The Best Toilet Brushes and Holders for Easy Cleaning

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best toilet brush and holder

There are numerous toilet brushes and holders that you can find in the market these days. It’s just right to be picky in choosing the one that serves its purpose well. Users love the toilet bowl brush and holder that can be easily kept clean as the fecal odor can ruin the bathroom’s atmosphere. So, you have to look for these things if you want to have the best toilet brush and holder.

  • Toilet rim cleaner with a head that can be replaced

The toilet brush should be able to reach the rim and all the nooks without making the user uncomfortable. This is usually demonstrated by silicone toilet brushes. There’s also a bristle brush that extends its head to work on hard-to-reach areas.

Aside from cleaning efficiency, the toilet bowl brush allows its head to be replaced. Although it won’t get positive feedback from environmentalists, at least the handle doesn’t require replacement.

  • Drip tray and ventilation holes of the toilet brush holder

A built-in drip tray is a vital part of the holder since the brush can harbor bacteria and a stinky odor. The unpleasant consequences can be avoided if the tray catches all the drip from the brush. Also, it can help keep the brush clean. When you’re in a hurry, you forget to clean or empty the tray.

But with ventilation holes at the base of the tray, this is prevented. The bad odor will just evaporate and the drips will remain at the bottom, waiting for you to clean them up.

  • Easy to clean toilet brush holder

The residue from the brush should turn dry so the drip can be cleaned with ease. So, the bottom of the holder needs to be cleaned. You’ll be thankful if you can do it easily and quickly to avoid exposure to bad odor for a long time.

After taking note of these important parts, you’re eager to buy one. Since there are a lot of options to consider, this article has picked excellent products for you. You can save time and effort as you’ll surely find the bathroom toilet cleaning brush and holder set that suits your needs and preference.

Top 1

OXO 1281600

– Sturdy and can reach rim
– Automatic and hands-free holder
– Well-built and can last for years


Top 2

Sellemer Brush and Holder Set

– Flexible as it can clean any side of the toilet
– No need to brush hard
– Fits small bathrooms


Top 3

mDesign 7435MDBST

– Sturdy head brush for deep cleaning
– Compact
– Has a disc above the brush for cover


Top 11 Toilet Brush and Holder Reviews

1. OXO 1281600 Good Grips Compact Toilet Brush

This is the best toilet bowl brush for me because of its advantages. When I received this product, I checked the brush head right away and it’s firmly attached to its pole. What I did was I removed it before using it, then I screwed it back not too tight. So, it will be easy to detach later on.

The blue part acts as the toilet scrubber since it’s sturdy and can reach the rim and crannies. It makes me feel relieved that the poop is not trapped. I love the handle just like the brush. It conceals the toilet brush well and I think it’s also because the brush bristles are properly held together on the tapered brush head.

Apart from the secure grip on the handle, I can pull it out smoothly from the automatic holder every time I need it. The holder’s door stays open until you return the brush and I don’t need to move it with my hands. The handle also holds the brush well when not in use.

Furthermore, I must say that it’s a well-built item and it can last for many years. Brush head replacement is available. Any residual water goes to the base and dries, so bacterial growth is hampered. Thanks to the adequate ventilation! Thus, I don’t have to think about sanitary issues. This OXO toilet brush is compact to place it even on limited floor space.
  • Sturdy and can reach rim and crannies
  • Poop doesn’t trap on the bristles
  • Automatic and hands-free holder
  • Well-built and can last for years
  • Residual water dries up at the base
  • Compact so it can be on small areas
  • The brush head is firmly attached to its brush pole so you have to remove it for adjustment
There’s no doubt that it’s one of the top-rated toilet brushes. It’s sturdy and can be used for a long time to maintain sanitation in your toilet and bathroom.

2. Sellemer Toilet Brush and Holder Set

I don’t fancy plastic bristles so I tried to find toilet brushes that are easy to clean. I’m happy to have found a toilet bowl cleaner brush with silicone bristles. It has a flat brush head that is flexible so I can clean every side of the toilet bowl. Toilet brush is good housekeeping at its finest! My 68-year-old aunt, who has arthritis, finds favor in this since she doesn’t have to brush hard, even the stubborn grime.

It’s a dependable tool when you clean a filthy toilet. The design of the brush keeps the dirt hidden as you work your way on the bowl. You don’t have to be scared about splashes of toilet water.

It’s the most hygienic toilet brush that I’ve ever used since I don’t struggle in keeping it dry and clean. This one drains wonderfully and quickly due to its hanging holder and ventilated bottom. Nothing sticks to it so I won’t be seeing disgusting things. It’s a small toilet brush that can sit on a little niche between the toilet wall. Hence, it fits small bathrooms. In terms of sanitation, there will be no wet, dirty brush heads.

