Can Adults Use Baby Wipes Instead of Toilet Paper? (Things to Know)

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can adults use baby wipes instead of toilet paper

Greece, Japan, and Italy use a bidet to clean their behind after doing their business in the toilet. It’s not a common practice though in some countries like Australia, the UK, and the USA. They instead use toilet paper or adult wipes. Regarding this matter, baby wipes come into the picture. Can adults use baby wipes instead of toilet paper?

Using baby wipes instead of toilet paper makes an adult feel cleaner as the odor is wiped away at the same time. Baby wipes are best suited for adults with sensitive skin. On the other hand, they can eradicate good bacteria on your skin which can lead to infection. However, many adults using baby wipes are unbothered. To know this product very well, read on!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Baby Wipes


To ensure that it’s fine for you to use wet wipes as toilet paper, it helps to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. This revelation also features baby wipes vs toilet paper so you have to think about the right one for you!


  • For sensitive skin

Is it safe for adults to use baby wipes? 4-ply toilet paper irritates sensitive skin, especially if it’s used often. There can be painful consequences, such as anal fissures and hemorrhoids.

You’re in the safe zone with baby wipes as they don’t leave lint that irritates the skin. They’re also free of harsh cleansing components so it makes sense that they’re perfect for sensitive skin. Some of the wonderful baby wipes are from Seventh Generation, Amazon Elements, and Pampers Aqua Pure. Cottonelle FreshFeel Wet Wipes are even safe for adults and kids.

  • Wipes away odor

If there’s a remaining odor, it means you haven’t completely tidied up. Thus, this situation brings discomfort and embarrassment in public. As you can observe, toilet paper only gets rid of the waste but not the odor. Baby wipes are not only better at cleaning but also more effective at getting rid of unwanted odor.

  • More efficient in cleaning

There’s no cleansing agent in dry toilet paper. The baby wipes are wet because of the added cleansing additions, which take away some mess and bacteria. These things should be taken care of since they can cause urinary tract infections. So, it’s best to settle for baby wipes if you’re prone to this condition.


  • Removing good bacteria on your skin

There’s no question that baby wipes are more efficient in cleaning compared to toilet paper. As mentioned, they can kill the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. Unfortunately, they also have the power to eradicate good bacteria. This is not beneficial since good bacteria combat bad bacteria, potent viruses, and fungi. Without them, you are not protected from skin infections.

  • Problem with moisture

The moisture in baby wipes contributes immensely to the cleansing process. However, it will bring some troubles if used in the wrong way. The failure occurs when you don’t give the area where you wiped with baby wipes enough time to dry. When moisture stays on your skin, bacteria will likely develop. The next thing that happens is the growth of infection.

  • Sold at a higher price

Toilet paper is more favorable for people who are on a budget because baby wipes are sold at a higher price. It’s possible to control your usage of toilet paper by going for two or half a dozen sheets every toilet session. If you think of it, it’s not always applicable with baby wipes unless it’s convenient for you to cut it in half every time you use them.

  • The harm causes to the environment

The manufacturers of baby wipes claim that their products are flushable but they prove otherwise in reality. They can clog the toilet or even the whole plumbing system, especially when you flush a couple of them. Some say it’s safe to flush a piece at a time but it’s better to avoid it so you won’t have problems with your toilet and the sewage.

This part is in favor of toilet paper since it can easily fall to bits. Baby wipes would stay in one piece because they resist water. In addition, they have microparticles of plastic that make them harder to disintegrate. Flushing baby wipes brings trouble to the sewer system. Due to their components, they’re harmful for water creatures once they go down the drain.

Baby Wipes vs Adult Wipes


It’s normal to use wet wipes as toilet paper since they’re widely used everywhere. Even though adult wipes and baby wipes are both toilet paper alternatives, some differences can be spotted.

  • Adult wipes are bigger than baby wipes since they’re made for larger body parts. This is the point that makes the former more expensive than the latter.
  • Since baby wipes are for infants, they have a gentler formula than the wipes intended for adults.
  • In the case of adult wipes, there are stronger scents and additional moisturizers, which are irritants for individuals with sensitive skin. Baby wipes are usually unscented but some can have a shea butter or talcum powder scent.

Closing Part

This article has shown you the answer to the question ‘Can adults use baby wipes instead of toilet paper?’ Any grown-up can use baby wipes given that they know the advantages and disadvantages. Anyhow, those who have sensitive skin should settle with baby wipes as a way to protect themselves. However, you shouldn’t flush them as they can cause clogs in your toilet.

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