using the toilet. At most times, the tank seems to refill water in as fast as ten seconds.

The best part of this two-piece toilet is its EverClean surface. The coating protects the vitreous china from getting stains. It’s also highly effective in preventing the growth of bacteria and molds that cause bad odors in the bathroom. My favorite is the raised sanitary dam at the back of the bowl because it prevents the buildup of dirt and bacteria.

My only gripe is that this pressure-assist toilet only comes with a bowl and tank. I need to buy a seat separately.

  • Comfortable to use with the elongated bowl
  • Has an above-standard rim height
  • Has a powerful yet quiet flush
  • Easy to fit with its standard rough-in dimensions
  • Refills tank in a matter of seconds
  • Stays clean with EverClean and sanitary dam
  • Doesn’t come with a seat

3. Kohler K-3531-0 Wellworth Pressure Lite Toilet

Dimensions: 30.12 x 21.25 x 29.25 inches

Configuration: Two-Piece

Material: Ceramic

Color: White

Material: Vitreous china

Flush: 1.0 gallons per flush (GPF)

Flush: 1.0 gallons per flush (GPF)

Wellworth is another pressure assisted toilet that offers a strong flush each time. Compared to the Highline Classic model, this one is more water-saving as it only uses a gallon of water per flush, providing me great savings on my monthly water bills.

The K-3531-0 is a bit short—only 15.5 inches, so it’s easier to use for my children. The 17.25” elongated bowl shape doesn’t only feel comfortable but also provides a graceful design in my modern bathroom. As a right-handed person, I appreciate the placement of the trip lever on the left because I can activate it while sitting more comfortably.

At a reasonable price, this two-piece toilet seems to offer a solid pressure assist flush system performance. It has adequate force to quickly remove the waste from the bowl, keeping it free from clogs. Compared to my old toilets, this model fills water rather quickly in only a matter of seconds.

The vitreous china is durable and pretty at the same time. It’s easy to wipe clean with its glossy appearance. Thankfully, the package comes with instructions to help me with the assembly. Installation is even easier because it fits in most standard 12-inch rough-in dimensions.

My only complaint is that the pressure assisted flushing system is a bit loud, especially when the rush of water swirls around the bowl.

  • Features a beautiful and comfortable elongated toilet bowl shape
  • Has a reasonable price and uses only 1 gallon per flush
  • Offers a powerful flush and refills water quickly
  • Convenient placement of the trip lever
  • Made of durable vitreous china that’s easy to wipe clean
  • Easy to install with instructions and standard rough-in dimensions
  • Flushes a bit loudly

4. American Standard 2462016.020 Cadet Toilet

Dimensions: 30.25 x 20.05 x 29.25 inches

Configuration: Two-Piece

Color: White

Material: Vitreous china

Shape: Elongated

Flush: 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF)

Includes Toilet Seat: No

Special Features: EverClean

The 2462016.020 Cadet also joins the ranks of the best-rated toilets for flushing power. It’s quiet yet offers a powerful flush all the time.

Just like the other Cadet models, this one uses the EcoFlush pressure assist flush system. The closed inner tank and the pressure-assisted siphon jet generate a strong force to remove the waste completely. I love how the pressure vessel gets powered by the water supply line because it’s consistent, effective, and prevents clogs.

This two-piece toilet still has a 17.25-inch elongated bowl that can support the thickest bottoms. The pressure assisted flushing system uses 1.6 gallons of water, which doesn’t come to waste because it cleans efficiently without needing a second flush. Thanks to the EverClean surface, nothing sticks to the surface, even germs that cause a nasty odor.

At first glance, this unit doesn’t look a bit different from the 2467016.020. It has the same depth and width, but the height slightly differs. Compared to 2467016.020, this particular Cadet model has a 1-inch shorter rim height – measuring only 15.5 inches, making it suitable for shorter people.

However, this pressure assist model doesn’t have the sanitary dam that the 2467016.020 has. It makes it a bit more difficult to maintain.

