6 Best Toilet Repair Kits to Resolve Your Toilet Problems

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Noisy toilets aren’t just annoying, but they can be a sign of a leak or damage in your toilet. Never ignore this problem because it can significantly increase your water bills. The best way is to find a quick solution; fortunately, you can find the best toilet repair kits among many good products available.

The key is to find one that fits the following requirements:

Right Tools

Make sure that you get the right parts for replacement. Most kits that we reviewed below are complete with the necessary hardware to make the installation easy. Check for items that you need, including fill valve, flapper, flush valve, canister, and more.


A universal kit can fit the most common types of toilets, making it more versatile. While the majority of the products below have universal fittings, others are designed particularly to replace the same part. So, make sure you check the dimensions of the valves and nuts included in the kit and compare them to the specifications attached to your toilet.


If you want more durability, look for a solid frame that can endure any elements. Also, make sure the plastic pieces can withstand twisting and metal pieces can resist corrosion and rust well.

We still have more information to share in our buying guide below. To start, here are our reviews for well-packed toilet repair kits.

3 Premium-Rated Picks


SOWR score

Fluidmaster K-400A-5004

Material: Rubber, plastic

Inlet Size: 2 inches

Universal Fitting: Yes


SOWR score

Korky 818BP

Material: Plastic, red rubber

Inlet Size: 2 inches

Universal Fitting: Yes


SOWR score

Kohler Genuine Part

Material: Brass

Inlet Size: 3 inches

Universal Fitting: No

6 Top-rated Toilet Repair Kits

1. Fluidmaster K-400A-5004 Fill Valve And Flapper Repair Kit

Kit Includes: Fill valve and flapper

Material: Rubber, Plastic

Inlet Size: 2 inches

Valve Height Adjustment: 9-14 inches

Universal Fitting: Yes

Warranty: 5 years limited

K-400A-5004 is a universal toilet repair kit from the top-rated brand Fluidmaster. This includes reliable components like a fill valve and a flapper to solve noisy and running toilets.

I love the universal design of the toilet fill valve and flapper because they seem to work for American Standard and other standard toilets with 2-inch flush valves.

Surprisingly, the installation is pretty easy because the toilet hardware kit comes with clear installation instructions. Also, there’s a lot of height adjustability on the fill valve, so I can fit it into almost all sizes of toilet tanks.

The 501 toilet flapper is durable with a solid frame. It doesn’t bend or twist whenever I flush the toilet, providing a secure watertight seal. And even when exposed to chemicals and city water treatment, the unit remains intact. I believe it will last long because the manufacturer is confident in giving a generous warranty of five years.

Compared to the old-style ball and float system, the new components appear to be more compact. This new setup makes my toilet tank interior look cleaner and nicer. As for its flushing performance, I’m satisfied that it works well in producing the right amount of water each time.

However, this toilet fill valve and flapper kit lacks a rubber washer to secure the fill valve. Fortunately, I had one spare, so the installation proceeded smoothly.

  • Has a universal style that works with major toilet brands
  • Has an adjustable height to fit most toilet tanks
  • Made of a durable flapper that resists damage and seals tight
  • Offers a limited 5-year warranty
  • Easy to install, compact, and looks neat
  • Flushes the correct amount of water
  • Doesn’t come with rubber washers

2. Korky 818BP QuietFILL Complete Toilet Repair Kit

Kit Includes: 528 toilet fill valve, 2001 flapper, gasket, refill tube, nuts, washers

Material: Plastic, red rubber

Color: Black

Inlet Size: 2 inches

Valve Height Adjustment: 7.75-13.5 inches

Universal Fitting: Yes

Warranty: 5 years

The Korky 818BP QuietFILL is another toilet rebuild kit that can be trusted to repair a faulty fill valve and noisy toilets. It’s a complete toilet repair kit because it includes the necessary hardware to make a one-trip installation like a tank to bowl gasket and refill tube.

Both the flapper and the fill valve have a universal style, so there’s no problem fitting them in any toilet brand. I particularly like the durable composition of the toilet flapper in this all-in-one toilet repair kit. The red rubber seems tough because it stays intact even when I use chlorine to clean the toilet.