Even hair strands won’t get tangled with it. Thus, you can use it to clean shower drains where fuzz is collected. Aside from the brush, the rest of its parts are made of plastic. No rusting can happen as there’s no metal.

I can’t say bad things about this product. As impatient as I am, I don’t like waiting for its availability because it’s out of stock from time to time. Only quality and effective items like this will always be in demand.
  • Flexible as it can clean any side of the toilet
  • No need to brush hard, even with stubborn grime
  • With flat head to hide the dirt while cleaning and prevent water splashes
  • The brush is dry and clean all the time
  • Fits small bathrooms
  • Out of stock from time to time
This Sellemer bathroom toilet brush is by far the best among the silicone toilet brushes. I can clean the toilet without too much exposure to dirt and I can finish the task quickly and with less effort.

3. mDesign 7435MDBST Compact Toilet Brush

This cute toilet brush is full of surprises. There are several color choices and you can paint the trim along with your bathroom decor. Yes, it’s made of plastic, but you can rely on it. It frees you from worrying about rust. The sheen or oil-rubbed finish is simply awesome with the colors that are just right. Placing it on the side of the toilet makes a striking picture.

The brush’s bristles are firm and the sturdy head doesn’t fold despite adding pressure when deep cleaning the toilet. I can scrape off the mold and unwanted things on the surface. Head replacement is available. The handle has a disc a few inches above the brush that creates balance when the brush is in the holder. This part is also a blockage from direct contact with the brush when cleaning.

However, the said disc needs some work. I drilled some holes on it so the water or moisture evaporates between uses. It’s fine with me as it’s a one-time job. The disc is also like a cover to make the brush well-hidden.

Because it doesn’t look like your usual toilet brush cleaner, it can be in half and full baths, apartments, cabins, and other related places. There would be no problem placing it in a small space because it’s compact.

It’s even placed on RVs and motorhomes that are on the move. Due to the non-slip and non-skid foam base, it’s unique from other brush holders. It proves to be stable when standing on the bathroom floor.
  • Has sheen or oil-rubbed finish available in several colors
  • Has a sturdy head brush for deep cleaning
  • A disc above the brush for cover and balance when placed in the holder
  • Doesn’t have direct contact with the brush when cleaning
  • Can be placed in a small space because it’s compact
  • With non-slip and non-skid foam base for stability
  • Need to make a few holes on the disc to release water or moisture
The advantages of using this product are on the visual and functional aspects. Every penny spent on it is worthwhile.

4. BOOMJOY 8541795232 Toilet Brush

This is the right silicone toilet brush for me. I’m grateful for it because I was able to remove the mold under the rim. In this way, there’s no chance for regrowth. With medium firmness, the soft bristles of this silicone brush are a fantastic cleaning tool. Toilet gunk can’t hide from it but the brush doesn’t leave scratches. This is sturdy and durable so it won’t easily give in to wear and tear.

The holder is an upgraded aluminum rod which is great for not tolerating rusting. However, this is the part that gave me a headache to assemble. I probably was hasty with my judgment and I figured it out after I calmed down. It’s all about screwing the head correctly.

After use, I don’t have issues when this Boomjoy toilet brush sits on its bowl holder. It has a thick base so it won’t collapse without notice. Thus, there will be no additional mess to clean up. A thin tweezer comes with this set, but I’m not willing to use it. Well, it depends on the person if they have the stomach to clean the brush with it.

So far, the brush gets dry easily when I put it back to the holder. Also, there’s no accumulation of water in the holder. There’s no pooling and I just have to occasionally clean it.
  • A fantastic cleaning tool that removes gunk and mold and prevents their regrowth
  • The brush doesn’t leave scratches
  • Has a bowl holder with a thick base so it won’t collapse
  • Comes with a thin tweezer to clean the brush
  • No pooling in the holder
  • Brush dies easily
  • The assembly of the aluminum handle can be confusing for some
A silicone toilet bowl brush like this is extraordinary. I can clean the toilet and maintain its tidiness at the same time. Doing these things doesn’t need to be complicated at all.

5. TreeLen 8541795230 Toilet Brush and Holder

I dedicated some time to finding toilet brushes that are ideal cleaning tools. I can tell that this toilet brush with rim cleaner stands out among them because a part of it bends. The firm bristled brush wonders when cleaning the rim and even way under it. No other flexer silicone toilet brush can remove hard water stains the way it does. Since you can set the brush head upward, it can clean any ridges.