  • Has a stable elongated toilet bowl shape
  • Offers a strong yet quiet EcoFlush pressure assist flushing power
  • Won’t clog easily thanks to the efficient flush mechanism
  • Works in just one flush
  • Easy to clean, thanks to EverClean coated surface
  • Has a short rim height to suit shorter people
  • No sanitary dam

5. American Standard 2876100.200 Yorkville Toilet

Dimensions: 29.75 x 20.05 x 29.25 inches

Configuration: Two-Piece

Color: White

Material: Vitreous china

Shape: Elongated

Flush: 1.1 gallons per flush (GPF)

Includes Toilet Seat: No

Special Features: EverClean, Sanitary dam, FloWise

The 2876100.200 Yorkville is one of the most water-saving models under this brand. This two-piece toilet only uses 1.1 gallons of water per flush, saving a great deal on monthly water bills.

Thanks to its FloWise technology, this model uses less water consumption without sacrificing performance. More specifically, the unit uses a pressure-assisted siphon jet to help push waste into the sewage lines. The result is a powerful flush system that leaves no trace.

What I like most about this unit is its back-outlet configuration, making it convenient to install in my second-floor bathroom. I don’t need to remove the floorboards because I only have to make a hole in my wall to get it connected. With the Speed Connect coupling system, it’s easier to assemble the tank and bowl together.

Another appealing aspect of this unit is its design. The 18.5” elongated bowl is easy to use for all sizes, while the chrome trip lever feels sturdy. Like the Cadet models, Yorkville is built with an EverClean surface to keep it clean longer. It also has the same sanitary dam and rim height as 2467016.020 Cadet, making it easier to maintain and sit.

However, Yorkville comes at a premium price, so it may put off families with a tight budget.

  • Has an efficient pressure assist flush system
  • Built with FloWise technology to save water
  • Easy to install, thanks to back-outlet design and Speed Connect
  • Comes with an elongated toilet bowl for easy sitting
  • Offers a high-sitting and sturdy trip lever
  • Easy to clean with the Sanitary dam and EverClean coating
  • Comes at an expensive price

What to Look for When Buying Pressure-Assisted Toilets


Pressurized toilets are popular because of their powerful flush. Though they look the same, they differ in features. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing a new pressurized toilet.

Pressure Assist Toilet System

Most pressure assist toilets either use Flushmate or EcoFlush pressure assist toilet systems. The strongest flushing toilet uses the former because it packs more power in pushing the waste out. This flush system covers a larger water surface area, cleaning every corner so no trace is left behind.

Pressure-assisted siphon jets that use an EcoFlush system are quieter because they can work with a lower water line pressure. It also covers a wide water surface area to improve cleaning performance.

So, how does a pressure assist toilet work? A pressure assist toilet system uses air and water pressure to flush the waste out into the drainage. That compressed air creates that whooshing sound, which can be a bit loud.

Water Consumption

One of the pressure-assisted toilet pros is that they eliminate waste with the least amount of water possible. Since their flushing system relies on pressurized air to force the water out into the bowl, these models use no more than 1.6 gallons of water.

The average pressure-assisted toilet uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Backed with high pressurized air, a single flush is enough. Some pressure-assisted brands even use only one gallon to save more water. If you must use a water-saving model, make sure that it doesn’t compromise the flushing performance.


Pressure-assisted toilets are also configured the same way as other types of toilets. The bowl and tank are either joined into a single piece or come separated.

A one-piece toilet offers a streamlined design that leaves no gaps for bacteria and dirt to stay. It’s easier to clean and install because of its single component. However, this setup is heavier and more expensive.

Two-piece toilets use bolts or a unique coupling system to connect the bowl and tank. These models offer more versatility because you can choose a wide range of tank sizes and rough-in dimensions. However, dirt accumulation at the back of the toilet is a concern, so pick one with a Sanitary dam feature.

Material And Construction

Since a pressure-assisted toilet’s flushing system can release a strong surge of water, you want the bowl to be durable as possible. Choose vitreous china or porcelain, as both are denser than ceramic. To fight stains, look for an EverClean surface.

The shape of the bowl also matters. An elongated bowl brings more comfort because it extends its support up to the thighs. This makes elongated toilet bowls suitable for the heavier side or those with mobility issues. If you have a small bathroom, choose a more compact round bowl.

