8 Best Toilets for Small Bathrooms (Space-Saving Tips)

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Not everyone has the luxury of having a large bathroom. If you have a small lavatory, you need to improvise and choose a compact toilet to fit it. The best toilets for small bathrooms don’t compromise in quality and performance despite their miniature sizes.

To ensure you make the right purchase decision, here are a few things to consider when shopping.


Most of the compact toilets we reviewed below are 23-33 inches deep to save space in a narrow bathroom or powder room. The smallest units have a width of 13-14 inches and a height of 27-28 inches.

You should consider the rough-in measurement as well, which is either 10, 12, or 14 inches. This number affects the installation of the toilet, including how you position it to meet clearance requirements in building codes.

Flush Type

The flush mechanism may vary from one toilet to another. The most popular flush type in this article is dual because it’s also important to save water. There are single-flush units as well, which use the same water amount to remove all waste instead of having separate half and full flushes.


Toilets are made of porcelain, ceramic, or vitreous china. The most durable toilets in this list are made of porcelain or vitreous china, which is resilient and shiny.

Let’s discuss more details in the buying guide below. But before we start, let’s review the most popular compact toilets that fit a small bathroom.

3 Premium-Rated Picks


SOWR score

Swiss Madison SM-1T257

Size: 24 x 13.81 x 27.31 inches

Design: One piece

Material: Porcelain

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Size: 25 x 13.4 x 28.4 inches

Design: One piece

Material: Ceramic

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DeerValley DV-1F026

Size: 28.75 x 14 x 28 inches

Design: One piece

Material: Ceramic and plastic

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8 Top-rated Toilets for Small Bathrooms

1. Swiss Madison SM-1T257 Sublime II Toilet

Size: 24 x 13.81 x 27.31 inches

Design: One piece

Color: Glossy white

Material: Porcelain

Shape: Elongated

Flushing System: Dual

Seat Included: Yes

Special Features: Fully skirted, glazed trapway

This Swiss Madison toilet is on top of my list because of its durability, efficiency, and aesthetics. It’s not as expensive as my previous Galba small toilet, but it works just as well.

My favorite is the efficient flushing system because I can clean the bowl thoroughly. With just one full flush, it disposes of solid waste without leaving any trace. I believe that the trapway is fully glazed, so everything exits smoothly without clogs.

The design of this one piece toilet is simply built for ease. Cleaning is super fast and easy because the skirted design has fewer bends to accumulate dirt. Thanks to the slow-closing seat, I’m not afraid to wake anyone up when using the toilet in the middle of the night.

With a 24 inch depth, this compact toilet gives me extra room to move freely in a very small space without jamming the bathroom door.

It’s truly an excellent shallow depth toilet, especially with its elegant look. The shiny white porcelain matches my white floor tiles, making my bathroom look beautiful. I think it will last long because it’s durable and doesn’t crack easily.

However, this toilet would have been perfect if it included some closet bolts. I had to visit a store to buy some to fasten the toilet to the floor.

  • Strong dual flush power to remove solid waste
  • Has a glazed trapway to prevent clogs
  • Easy to clean, thanks to the fully skirted design
  • Built with a quiet-closing toilet seat
  • Has a shallow depth to fit small bathrooms
  • Made of durable porcelain in pretty white
  • Lacks closet bolts for installation

2. HORROW HWMT8733 Toilet

Size: 25 x 13.4 x 28.4 inches

Design: One piece

Color: White

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Round

Flushing System: Dual

Seat Included: Yes

Special Features: Quiet flushing, fully skirted

Thissmall round toilet from HOROW is a stylish space saver in classic or contemporary bathrooms. Anyone can sit comfortably on this modern toilet because it has a seat height of 16.5 inches.

The best aspect of this slim toilet is the dual flush mechanism because it significantly saves water. Whether I’m using a full or half flush, all waste goes down the pipe smoothly. Part of the reason is the fully glazed ceramic bowl that allows a complete solid flush each time, preventing clogs for easy maintenance.