Moreover, it can take care of the small hole that pushes water. Mildew and mold have been eliminated since I started using this. Out of all the advantages, it doesn’t scratch surfaces. I sometimes sanitize it with bleach and rinse it over the toilet bowl. It’s okay to hang it in its holder right away. The water will just drip and evaporate from the bottom.

Therefore, I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with nasty and stinky build-ups. This also means that bacteria don’t accumulate in its holder with a base that ensures a stable position. It gives assurance that it won’t slip or fall. The long toilet brush has a comfortable rubber grip handle so it doesn’t stress your arms.

I’ve been using this duo for over a year now and it still looks brand new. It just makes sense as hair and other fuzzes don’t get tangled with it. I can’t say anything bad about it, but I must say that this is intended for regular toilet cleaning. It can remove stains but not those thick layers.
  • The rim cleaner makes it possible to work on any ridges and surfaces
  • Eliminates mold, mildew, and stain
  • Doesn’t scratch surfaces
  • No nasty and stinky build-ups in the holder
  • Handle with comfort grip
  • Can look brand new even used for a long time
  • Ideal for regular toilet cleaning
Cleaning the toilet is not everyone’s passion just like me. I’m thankful for the flexibility of this rim cleaner.

6. IXO 1B07P83NM96 Toilet Brush and Holder

This is a toilet bowl scrubber with everything that I need. First and foremost, its dense and durable bristles that deeply clean the toilet. There’s no need to have a toilet brush plunger combo beside my toilet that is free from any issues. To support aesthetics, it has a holder that keeps the brush hidden. It won’t get in the way of putting your bathroom in order.

It seems that the holder has a lightweight base but it doesn’t easily fall. I like that there’s no mold inside it, even if it’s closed when storing the brush. Aside from the impressive move of the manufacturer to design toilet brushes, additional features are awesome too. The splash guard acts as cover so you can’t directly see the dirt when cleaning. There will be no accidental splashes of water in toilets too.

Many are dissatisfied with small or short toilet brush sets. I’m one of them but I’m happy with this since the stainless steel handle can be extended up to 17 inches. Those who are disgusted to put their hands near the toilet’s opening will be relieved by this. These additional parts require assembling but it’s easy to do. However, you will find them loosening over time and you just need to tighten them.
  • With dense and durable bristles for deep cleaning
  • Goes well with the order and aesthetic of the bathroom
  • The holder keeps the brush out of sight
  • Has a splash guard for covering
  • The handle can be extended up to 17 inches
  • Easy assembling of additional parts
  • The splash guard and handle can loosen over time
Deep toilet cleaning can be accomplished by dense and durable bristles. Before you know it, you’ll no longer be bothered by this task.

7. OXO 12225900 Good Grips Compact Toilet Brush

I decided to choose an upgraded toilet brush cleaner like this for convenience. I’ve learned a lesson not to settle for cheaper brushes. Instead of saving some bucks, I might have called a plumber if the screw on the brush head ever went to the sewer. This one has a tapered head brush with sturdy bristles that deeply cleans the toilet. I can use it in difficult-to-reach areas.

The good toilet brush doesn’t flex, but it can do the necessary scrubbing to wipe off the dirt. Storing this brush into its canister doesn’t tolerate mold growth. This no-touch caddy system impresses me the most. I just tap it when I return the brush and lifting it when needed is also a breeze.

There’s a tray under its canister to catch the drips. It doesn’t encase liquid and smells bad because there are ventilation slots for quick drying. That’s why it’s super easy to clean the inside of the canister. I take it outside and dust it. As you can see, its functionality goes with easy cleaning.

Thanks to the canister, the brush is kept well. The compact size is not a problem with limited bathroom space. Its name ‘Oxo good grips’ says it all as the toilet brush handle has a comfortable and secure grip. The only downside is that small kids can easily take it out from the canister.
  • With sturdy bristles that can clean difficult to reach areas
  • The canister doesn’t tolerate mold growth
  • No-touch caddy system for accessible brush
  • Compact with a tray that dries quickly
  • Goes with easy cleaning
  • A handle with a comfortable and secure grip
  • Easy for small kids to take out and play with
The canister and toilet bowl brush combo are awesome! Cleaning is done easily with a satisfying result from its bristles.

8. POPTEN Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush

The compact and innovative design of this set is splendid. It doesn’t give in to wearing out so it’s backed up with a 12-month after-sale service. Due to the 360-degree brush head, this is a toilet brush and plunger set. It can go deep into nuke and cranny with no issues.