The 2-inch fill valve is extremely easy to install and adjust because there are no special tools required. After reading the instructions, it only takes a simple twist to set the desired height. The best part is that I always get a perfect fit for my small toilet because it can be adjusted to as low as 7.75 inches.

The toilet fill valve and flapper can create a secure seal as I notice no hissing sound. I also observed that it refills my tank faster now, perhaps because there are no more leaks. More importantly, the price is very reasonable, making this kit more desirable.

My only dislike is the quality of the nuts. The plastic nuts need careful handling to prevent damage.

  • Made of chlorine-resistant rubber
  • Has an easy twist lock adjustment capability
  • Includes necessary hardware for installation
  • Easy to install and adjust, thanks to the twist lock mechanism
  • Refills water quickly and silently due to a secure seal
  • Offers a universal fitting and comes at a reasonable price
  • Comes with weak plastic nuts

3. Kohler Genuine Part 1083980 Canister Flush Valve Kit

Kit Includes: Canister flush valve, tank to bowl hardware

Material: Brass

Inlet Size: 3 inches

Connection Type: Barb

Universal Fitting: No (specific for Kohler Cimarron toilets)

Warranty: One year, limited

The Kohler Genuine Part 1083980 is a good replacement for a broken toilet flush valve in a Kohler Cimarron toilet. Compared to the old-style flapper, the canister flush valve is a nice upgrade for its durability.

I love the quality of this toilet flush valve replacement kit. The canister flush valve is made of brass that feels heavy-duty. I think it won’t break or corrode with constant flushing. While tough in construction, I’m surprised that it works quietly to prevent bothering people in their sleep.

It’s easy to install this toilet tank repair kit, especially if it only needs to replace an old unit of the same design. I only had to twist and lock the canister in place without removing the water tank.

Best of all, the assembly kit already comes with the necessary hardware, like the tank-to-bowl gasket, so I don’t need to make any extra purchases.

This complete kit also includes some clear instructions, making the installation even easier. As I’ve observed, this new valve produces 1.28 gallons of water per flush. I like that aspect because it helps me save water.

My only concern with this toilet replacement kit is its specific design. I can’t use it for other brands except for Kohler.

  • Made of durable brass to resist damage
  • Seems to work silently
  • Extremely easy to install; no need to remove the water tank
  • Includes clear instructions for installation
  • Conserves water as it only releases 1.28 gallons/flush
  • Comes with the necessary hardware for assembly
  • Doesn’t have a universal fitting

4. Danco HYR460 HydroRight Toilet Repair Kit

Kit Includes: Dual flush converter, HydroClean fill valve

Material: Plastic

Color: White

Valve Height Adjustment: 11-13.8 inches

Connection Type: Barb

Compatible To: Toilets with 2-inch flush valve

If a high water bill is a problem, the HydroRight might be an excellent solution. This toilet flush kit can transform an old toilet into a water-saving dual flush toilet in less than an hour.

Installation of the items in this kit is pretty straightforward. I have no problems placing the dual flush converter in the middle of the existing toilet tank’s flush valve. Luckily, the unit allows an easy adjustment of the valve height from 11-13.8 inches, so it fits in my old tank.

Once installed, the new components flush toilets in two separate water amounts. The full flush works great in cleaning the solids while the half flush uses less water to remove the liquid waste. Compared to the toilet flapper style of flushing, there’s a lower chance of leaks after flushing.

My favorite is the push button flushing handle because it’s easy to use. The buttons are soft to push yet rugged to endure heavy use. It’s a bonus that the new system allows an adjustment of water going to the bowl, saving more on water consumption.

The only drawback is that I had the challenge of finding the right flush valve tube to fit the system. Luckily, I found one in Ace Hardware.

  • Comes with handle push-button style for great ease of use
  • Conserves water with its dual flush mechanism
  • Quite easy to install with the right adjustments
  • Allows the height of the valve to be adjusted up to 13.8 inches
  • Less likely to leak compared to flappers
  • Allow adjustment to water amount to save more water
  • A bit challenging to look for a flush valve tube

5. Fluidmaster 400ARHRKP10 PerforMAX Toilet Repair Kit

Kit Includes: fill valve, flapper, flush valve, handle, gasket, etc.