For someone who wants my business to be discreet, I love the fact that the flushing process is relatively quiet. The toilet seat also closes gently, so no one can really tell whenever I’m using the toilet. Additionally, the whole unit looks sleek with its one-piece skirted design, providing an easy way to clean the surface.

Installation is a breeze because the unit comes with essential hardware like floor bolts, wax rings, and complete instructions. I find the instructions easy to understand and the bolts sturdy. When something goes wrong, I’m not scared at all because the product is under a one-year limited warranty.

My only gripe is that looking for a replacement seat for this one piece toilet is a bit difficult because it’s too small.

  • Has a comfortable seat height of 16.5 inches
  • Efficient flushing mechanism
  • Comes with a seat that closes quietly
  • Won’t clog and create noise with the fully glazed bowl
  • Looks elegant and easy to clean with its fully skirted design
  • Includes essential parts for installation and a 1-year warranty
  • A bit difficult to look for toilet seat replacement

3. DeerValley DV-1F026 Ally Dual Flush Toilet

Size: 28.75 x 14 x 28 inches

Design: One piece

Color: Glossy white

Material: Ceramic and plastic

Shape: Elongated

Flushing System: Dual

Seat Included: Yes

Special Features: Quick-release seat function

The DeerValley DV-1F026 is a comfort height toilet that looks stylish in a tiny bathroom. The small size fits in tight spaces while still maintaining excellent performance.

This space saver toilet has a strong yet quiet dual flush system. It barely uses one gallon of water to light flush urine. The siphon flush is so strong that it can suck out all the solid waste with minimal noise. In addition, I think that the chrome flushing buttons can last long because they feel heavy-duty.

I especially love the soft-close seat design. The elongated shape is ergonomically designed to feel comfortable to sit on. Not only does the stainless steel hinge release the seat quickly, but it also helps close the seat softly. Even when my kid bangs the seat hard, it doesn’t make a sound.

The fact that this model is a one-piece skirted toilet makes it easy to clean. There are fewer crevices I need to reach to wipe or wash. It seems like no dirt and bacteria can penetrate into the glazed surface, so it always looks near spotless.

However, this particular model is extremely heavy to lift alone. I have to ask someone to help me carry it for installation. Buyers who prefer to avoid the manual work can hire a handyman instead.

  • A stylish toilet that gives a powerful yet quiet flush
  • Uses less water in flushing waste
  • Built with durable chrome flushing buttons
  • Has an ergonomic shape for comfortable seating
  • Easy to clean with its one-piece, skirted design and glazed surface
  • Has a quiet closing seat secured with a quick-release hinge
  • A bit heavy

4. Toto CST243EF#12 Entrada Toilet

Size: 26.4 x 14.3 x 30 inches

Design: Two-piece

Color: Glossy white

Material: Chrome and vitreous china

Shape: Round

Flushing System: E-max

Seat Included: No

Special Features: Glazed trapway

Toto has always been a reliable brand, and this particular model ticks all the boxes I want in a contemporary toilet. This small profile toilet is water-efficient, sturdy, and straightforward to install.

The Entrada is a toilet with small tank that can release 1.28 gallons of water per flush. It uses the E-max system, which removes waste in just a couple of seconds. With a single flush, I can see all the waste go down quickly.

The large siphon jet and glazed trapway are responsible for this efficiency, allowing users to save up to 24,000 gallons of water annually.

The construction of this toilet is pretty impressive. The chrome lever at the side of the tank looks durable and seems to be rust-resistant. The small toilet bowl is round, leaving a small footprint in my tiny powder room. Fortunately, the 17-inch seat height doesn’t make me squat too much, making me feel comfortable in using it.

As for the installation, it’s a breeze because the proper fasteners are easy to find. The instructions are also clear to understand, so anyone can install the unit correctly. Thankfully, I could hide the toilet bolts with additional bolt caps because I like to make my bathroom look neat.