Seat Height

Apart from an excellent flushing performance, the toilet should be comfortable. You know how difficult it is to squat on the toilet if you have bad knees. To provide great ease of use, look for a high sitting.

The best pressure assist toilets have a chair height that’s 17–19 inches from the bathroom floor to the top of the toilet seats. With this height, anyone taller than 5’4” doesn’t need to strain their knees when sitting or standing. The elderly can also enjoy this comfortable height.

Additional features

To improve your bathroom experience, you may want to find toilets that are implemented or compatible with inbuilt night lights. These will help you do your business without having to turn on the light during nighttime.

It would also be a great idea to choose toilets that allow you to install an anti-sweat valve to reduce tank sweat. This will come in handy in cold regions, where the low temperatures make humidity condense around the toilet tank, creating an excellent environment for mold and mildew to grow on.

Are Pressure Assist Toilets Worth It?


Pressurized toilets are definitely worth buying because they don’t clog like traditional toilets. Most of the models are toilets with good flushing power. They’re even more water-efficient than dual flush systems in a gravity toilet because they can use only 1 gallon of water to remove the solids.

A pressure-assisted toilet works without a battery or electric pump, so it doesn’t need additional costs like gravity toilets. In fact, you get more savings in your water consumption because a single flush is enough.

Because there’s a separate vessel to house the pressure assist flushing technology inside the tank, the chances of tank sweat are greatly reduced. You can rest assured that your floor will stay dry.

Is Vacuum Assist Better Than Pressure Assist Toilet?

A vacuum-assist toilet offers the latest flushing technology, which is as effective as a pressure assist toilet in removing waste from the bowl. This type uses suction to pull the waste out of the bowl.

Compared to pressure-assisted models, vacuum assist toilets are more silent but more expensive than pressure assist brands.

Are Pressure Assist Toilets Dangerous?

These toilets use high pressure to remove the waste, which may create an explosive sound and physical fractures to the bowl surface. When not installed properly, the pressure might blow the unit into pieces.

Hence, it’s important that you seek the help of a professional plumber if you don’t have the know-how in this matter.

How Does a Pressure-assisted Toilet Differ From a Gravity-fed Toilet?

A gravity-feed toilet relies on the gravity force to drop the water from the tank. This mechanism creates a siphoning effect of removing the waste. To clean thoroughly, these models use at least 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

On the other hand, pressure assist toilets use your water supply line’s pressure to create compressed air for releasing the water into the bowl. This allows the unit to push the waste out more forcefully, making it more effective than gravity-fed units. It rarely clogs, and best of all, it uses less water.

How Do I Troubleshoot Problems With My Pressure-assisted Toilet?

One of the common pressure assist toilet problems is a slow flush. When this happens, check your pressure-reducing valve and ensure it’s set at the recommended PSI level.

Anything lower than that can make the flush sluggish. In contrast, if the PSI is too high, flushing can be so intense that it damages the bowl.

If the pressure is set just right, check your tank next. Look for the water intake screen on the supply assembly and brush it clean if it’s dirty. The duckbill valve beneath the air inducer may also need some cleaning when clogged with dirt.

Power flush toilets can also leak over time, especially around the joint between the tank and the bowl. To repair, tighten the gasket and bolts that hold the two pieces together. When your toilet keeps running, clean the inlet screen from any debris.

Can Pressure-assisted Toilets Be Installed in Any Bathroom?

Yes, you can install a pressure assist toilet in any bathroom. For these units to work, make sure that your water supply line has the right pressure.

A pressure assist toilet that uses 1.28-1.6 GPF needs a minimum water pressure of 25 PSI. A 1-gallon flushing toilet requires a lower water pressure of at least 20 PSI.


Now that you know how to choose the best pressure assisted toilets, you can shop with ease. All of our pressure-assisted toilet reviews are good, but if I have to pick one, it would be the K-3493-0 Highline Classic. This model packs a lot of power in every flush and saves water at the same because one flush is enough to eliminate the waste.

If you want a quieter flush system, the 2467016.020 Cadet is a good alternative. Regardless of your choice, make sure that the toilet fits in your plumbing fixtures.

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