Connection Type: Barb

Inlet Size: 2 inches

Valve Height Adjustment: 10-15 inches

Universal Fitting: Yes

Warranty: 5 years

The 400ARHRKP10 is a full kit to repair leaks and broken toilet tank parts. Unlike the K-400A-5004, this particular Fluidmaster model is a more complete toilet repair kit as it includes more parts like a tank-to-bowl gasket, toilet flush valve, and toilet handle.

I find this model a good American Standard toilet repair kit because it fits in all the right places. Not only American Standard, but this complete kit is also compatible with most toilets because of its universal style. Thankfully, the kit includes instructions for installation, which is very easy to understand.

What I like most is the adjustability of this Fluidmaster all-in-one kit. It is a breeze to modify the height of the fill valve to fit in the tank perfectly. Also, I can change the amount of water I need per flush, thanks to the adjustable flapper. To conserve water, I can decide how much water I want to stay inside the bowl.

I think all the toilet system replacement components are built with durability. The toilet flapper feels heavy-duty because it doesn’t get damaged even when I use bleach tablets and hard water inside the tank. Moreso, the high-performance fill valve seems to fill the tank faster and more quietly now.

My only gripe is the flush handle included in the package. I’m afraid I can’t use it because the handle needs to be positioned on the front and not on the side.

  • Offers an adjustable height to fit the valve
  • Allows the adjustment of water level
  • Fits most brands of toilets, thanks to universal fitting
  • Includes easy-to-understand instructions
  • Comes with a durable flapper that’s resistant to hard water and bleach
  • Refills a bit faster with less noise
  • With a handle that can only be positioned in the front

6. Korky 528MP QuietFILL Platinum Fill Valve

Kit Includes: Fill valve, refill tube, nuts, washers, refill adjuster, etc.

Material: Plastic

Connection Type: Fill

Valve Height Adjustment: : 7.75-13.5 inches

Universal Fitting: Yes

Warranty: 5 years

The 528MP is one of the toilet repair kits that offer more than its value. This toilet valve kit includes all the necessary parts to replace a faulty toilet fill valve like a refill tube.

The fill valve uses a twist lock mechanism to install more easily. I only need to use my hands to lock the valve in the right place. The instructions are also clear to understand, hence the installation only took me a couple of minutes. Fortunately, the height is adjustable up to 13.5 inches, making it easy to set the correct level in most toilets.

Once installed, this unit flushes toilets more quietly than other fill valves. I love the refill adjuster because I can decide how much water I want to release per flush, saving water in the long run. Best of all, the turn-key is easy to access on top of the valve, making it easy to change the water level between the tank and the bowl.

The construction of the fill valve and other components seem to be all solid. I found no weak parts, so everything is tight. The seal even feels secure. To my delight, the price is fairly inexpensive.

However, I find it a little hard to fit in my other American Standard toilet. I need slightly more elbow grease to make it work.

  • Comes at an inexpensive price
  • Has a solid construction and a secure seal
  • Operates fairly quietly and adjusts in height
  • Includes a refill adjuster to change the water amount per flush
  • Has an easy-to-access turn key to change water levels
  • Easy to install with clear instructions and twist-lock adjustment
  • Not easy to fit into American Standard toilets

What to Look for When Purchasing Toilet Repair Kits


Buying toilet repair kits can be tricky because of their wide array of choices. You have to choose a brand and model that best suits your toilet situation. Here’s a guide to show how to make the right choice.

Parts Of A Kit

You would want to know the source of your toilet problem so that you can find the exact replacement parts. Sometimes, the problem is a leaky flapper. If it is, then you need a new toilet flapper, not an entire kit.

The sound of running water could also mean a bad fill valve. To achieve the perfect flush, you’ll need a new fill valve like the Korky 528MP.

If your toilet experiences plenty of problems, then you need a total overhaul. Consider getting complete toilet kits that may include both the fill valve and flapper. These kits even include all the necessary components for installation like the tank to bowl hardware.

A clever upgrade for your standard toilet is to convert it into a water-saving dual flush unit. These kits often include a dual flush converter that should be placed at the center of the existing flush valve. For it to work, there must be a minimum clearance of 10 inches between the tank lid and the top of the valve.


