Delta vs Kohler Toilet: Which Brand Should You Choose?

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delta vs kohler toilet

Choosing a toilet is not as easy as some think. Wise buyers are not always after an affordable price but instead, they value quality. Thus, they think about Delta vs Kohler toilet as these are companies that create reliable products.

Delta has been operating for 92 years and is praised for its superb customer service.

Kohler is also an old company that started its business in 1873. This company is consistent in integrating durability and quality into its products.

Delta and Kohler have different strengths. Your needs and preference will help you decide which one is best for you. To come up with a final decision, read the whole article.

Essential Points


You don’t have to go through numerous comments on Reddit as the essential points in buying a toilet are summarized here: a Kohler vs Delta toilet comparison.

1. Build quality

As mentioned, build quality is what most buyers are after. There’s no doubt that Delta toilets are of high quality because they’re long-lasting. Kohler toilets have high-quality components but they may not be durable as you expected. Anyway, proper care would help prolong the toilet’s lifespan.

2. Technology

Apart from quality, state-of-the-art toilets impress users due to enhanced comfort and convenience. Both Delta and Kohler make smart toilets that feature touchless technology and germ-free valves. With these advancements, it’s much easier to clean the toilet.

3. Customer service

Since Delta has established and continued to practice excellent customer service, it’s on the number one spot. The staff is always willing to help and make the customers satisfied. Kohler also strives for excellent service but it seems that it can’t overtake Delta.

4. Price

Is Kohler so expensive? Fortunately, its price is more affordable than Delta. Although the latter has a higher price, you can depend on its durability.

Delta Toilets

The general facts on Delta and Kohler toilets were laid out and this part will show you their best toilets. Each model is unique and you will surely find one that pleases you. But first, know Delta’s ability to save water in every flush.

1. Delta and WaterSense

WaterSense is a label that has approval from EPA and Delta abides by its regulations. Those who engineered Delta toilets thoughtfully adjusted water pressure, valve technologies, and droplet size. They work on these parts so 20% of water can be saved as mandated by WaterSense.

The adjustments that were made don’t interfere with the normal function of the toilet. Users are not deprived of experiencing higher-flow fixtures despite saving water. You can expect all Delta toilets to lower your water consumption. Plus, the high-performance flushing makes them much better than other toilets.

2. Top Pick Delta Toilets

  • Turner

You’ll love this model for several reasons. Every user can lounge on the comfort that it provides. It doesn’t make much noise since it has a soft-close seat. The height is 16.5 inches, and there are two options for flushing, which are 1.6 GPF and 1.1 GPF. I’m happy with its classic white design.

You can start the easy installation once you have the Turner toilet kit. It’s complete and you don’t need to look for tools to connect all the parts. You’ll be amazed by the Smart Fit connection of the tank and bowl. Because of it, leak issues and over-tightening bolts are prevented. This fit technology offers more benefits like the stability of the connection between the bowl and tnk.

  • Foundations

This toilet has a classic design, elongated bowl, and height of 16.5 inches. It’s considered a high-efficient toilet with 1.28 GPF! You can depend on its high power flush that inhibits clogging.

It has a SplashGuard design that works together with a slow-close seat so the liquid won’t get under the tank. However, it only has a 2-inch trapway, which is relatively smaller than other toilets.

When buying Foundations toilet kit, you’ll get the seat, wax ring, and mounting hardware. Installation is so simple, and it’s unbelievable but this toilet comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Prelude

With the round seat of Delta Prelude, it’s a space saver that offers comfort whenever you sit on it. The comfort that it offers is improvised by its comfortable chair height. You can also save water with it since every flush only needs 1.28 GPF. Despite low water consumption, the flushing power is not compromised.

Due to the Smart fit connection, leaking issues and over tightened bolts won’t take place. Thus, installation is straightforward and you won’t need any tools to attach all the parts.

Furthermore, here is a comparison between delta and glacier bay toilets if you needed.

Kohler Toilets


Kohler is known for its supreme plumbing accessories. Therefore, you can’t blame their patrons who continue to show support. In addition, this company works hard to consolidate sanitary technologies and modern features to their toilets. This paves the way to a variety of features that serve everyone’s needs. Nonetheless, Kohler continues to produce the classic style that some people prefer.

1. Features that Kohler Takes Pride From

To provide the needs of every user, all Kohler toilets are ADA compliant with appropriate certificates. They also meet the standards of WaterSense which is the 1.28 GPF. Some of their toilets can even flush down waste with just one gallon. Furthermore, you can find toilets that are 17 to 19 inches in height.

You’ll also find some toilet models with the ContinuousClean system which includes a tank with a compartment for the cleaning solution. This is the feature that makes the toilet easy to clean since the solution is mixed with water. It’s another way of saving water as cleaning the toilet doesn’t need to be done too often.

Boosting its cleansing performance is done by adding an Aquapiston canister and a wide valve. These parts create a powerful surge and swirl to clean the whole bowl. Some toilets are designed with Revolution 360 technology to ensure that stubborn waste is removed. There are amazing features from Kohler intelligent toilets. Some of them are touchless settings, voice control, and a removable seat for easy replacement.

2. Top Pick Kohler Toilets

  • Cimarron

This toilet is suitable for both classic and modern bathroom themes due to its fresh and awesome design. With Aquapiston technology, you can rely on its powerful flush. Despite its efficiency, it’s still economical and it allows you to save 17,000 liters of water every year. But you have to know that it weighs 90 pounds.

A single-piece toilet like this brings a lot of benefits and one of them is the ease of cleaning. Due to its standard chair sit, you’ll surely feel comfortable sitting on it. It comes with a quiet-close seat so not much noise is created when using it. This is a classy, elongated toilet that can blend in any type of décor. Apart from the 100-pound weight of this toilet, the noisy flushing can be bothersome as well.

  • Highline

The powerful flush of this two-piece toilet is what makes it grand. It’s made possible by its air pressure flushing mechanism. You’ll have a wonderful experience with it since comfort height and Aquapiston technology are parts of the toilet. It’s composed of quality materials too. The appearance is terrific since it’s modern and classy.

Although this two-piece toilet displays the retro style, you can find the application of advanced technology from its functions like the Aquapiston. If you love the classic vibe, you’ll find the cornice on the edges appealing. Flushing is easy with the push button found on its right side. The seat height, toilet bowl, and flushing button are all approved by ADA.

  • Wellworth

People who admire toilets that work with powerful flushes will love this one. It operates with a Class five flushing system which lets the water flow from all sides. The flush is not only powerful but filling as well. The design of Wellworth is a mixture of modern and retro styles. It’s a compact toilet that fits in small bathrooms. This also promises comfort due to its comfort height seat.

Comparing Delta and Kohler Toilets

Delta vs Kohler faucets may be common to you but the toilets from these companies are worth comparing. If you value durability, Delta will please you. Some toilet models come with lifetime limited warranty. But Kohler also utilized quality components in making their toilets.

Kohler creates powerful flushing systems that lessen the burden of toilet cleaning. There’s an array of toilet models that you can find to suit your bathroom decor. This is its edge over Delta toilets which are typically designed as white and classic.

Summing it Up!

In Delta vs Kohler toilet, you know their pros and cons. This knowledge easily helps you decide to pick one that suits you best. Delta has very nice customer service but toilet design is mostly limited to the white, classic style. Kohler guarantees a powerful flushing system and offers various toilet styles that blend well with any bathroom décor.

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