Clorox Toilet Wand Vs Scrubbing Bubbles Comparison

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clorox toilet wand vs scrubbing bubbles

There are many toilet scrubs in the market. Every buyer wants to get an efficient one for cleaning. Because they are bestsellers, it’s worthwhile to compare Clorox Toilet Wand vs Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush. You’ll find out which disposable toilet scrubber from these options is for you. They’re both offered as a cleaning set.

The Clorox Toilet Wand is simple and easy to use but it’s reliable when cleaning the toilet. It’s also made for eliminating germs to maintain a spick and span toilet.

The Scrubbing Bubbles brush is efficient in removing stubborn stains and can help you keep your toilet clean. Since they’re two different products, they have various features. Some may be more favorable for you, so read on.

Description of Clorox Toilet Wand


This Clorox toilet brush is reliable in cleaning and disinfecting toilet bowls. It has an ergonomic design that allows you to reach nooks and crannies. Aside from the disposable toilet brush, the kit includes six disposable head brushes and a caddy.

It has 11.185% glycolic acid to kill 99.9% of germs. The entire length of this brush is around 15 inches. To sum up the features, here are the pros and cons.

  • Has six pieces of disposable head cleaners
  • Has a hexagonal head for cleaning hard-to-reach areas
  • Has heads that work as disinfectants
  • Only for cleaning toilet bowls
  • Need to scrub harder to remove hard water stains and rust

But I was able to easily get rid of other kinds of tough stains with this toilet cleaning wand. So, regular cleaning of my toilet bowl doesn’t consume much time. This is the usual comment to every Clorox toilet wand review.

Description of Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush

The unique thing about this Scrubbing Bubbles toilet wand is its flushable head after use. Don’t be hesitant to do it as it doesn’t cause clogs. Hence, disposal is straightforward without the need to clean its drips.

It’s amazing as you might think that you can only flush down toilet paper. The brush comes with 4 disposable cleaning heads and a stand.

Even though it has a clumpy head, it can go under the rim and cleans those sections efficiently. These things can’t be done by a regular toilet brush.

You won’t feel like your hand touches the toilet since this has a 19-inch handle. Stain removal will be a breeze with this disposable toilet cleaner! Here’s a summary of its features.

  • Flushable, so you can clean the bowl and get rid of the used head right away
  • Has a long handle so you can avoid touching the bowl
  • An efficient toilet bowl cleaner
  • The stand doesn’t have enough room for the extra heads
  • Both brush and stand are lightweight so it’s easily knocked over

Important Features of a Disposable Toilet Scrub


Most buyers are after these features when looking for a reliable disposable toilet scrub, so let’s check if we can find them in the products that we compare.

1. The shape of the brush head

Different toilets may have different areas that get the dirtiest. But the brush head should be able to get into the bowl’s rim. Head or long bristles can do it. Both of them can work on hard-to-reach sections.

Although you’ll find the clumpy head of the Scrubbing Bubbles brush, it works once you put it in use. When putting on the head replacement, you don’t need to touch it but you can’t avoid this with a Clorox brush.

2. All about the handle

The handle of a toilet brush tells about how it functions. It should be easy to hold without strain. The length is important so you can clean at a comfortable angle.

To clean the toilet properly, you don’t need to be strained. In the case of the Clorox toilet bowl brush, it’s small with a 15-inch length. Some find it comfortable as these can do a thorough cleaning.

However, some individuals feel the need for a long handle as they don’t like their hands near the bowl. They are likely to choose the one from Scrubbing Bubbles with its 19-inch handle. With this handle, they won’t feel awkward when cleaning the toilet.

3. Storage

Since both of the featured products are sold in kits, a stand or holder is provided. It’s a holder with enough space for the Clorox toilet wand and a plain stand for the Scrubbing Bubbles brush. In this factor, Clorox has an edge and its small size is a plus because you can keep it out of sight in your bathroom.

4. Cleaning ability

This is not something to ignore as this is the purpose of buying a toilet brush. Both of these products prove to be efficient since they’re on the top list. The strength of the Clorox brush is in its ability to kill germs. Therefore, you don’t only get to see a clean surface but there’s also an assurance that unwanted organisms are eradicated.

You’ll only have to put more effort into removing rust and hard water stains, which won’t linger if you clean your toilet regularly. Many users applaud the ability of Scrubbing Bubbles brush since cleaning of the toilet bowl is so much easier. I think it’s the combo effect of the brush and long handle!

5. Odor and maintenance

You can wash the brush and put it back in its storage or you can dispose of it. There’s no smell from Clorox brush and some detected it but it’s faint. You can add a fragrance diffuser if you want your toilet to smell exceptionally good. In the case of Scrubbing Bubbles, you have the option to choose the one with the citrus fragrance if you like the good smell when cleaning.

With a Clorox brush, you can wash it and use it again before replacing the head. It’s recommended to replace the brush once you think that it’s germ-killing ability is gone.

As for the Scrubbing Bubbles, you can get rid of them after use and flush. It can be costly as each kit has only four disposable heads. Nevertheless, you can easily put a new head on without touching it.

Wrapping It Up

Knowing the comparison of Clorox Toilet Wand vs Scrubbing Bubbles brush makes you like disposable toilet brushes more. They’re convenient and efficient in cleaning the bowl.

They have various features and you have to choose which one you favor more. But you won’t regret buying any of these two products as they can help you effectively maintain the cleanliness of the bowl with them.

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