Not all toilet bowl flush kit models are the same. Others are made for a specific part number while some fit for all types of toilets. To ensure that the toilet pump replacement kit fits your existing toilet, ensure its compatibility.

Universal toilet repair kits are compatible with most brands. They fit anything with a flush valve of two inches in diameter, which is the most common by far.

If you want to replace a particular part in your toilet, look at the toilet insides to check the part number. It should be on the underside part of the toilet tank.

Also, make sure that the inlet connection size and type of your kit matches your toilet. Barb is the most common connection type because of its secure grip.

Trusted Brand

Korky vs Fluidmaster? These are the two popular brands of toilet repair kits in the market that you can trust.

The fill valves from these brands are a nice upgrade to the traditional ball and float system. They’re more compact, providing more space to access the flapper for water adjustment. However, Fluidmaster is slightly better with its external float design because it won’t get stuck easily.

The flapper is also easier to adjust with the Fluidmaster, but the gasket feels more sturdy from Korky. It all boils down to personal preference.

Material And Construction

Toilet fill valves are either made of metal or plastic. Metal can be tough, but plastic is more efficient as it can produce an even flow rate with its smooth design. Compared to metal, plastic doesn’t corrode even when exposed to water constantly.

On the other hand, flappers are mostly made with a rubber interior and a plastic finish. To extend the longevity of the flapper, look for red rubber to withstand chlorine and hard water damage. Other brands also infused the construction with antimicrobial protection.

To get the right size of the flapper, watch the shape or measure the valve yourself. If your old flapper looks like a tennis ball, then it probably needs a 2-inch flapper. A flapper that looks more like a grapefruit usually needs a 3-inch flapper.

The most accurate way is to measure the valve’s diameter.

Is Kohler Better Than Fluidmaster?


If you’re fixing a Kohler toilet, Kohler is a better option than Fluidmaster. Kohler parts are made specifically for the Kohler toilet specs, providing a better fit and performance. For example, its toilet fill valve provides a stronger flush and operates more silently than the universal Fluidmaster one.

However, if you’re fixing other brands, Fluidmaster might be more suitable than Kohler. Fluidmaster is universal, fitting most standard toilets. It also includes a complete toilet repair kit with all essential hardware, like a gasket for installation.

Is It Cheaper to Fix a Toilet or Replace It?

If you have a minor toilet problem, then it’s cheaper to get a toilet fixing kit. You might only need to replace the gasket or the flapper alone to solve the issue.

However, when the problems become more serious, you might save more money when you replace the toilet. The rebuild cost could be higher when you need to purchase more toilet guts replacement parts.

How Long Will a Toilet Fill Valve Last?

High-quality toilet fill valves can last between four and five years when maintained properly. Their lifespan becomes shorter if you use harsh chemicals frequently. Poor quality valves can even last shorter than four years because they can get broken easily.

How to Tell the Problem With My Toilet?

One of the most common toilet problems is water running constantly. When this happens, check the water inside the tank. If it’s low, then the flapper is probably leaking water into the bowl. It’s a fill valve damage when the water remains still inside the tank.

A slow leak near the supply line means that the fill valve setup might be a little loose. A leak at the base also indicates some loose bolts.

When the toilet isn’t flushing properly, check the lift chain and the flapper. Sometimes, a toilet flushes on its own when the flapper is damaged. Meanwhile, a toilet refilling slowly could mean an open water supply valve or a faulty fill valve.

How Much Should I Charge to Repair a Toilet?

When you want a plumber to look inside of a toilet and fix the problem, expect to pay around $150 to $400. You’ll need to pay more if you need to replace the drain or the pipe. To save money, consider purchasing a commode repair kit to fix a minor issue.

What Needs Replaced on a Toilet That Keeps Running?

The replacement parts that you need to get for a constantly running toilet are the toilet flapper, chain, and flush valves.

The water can also continuously run due to poor fill valves. Replace the fill valve when you see that the water level isn’t going down inside the tank.


After reading this article, I hope that you know how to find the best toilet repair kits. Our top recommendation is the Fluidmaster K-400A-5004 because it’s universal. The fill valve offers a wide range of adjustments, while the flapper is built to last.

If you want a more complete option, the Korky 818BP QuietFILL is a good alternative. Regardless of your choice, make sure that the toilet repair kit fits and answers what you need.

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