Chair Height vs Comfort Height Toilet vs Standard Height Toilet

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chair height vs comfort height toilet

Comfort is vital when choosing the right toilet bowl. That’s why everyone can be guided by this article to obtain a comfortable toilet. You’ll also know the real deal about the difference between chair height and comfort height of toilets and other important factors, such as bowl design and GPF.

Toilet height can also affect your posture. The height variations among users inspire manufacturers to produce different toilet heights. There are universal height, ADA height, comfort height, regular height, and standard height options.

Simply put, an ADA-compliant toilet seat should measure between 17 to 19 inches from the floor to the top of the seat, while standard toilets usually stand at 14 to 15 inches in height.

Further information will be shown in this chair height vs comfort height toilet article so you can pick what’s right for you.

  Chair height Standard height
 Toilet Height 16 – 18 inches when seatless; 17 – 19 inches with a seat 14 or 15 inches when seatless; 17 to 19 inches with the seat
Other Names The chair height, ADA compliant height, Universal height (Toto); Right height (American Standard) Regular height
 Advantages ADA-compliant toilet; easy and convenient for elderly, disabled, and tall adults Suitable for kids and shorter individuals; showcases a more natural position; prevents constipation
Disadvantages Less comfortable for short adults and children; dangling feet that can affect blood circulation; may increase the chances of constipation Standing up from it can be difficult; uncomfortable for tall and elderly people
 Price Cost a bit less than the other models under the same manufacturer Can cost a bit more than toilets from the same brand
 Ideal for Most adults; taller individuals; elderly and disabled people; semi-public toilets in buildings, offices, and more Households occupied by people with different heights, for kids and shorter adults, for guest rooms and common bathrooms

Comfort Height vs Chair Height vs Standard Height Toilet


1. Chair Height vs Comfort Height

Is chair height the same as comfort height? The answer is yes. They may be different terms but they share the same description and height.

‘Chair height’ is commonly used for toilets bearing a height of 17 inches. ‘Comfort height’ also means chair height but is brand-specific. This is used by Kohler CO, an American toilet manufacturer known for its outstanding plumbing products.

The 17 to 19-inch height starts from the upper part of the seat and down to the floor. This is the number set by the ADA or Americans with Disability Act for compliance. Another way to check is by getting the sum of the toilet seat height and bowl height.

Bear in mind that the comfort height is constant despite the style, design, and features of various toilet models.

2. Chair Height vs Standard Height

Comparing comfort height with standard height is not too different as comfort height has the same connotation as chair height. Chair height and standard height are the two standard toilet heights that are used as a basis at present.

The rest of the terms in connection with toilet height were created for the sake of marketing. They were made to make the products catchy and more appealing to the public. Regardless of the term that ads use, the essence of chair height and standard height remains the same.

Chair Height or Comfort Height Toilet


The arrival of chair-height toilets in the market took place in the later period. But there’s an increase in its popularity due to the aging population and the taller young generation. It measured 17 to 19 inches from the top part of the seat to the floor.

With this measurement, it’s usually taller than the standard height toilet by two or three inches. You may think that it’s not too much, but there’s a difference in its effects. The time you spend in the toilet becomes comfortable so it gained the name ‘comfort height toilet’.

There are several names for this kind of toilet. TOTO holds on in calling it ‘universal height’ while American Standard is firm in using ‘right height’. On the other hand, Kohler stays with ‘comfort height’. You can refer to their products like TOTO CST243EFR-01, American Standard 2886218.020, and Kohler K-3979-0.

You may also come across terms like ‘toilet seat height’ and ‘toilet bowl height’. Remember that they don’t have a similar definition. The former is the measurement from the upper part of the toilet to the floor, which equates to seat height and bowl height. The latter refers to the length of the toilet bowl without a seat on the floor.

As you might have noticed, the toilet seat is an inch thick. Thus, a 16-inch toilet is tagged as a comfort height toilet as the measurement becomes 17 inches after adding the thickness of the seat.