The only downside is that it doesn’t include a seat. I have to purchase a seat separately, which means an additional expense.

  • Uses a powerful, water-conserving E-max flushing system that works in seconds
  • Built with a glazed trapway and large siphon jet to save up to 24,000 gal. of water
  • Designed with a sturdy chrome lever
  • Saves bathroom space with the round bowl
  • Has a comfortable seat height that doesn’t force users to squat
  • Easy to install, thanks to the instructions and the toilet having standard bolt sizes
  • No toilet seat included

5. WinZO WZ5079N Toilet

Size: 23 x 14.55 x 28.75 inches

Design: One piece

Color: white

Material: Ceramic/vitreous china

Shape: Round

Flushing System: Dual

Seat Included: Yes

Special Features: Double cyclone flushing system

Another short toilet that homeowners can consider for tiny bathroom is the WinZO WZ5079N. The seat height is only 16 inches, so it suits children and shorter-than-average adults.

The aesthetics of this toilet fits any modern bathroom. The skirted design looks sleek and contributes to the minimalistic theme of my home. With the trapway concealed, I can run a rag across the toilet surface smoothly.

Plus, this particular model looks cute in any space because it has a short depth of only 23 inches, meaning more room at the front.

I think the design also ensures ease of use and comfort. The ceramic toilet has a glaze that seems to repel stains and dirt because nothing sticks to it. I particularly love the toilet lid because it’s soft to sit on and easy to remove with a press. Also, the flush push buttons are hard to miss because they’re large.

I’m not worried about any clogs with this small footprint toilet. The trapway is large and fully glazed, so nothing remains in the bowl after flushing. Instead of one, the double cyclone flushing system uses two nozzles to release streams of water to clean the bowl more effectively. Moreover, I can save water using its dual flushing modes.

However, this toilet might be slightly uncomfortable for taller people because the seat width is below standard.

  • Has a small minimalistic profile for tight spaces and suitable for shorter people
  • Easy to wipe clean with the skirted design
  • Stain-resistant, thanks to the glazed ceramic material
  • Comes with a toilet seat that’s soft to sit on and easy to remove
  • Built with large push buttons and a large trapway to prevent clogs
  • Uses a double cyclone dual flushing system for efficacy
  • The seat is too narrow for tall people.

6. American Standard Cadet 3 Flowise 4 Toilet

Size: 30 x 30 x 46 inches

Design: One piece

Color: white

Material: Vitreous china

Shape: Elongated

Flushing System: Single

Seat Included: Yes

Special Features: WaterSense certification, FloWise technology

The Cadet 3 Flowise from American Standard has a short length, ideal for powder rooms with small spaces. It’s extra small yet packs power in delivering the best flushing performance, enough to move all my toilet paper.

I love how simple it is to flush this toilet. I only need to push down the left-hand lever to clean the bowl. Surprisingly, the single flushing system is enough to remove heavy waste. Thanks to Flowise technology, I’m pleased that I can still save water as it only releases 1.28 gallons of liquid per flush.

This is a WaterSense model, so I believe that its flushing performance is highly efficient to meet EPA standards. It can even remove up to 1,000 grams of solid waste, as shown by its high MaP score rating. Since the manufacturer offers a 5-year limited warranty, I feel assured that this toilet won’t break down easily.

The construction is another incredible aspect of this model. The vitreous china feels durable and even easy to clean because it’s coated with EverClean glaze. I also feel comfortable sitting on the elongated toilet seat and am satisfied that the soft closing seat lets me do my business in peace.

The only thing I dislike is the price. This particular model is an expensive toilet.