It has soft TPR bristles, making it stand out among silicone toilet brushes. It’s guaranteed that it doesn’t scratch surfaces. I use a pressure hose to clean the bristles so the clingy toilet paper and hair disappear. No discoloration can be seen on the brush, even though it’s for regular use. This is proof that you can use it every day but it’s not for toilets with thick layers of filth.

When it comes to its handle, it’s sturdy and durable based on its aluminum construction. This pole has a non-slip ergonomic design for the convenience of the users.

This product is not only designed to clean the toilet but for the neatness of the brush and the holder. Liquid won’t be stagnant with the hollow design and drain on the base. For sanitation, there’s a tray at the bottom for the drips that evaporate in no time. Overall, it’s compact and it’s not a problem to put it in a small bathroom. I even recommend this to my newfound friend who rents a small space.
  • Has innovative design with 12-month after-sale service
  • The brush moves 360 degrees
  • Soft bristles not prone to discoloration
  • Has a non-slip ergonomic handle
  • A holder with a tray for drips to evaporate in no time
  • Compact and can be in a small bathroom
  • Only for regular toilet cleaning
It’s simply innovative because it’s about toilet sanitation and the items as well. I can keep my toilet clean without messing with the brush and holder.

9. nacena Toilet Brush and Holder

I’m glad I picked this when I needed a new toilet brush. The sturdy and durable bristles work well with toilet bowl cleaners to come up with a clean toilet. You may think that it’s small but it can get the job done. It proves to be an efficient scrubber so I conclude that the head has dense nylon bristles. The texture is just right to remove dirt in every corner. Also, it doesn’t damage surfaces.

I place it in the small bathroom as it doesn’t need a large round brush. The sleek design of the whole thing is great. It’s simple, smooth, and slim, making it not too catchy. The splash cover is multipurpose and I thought it was suspended the first time I saw it. It blocks water from splashing on me while cleaning the toilet. But I still wear gloves though. Anyway, this cover can be detached if you wish not to use it.

With the stainless handle, this becomes an easy handy toilet brush. Aside from being user-friendly, the whole thing is not hard to assemble. The brush is a piece of cake to put in the holder. Just tap it and when you need to get it, shake it a little bit. The water in the holder dries quickly. I clean it with bleach from time to time. I’m happy with it but it’s not for people who prefer a bigger brush.
  • Have sturdy and durable bristles
  • An efficient scrubber
  • Doesn’t damage surfaces
  • Simple, smooth, and slim with a sleek design
  • With detachable, multipurpose splash cover
  • With a handle, that’s easy to use
  • Not for those who prefer a bigger brush
I don’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning because of this functional scrubber. Together with its holder, I like its appearance when sitting next to the toilet.

10. JIGA 3 Pack Toilet Brush and Holder

When I found this set, I realized that the disposable toilet brush was not good. I believe that there’s no need for fancy design so I approve of its plain look. I give it two thumbs up for being functional. It has a hemispherical brush head that doesn’t miss any corners of toilet bowls. Therefore, I can thoroughly clean the toilet.

They may give you the impression that they’re flimsy but they can help you maintain a clean toilet. The nylon bristles are reliable scrubbers. I like the long handle as my hand doesn’t need to be too close to the bowl. It’s anti-slip so there’s a secure grip. It needs to be attached to the brush since the parts are separated. Just screw it well and it’s ready to use.

The holder has a classic design but it’s not prone to leaking. This gives me so much relief as I feel uncomfortable about toilet residue. It also works for me to clean the brush then hang it dry before putting it back to the holder.

There are three sets in a single purchase. Based on my experience, it’s suitable for a new apartment with children around and guest rooms. They’re sturdy enough with dense bristles to serve their purpose. But each of them needs to be replaced every 6 months. It’s favorable for me so I know when I need to have a new toilet brush. Anyway, it’s a requirement as you don’t stick with only one toilet brush in your lifetime.
  • Has a hemispherical brush head that doesn’t miss any corner
  • Can thoroughly clean toilet
  • With a long, anti-slip handle
  • Has a holder that is leak-free
  • Only good to serve for 6 months
Although the manufacturer indicates the lifespan for every brush, I don’t have a problem with it. It’s beneficial for me because I know when to get a new one. I’m overall satisfied because I can keep my toilet clean with this.

11. Amazon Basics 023300-660-A60 Nested Toilet Brush

Apart from being cost-efficient in getting this toilet plunger and brush set, I have other reasons. Starting with the curved toilet brush, I don’t have trouble reaching the underside of the toilet. Of course, it’s good at cleaning. The plunger is rigid so I don’t mind putting pressure when using it. It’s a must for some cases as force is needed to fix clogs.