It simply means that if you want to have an 18-inch toilet, go for 17-inch plus an inch from its seat. Tall people with big stature must opt for this. Also, this height is most preferred by the elderly and those with disabilities and arthritis.

The additional height makes it easy for these groups of people to get on and off the toilet bowl. However, disadvantages are present as well. Shorter adults and children may feel uneasy when using a chair-height toilet. Their legs will tend to hang and not reach the floor.

Being inclined to this position results in losing blood circulation in your legs. Physicians advise that it can impede natural body functions. Furthermore, studies show that it tolerates constipation and alters bowel cleansing.

Standard Height Toilet


This is the toilet size that has been used since the invention of the toilet in the 19th century. Since it’s old as history, it gained the name ‘standard height’ and is sometimes called ‘regular height’.

It’s 14 to 15 inches from the bowl’s top to the floor. With the additional thickness of the seat, it becomes 16 to 17 inches. This size is just right for kids and shorter adults. They can rest their feet on the floor without feeling numb.

Studies discovered that it allows your hips to be way lower than the knees. If you think about it, it’s a natural position that enhances the cleansing bowels. This is beneficial for those who are suffering from constipation.

Just like the chair height, this toilet has disadvantages too. It’s a challenge to stand up from it, especially for elderly and taller people. If you have a towering height, you’ll surely find it uncomfortable as your legs are placed higher than the supposed-to-be position.

How to Decide the Right Toilet Height for You

The factors that will make up your decision are physical needs, the height of a person, and the way you go and leave the toilet. Choose a toilet that allows you to sit and stand with no complications. It’s best to rest your feet on the floor.

Normally, people who live in the same household have different heights. So, you have to think about all the considerations before you can come up with a decision that won’t compromise someone’s needs.

Which Looks More Appealing?

The appearance of any toilet bowl mainly depends on the color, shape, style, and manufacturer. Some are in one-piece design while others are in a two-piece. These designs fit well with a contemporary styled washroom and modern bathrooms. You’ll find them easy to clean for continuous use.

However, I must say that the two-piece toilets are fairly styled ones. Some great examples are TOTO SCT744SL, Signature Hardware 413995, and KOHLER K-3999-0. They can be less costly though not as fancy as the one-piece.

Even so, both of them can be operated through a gravity flush system or pressure-assisted flush system. There are awesome one-piece toilets that you can find like VOVO STYLEMENT TCB-090 SA, Swiss Madison SM-1T254, American Standard 2034314-021, and WOODBRIDGE T-0019.

Are There Noteworthy Differences When Installing Toilets With Different Height?

Installation of toilets with chair height and standard height doesn’t have noteworthy differences. It’s the same procedure and you always have to ensure that the bowl and tank are connected correctly and firmly.

It’s also important to double-check if the flapper and flush valve are functional. Check the connection to find any leakage. Handy individuals will have no problem with the installation. Anyway, the instruction manual comes with every purchase. Necessary hardware parts are available as well.

Some people may need to hire a pro for special toilets like the smart toilet. This means paying the professional charge of a plumber and an electrician.

Does Toilet Height Ease Constipation?

The measurement of standard height toilets projects a natural sitting position. This promotes the full evacuation of the bowl. Moreover, this height allows the hips to sit below the knee’s height. Thus, the result is the squatting position that places the rectum in the right place for effortless defecation.

Know that squatting position also aids in vanquishing hemorrhoids, the standard-height toilet is perfect for those who battle with constipation. This benefit can also be gained if you use a chair-height toilet by adding a step stool.

A step stool will copy the said position for taking a dump easily. It’s also the solution for children and shorter adults to use chair-height toilets without their legs hanging on the floor.

Coming Up with the Right Toilet Height

The reason that there are different heights of toilets is to cater to the different needs of users. Furthermore, there are various terms to describe the toilet height. There’s no comparison between chair height vs comfort height toilet as they have a similar definition. They’re one of the main types of toilet height together with standard height toilets. Thus, you only have to choose from these types to attend to your needs.

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