  • Easy to flush with the left-hand lever
  • Has a powerful single-flushing system with FloWise technology
  • WaterSense-certified with a high MaP score of 1,000 grams for efficiency
  • Provides a long warranty of five years
  • Has a comfortable elongated seat shape that also closes silently
  • Built with durable vitreous china that stays clean with an EverClean coat
  • Has an expensive price

7. Renovators Supply Manufacturing Sheffield Corner 2-Piece Toilet

Size: 33.75 x 19 x 32.25 inches

Design: Two-piece

Color: white

Material: Grade A Vitreous China

Shape: Elongated

Flushing System: Dual

Seat Included: Yes

Special Features: Toilet corner design, Min-Max flush adjustment

This Sheffield model is one of the bestcorner toilets that balances durability and functionality. It’s designed to fit into a corner, so it’s perfect for tight space bathrooms with twelve inches of rough-in.

Not only does it save an incredible amount of space, but it also helps conserve water with its dual flush technology. The best part about this toilet is that it allows easy adjustment to the water flow of the dual flush system. I appreciate the instructions that come with the package because they provide detailed directions plus pictures on how to do it properly.

What I like most is the overall construction of the unit. The toilet is pretty with its Grade A vitreous china material as it looks shiny from afar. I don’t see any imperfections because the Reno-gloss finish helps protect the surface from stains and scrapes.

Not to mention that the design is ADA-compliant, making it suitable for users with physical handicaps.

From the floor to the bowl rim, the height is about 16 inches. It’s a comfortable seat height for me, who’s a bit shorter on average. Additionally, anyone who loves a plain-looking toilet will love the Sheffield unit because it has a subtle design.

However, the package only comes with the bowl, toilet seat, and tank. It doesn’t include the necessary hardware like bolts and a wax ring.

  • Fits into a corner to save floor space, with a standard 12-inch rough-in
  • Allows adjustment to the water flow of the dual flush system
  • Includes instructions for adjustments
  • Has a comfortable seat height and ADA standards compliance
  • Looks simple yet beautiful, thanks to Grade A vitreous china
  • Coated with Reno-gloss to resist stains and damages
  • Doesn’t include hardware for installation

8. Signature Hardware 443130 Braeburn Toilet

Size: 30.5 x 18.25 x 29.5 inches

Design: Two-piece

Color: white

Material: Vitreous china

Shape: Round

Flushing System: Single with button

Seat Included: Yes

Special Features: Toilet corner design, 25-year warranty

Anothernarrow toilet that can fit in tight corners is the Braeburn from Signature Hardware. This single flush toilet is also round, saving more floor space in my space-constricted bathroom and making cleaning quicker.

My favorite part is the flush button on the right side of the tank. It’s easy to access while sitting, so there’s no need to stand just to do the deed. I like the fact that it has a chrome finish because it won’t get easily rusted when exposed to water from showering.

The flushing system of this unit seems powerful enough to get rid of waste. Since it comes with few parts, I can easily assemble it without hiring professionals. I’m also pretty pleased that the toilet uses little water, around 1.28 gallons, because I can lower my utility bills significantly.

This model seems built to last as the product offers an outstanding 25-year limited warranty. I especially love the vitreous china surface that looks sleek against my white bathroom decor. It’s also easy to clean because the dirt easily comes off with a simple spray.

Fortunately, the lid doesn’t make any annoying slamming sound because the hinges close it silently.

The only hitch I encountered was getting the sticker out of the tank. It seems to leave a sticky mess, but we can get rid of it with soap.

  • With a round seat and fits in narrow corners
  • Easy to flush with a chrome finish push button
  • Made of sleek vitreous china that’s easy to clean
  • Supports a 25-year limited warranty
  • Has a powerful gravity-fed flush and allows for DIY installation
  • Uses less water for flushing and includes a slow-closing lid and seat
  • Comes with a sticker that is messy to remove

What to Look for When Purchasing Toilets for Small Bathrooms

It may seem easy to purchase a new toilet for a small bathroom, but you have to consider many things to find the right fit. Here are the features that you should look for in the best compact toilets.


The easiest way to ensure space saving toilets fit your tiny bathrooms is to get the units’ measurements.