I like how I can tuck two things in one holder then just place them beside the toilet or a corner. It’s discreet and not noticed easily but it doesn’t have a bad design. The sleek, contemporary style will suit any bathroom décor. The holder keeps the plunger and the bowl brush well. It also gives way for easy access in getting any of these tools.

The drainage holes on the holder are useful. Drips from the brush and the toilet plunger stay in the holder. Supposedly, it shouldn’t be that way forever, so a stinky smell won’t arise.

I just tilt the holder a bit and the liquid comes out of it. There’s no need to touch it as I sanitize it with bleach. This holder is not prone to rust even though it’s composed of iron and alloy, making the construction durable. Hence, the 0ne-year limited warranty.

The pole can be extended to 48 to 72 inches long. Thus, you may use it to hang shower curtains. When you just received it, open the holder and let it stay outside to release the chemical-like or rubbery smell. After this step, the smell is gone.
  • Can reach all areas, including the underside
  • The plunger is rigid
  • In sleek, contemporary style
  • Doesn’t accommodate a stinky smell
  • The holder has durable construction with a one-year limited warranty for the set
  • Pole can be extended to 48 to 72 inches long
  • The chemical-like or rubbery smell, when received
I saved money, effort, and time because of these plunger and bowl brushes that provide the necessary things for cleaning the toilet. They’re all functional and worth every penny.

What to Look for When Buying Toilet Brushes and Holders?


Some may think that you’re well-equipped to clean your toilet as long as you have the toilet brush and holder. This task will be much easier if you get a brush with the ideal shape, sturdiness, and quality material like durable shatter-resistant plastic. Here are the things that you have to check before the purchase.

Types of brushes

  • Silicone brushes

The budding popularity of silicone brushes or thermoplastic rubber bristles is credited to their bristles that are easy to clean. Only a few bacteria stick to it, so it’s almost like an antibacterial toilet brush or self-cleaning toilet brush. Thus, frequent replacement is not done as it doesn’t get smelly quickly.

The spatula form or with the flat head works better than the traditional round shape. But you only need to get used to a different method of cleaning.

  • Bristle brushes

These brushes have thin, sturdy bristles that are efficient in removing dirt. However, bacteria build-up is something that you can’t avoid. You have to spend some time brushing and drying it after use. You should store it in a holder with ventilation. You’ll likely find it with a stinky smell so replacement needs to be done often.

Rim cleaner

A good toilet brush should be able to get into the rim and other hard-to-reach sections. Most silicone brushes have a head that can be bent to have this function.

Essential features of a toilet brush holder

Ventilation holes on the brush holder allow the liquid from the brush to drop on the tray. Then, the liquid dries off for easy cleaning of the tray. In this way, a bad smell won’t linger and bother your nose when you take it out. Though this is not a major concern of the majority, it’s great if the holder can be mounted vertically. There will be no need to lift it when you clean the entire bathroom.


To prevent the user from getting tired while scrubbing the toilet, it’s best to have a toilet brush with an ergonomically designed handle.

Where Do You Store Your Toilet Brush?

  • Caddy system

Caddy or holder refers to the free-standing container. There are various designs, such as a bowl that you can let the toilet brush stand or others are fully covered.

  • Cabinet

Specifically, it’s the plunger cabinet mounted on your bathroom wall. It’s the area where you can store the toilet brush, plunger, and cleaning supplies. It’s good to have an electric toilet brush and paper towel.

  • Under the counter

It’s a simple way of storing toilet brushes but effective. As you can imagine, you can keep it well-hidden under the counter with a bucket.

What Should You Put in the Toilet Brush Holder?


When cleaning the toilet brush holder, you can either put bleach, disinfectant spray, or 3% hydrogen peroxide. Pour the recommended amount of one of the substances into a bucket. Read the label for instructions.

After making the mixture, let the holder soak for an hour or much better, the whole night. Rinse after the given time. You may also pour hot water or soak it for 30 minutes.

How Often Should You Change Your Toilet Brush?

Toilet brushes collect germs as you use them to clean the toilet. Changing it should be done every six months so the germs that adhere to its bristles won’t spread as you continue scrubbing it on your toilet. It can be longer with silicone brushes since only a few bacteria and germs stay on their bristles.


To make life easier, you have to get the best toilet brush and holder. You can’t just ignore the need to clean your toilet. If you want to have a tidy and odorless bathroom, you have to do it properly. You can achieve these goals if you have the right tools like the ones featured in this review. Apart from cleaning the toilet well, the task becomes easier without creating a mess.

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