First, get the rough-in number. This is the distance between the wall and the center of the toilet’s drain pipe. You can easily find a 12-inches model, but 10 inches is ideal for small space bathrooms. If you want stronger flushing power and fewer clogs, a 12-inch rough-in measurement is preferred.

Next, get the depth, width, and height. The depth spans from the back of the tank to the front of the seat. To get the width, measure the widest part of the toilet, which is usually the tank. The height starts from the top of the tank to the floor.

Finally, determine the seat height to enjoy maximum comfort when sitting on the bowl. Shorter people can feel comfortable with a seat height of 15-17 inches. For the old and handicapped, a stool height of more than 17 inches is recommended.


Tankless toilets are generally space-saving, but you can have a tank toilet as long as it’s compact. A tank toilet is available in either one piece or two. A two-piece unit is less expensive, whereas a one-piece model is more durable.

The shape of the bowl also matters. An elongated bowl may feel more comfortable, but a round-shaped bowl saves more space.

Flushing Systems

There are many types of flushing systems, so choose one that meets your needs.

Single flush systems are the most popular because they’re cheap and easier to repair with fewer moving parts. If you want a more powerful flush, choose a pressure-assisted unit, though this design may be loud. Most quiet toilet models use a siphon flush system to reduce the noise and clean the bowl more thoroughly.

Recently, modern toilets use a dual flush feature to reduce water bills. With this type of mechanism, you use a half flush to get rid of urine and a full flush for solid waste. Some models also use a single-flush mechanism for simplicity.


Toilets are usually made of porcelain or ceramic. Porcelain is more durable than ceramic, but it’s more expensive. It’s also denser, so it doesn’t get cracked easily.

If you want better resistance against stains and scratches, vitreous china is a preferred toilet material. The enamel coating makes it even more durable. A higher form of vitreous china is the Grade A type, which ultimately comes without flaws.

Soft Closing Toilet Seats

You would want a soft-closing toilet seat to avoid making a sound when closing the lid. This is especially important if you have kids because they’re more prone to slamming the seat and lid hard after using the bathroom. With this feature, the seat and lid close gently, and some even detach quickly with a simple button push.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is better, an elongated or round toilet?

A round bowl is a better option when it comes to saving space because it has a smaller surface area. Because it’s small, children can easily sit on it.

An elongated bowl seems to be more comfortable than a round one because it has a more extensive area. It’s ideal for taller people and those with mobility issues. Compared to a round bowl, an elongated shape holds more water and hence cleans better.

One vs two-piece toilets: what’s the difference?

A one-piece unit looks sleeker with its streamlined design. It’s easier to clean because there are no gaps between the tank and the bowl to collect dirt and debris. Installation is faster because it comes with a single unit.

On the other hand, a two-piece toilet is easier to move around because it comes with two pieces. It’s easy to customize because the tank is detachable from the bowl.

How much space should I leave around a small bathroom toilet?

The general rule is to leave at least 15 inches from any side wall to the center of the toilet’s base. The clearance space in front of the toilet should be at least 21 inches, though you can go for 30 inches if you have enough room. This is the distance between the center points of the toilet and other sanitary fixtures as well.

Is a space-saving toilet easy to clean?

If you own a one-piece unit, then it’s easy to clean. It has no crooks or nooks to build up dirt. Most of these units also come with a skirted design, hiding the trapway and making them less taxing to scrub.

What is the price range for small bathroom toilets?

It depends on the toilet type. The most expensive are the one-piece models, ranging from $250 to $3,000. Two-piece models range from $100 to $1,000, while dual-flush units can cost as much as $1,500.


Now that you know how to find the best toilets for small bathrooms, you can easily find the right model for yourself. Among all the products we reviewed, we highly recommend the Swiss Madison SM-1T257 because it’s clog-free, easy to clean, and saves water. For buyers who want a quieter flushing system, choose the Horow model.

No matter what you choose, it’s essential that you pick the right size to ensure that it fits and works well in your limited bathroom area.

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