Does Home Depot Install Toilets? How Much Does It Cost?

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does home depot install toilets

The Home Depot is North America’s go-to place for home improvement supplies. Whether it’s home decor, tools, and plumbing fixtures like toilets, this store will always have something to offer once you go inside.

But does Home Depot install toilets, especially if you bought one from them? Yes, and a lot is included in the package, such as removing the old commode and testing the newly bought after the setup.

The Home Depot Overview: Products and Services


Founded in 1978, The Home Depot opened its first two large stores in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 22, 1979. Aside from its branches being huge in terms of space, what makes it different from other “hardware” is its range of products and services.

Home Depot has 2,324 retail stores across North America, offering supplies for house remodeling, from decoration and appliances to furniture and fixtures. It offers e-retail, credit card, home delivery, and installation services.

To tackle the latter, this store provides more than 400 services in areas such as the following:

  • bathroom
  • plumbing
  • home organization
  • flooring
  • kitchen
  • painting and patching
  • carpentry and masonry
  • doors and windows
  • heating and cooling
  • exterior home
  • water heaters and treatment
  • appliances
  • electrical and lighting
  • landscaping
  • smart home
  • assembly and mounting
  • cleaning and moving

So, if you bought a porcelain commode from them, they can help you with toilet removal and installation (including cleaning the work area once done!).

The Home Depot Toilet Installation Services


To begin, Home Depot doesn’t offer free toilet installation nor install toilets that weren’t bought from their stores, whether physically or via their website.

And if you bought a commode from them, they do not force you to avail of their toilet services; you can definitely hire your plumber. But if you want Home Depot to do the job, inform the Service Desk of the nearest local branch or book your appointment online.

To tackle the price, Home Depot advertises that its toilet installation cost starts at $269 with:

  • 1-year labor warranty
  • removal and disposal of old toilet
  • Installaiton of flange bolts and wax ring
  • Installation of the water supply line
  • testing
  • cleaning of the work area
  • However, the following has to be provided or paid separately:
  • toilet
  • installation parts not included in the toilet set
  • necessary repairs

Check out our toilet buying guide table below to know the average cost of toilet types and models.

Toilet Model and Type


American Standard Colony 1-Piece Elongated Toilet $309.40
Glacier Bay 2-Piece Elongated Toilet $109
TOTO Entrada 2-Piece Round ADA Toilet (seat not included) $220.90
WoodBridge Athena Intelligent Elongated ADA Toilet with Bidet and Heated Seat $940
VOVO Stylement Tankless Toilet with Bidet $1,590
Swiss Madison Ivy Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet $212.48
Sun-Mar Electric Waterless Composting Toilet $1.946.47

Factors Affecting Cost of Toilet Installation


The Home Depot has no plumber or handyman; it only has licensed local subcontractors. This store has a variety of installation services which have different starting prices:

  • $99 for dishwasher installation
  • $150 for faucet installation
  • $269 for toilet installation
  • $10,000 for walk-in bathtub installation

Since we are discussing Home Depot’s toilet installers, let’s take a look at the other things that will affect the price of the assembly service.

1. Location

The normal cost of installing toilets is between $224 to $532, which is highly dependent on where you are. Minimum wages vary, especially between urban and rural locations. For example, the plumber’s hourly rate is $18.41 in Louisiana and $28.96 in Hawaii.

2. Plumber’s experience

Aside from the location, a plumber’s hourly or fixed rate will be affected by his experience and certifications.

3. Complexity of the work

The labor cost will also be affected by the job complexity. For example, wall-hung toilets are more difficult to set up compared to floor-mounted ones. Instead of installing straight to the floor, the plumber will need to remove the drywall, among other things.

4. Other toilet repairs

Again, Home Depot includes toilet replacement in its installation services, but the necessary repairs that will come out during the process will be charged separately.

For example, if the plumber discovers that your plumbing pipes are damaged, fixing it will increase the installation cost.

Overall, these are the factors that you have to consider. To estimate the total, add your new toilet cost and other required parts not included in the set.

Other Toilet Installation Companies

1. Lowe’s Companies, Inc.


Popularly known as Lowe’s, it’s a retail store that also offers installation service when you buy the toilet from them. The service’s cost starts from $180 with the following inclusions:

  • pick-up and delivery of the toilet
  • toilet installation (inclusive of supply lines, wax ring, and seat-mounting bolts)
  • old toilet disposal (may be subject to local dump fees)
  • toilet testing
  • cleanup of the work area

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2. Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service


Shortened to Roto-Rooter, this plumbing service provider is known across the United States. Aside from its excellent performance and a variety of solutions, it offers flat rate charges.

The charge to install a toilet by Roto-Rooter is around $120 – $230. Like the previous, this does not include the cost of the toilet itself or other required repairs that the plumber may encounter.

Why Choose Home Depot for Toilet Installation?


1. One-stop shopping

The Home Depot lets you avail of its installation service with a purchase from its stores. This will lessen your worries about finding a plumber to set up your toilet as the store will take care of the responsibility.

2. Professional service

The Home Depot ensures to contract licensed and professional plumbers to ensure quality work. According to some real experiences from Reddit, the requirements to become a subcontractor for this store are very high!

3. Provides different services

If you’re in need of other solutions and not just toilet installation, Home Depot will make it easier because you won’t have to hire different companies or providers to do the job.

This store provides services ranging from installation, repair, replacement, organization, and remodeling. Below are some examples of their offerings:

  • toilet repair
  • bathroom remodeling
  • interior painting
  • faucet replacement
  • home organization
  • flooring installation

Installing a Toilet: Diy vs Hiring a Professional

If you’re on a tight budget or simply want to save money, you’ll look into cheap toilet installation; what’s cheaper than doing it by yourself, right?

DIY toilet assembly is possible especially if you’re handy. To help you decide, here are the pros and cons of installing the toilet by yourself versus hiring a professional.

1. Doing it yourself

  • DIY can save money since you won’t pay professional fees.
  • Installing your own toilet gives the feeling of satisfaction, especially when done successfully.
  • The lack of experience may lead to failure in the toilet installation (which can later lead to more problems).
  • You might not have the tools required for the job.
  • You may not be able to detect problems that need professional attention in your drain or pipes.
  • And even if you detect them, you wouldn’t know how to fix them.

2. Hiring a professional

  • With a plumber, the assurance of getting the job right is present.
  • Plumbers have all the necessary tools for toilet installation.
  • Underlying problems in need of repairs or replacement will be given attention by a plumber.
  • A plumber’s service comes with a cost that may be high, depending on the job’s complexity or additional work.
  • You might have to adjust your schedule to meet the plumber, since they may only be available at certain times.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Choose My Own Toilet Model for Installation?

Yes, you can choose your own toilet model for installation. It only comes down to what your bathroom can accommodate in terms of space since toilets will have different rough-in measurements.

Rough-in comes in 3 dimensions which are 10, 12 (most common), and 14 inches.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove an Old Toilet and Install a New One?

The national average cost of toilet replacement is $371. In retail stores such as Home Depot, the starting cost of installing a toilet—inclusive of removing the old one—starts at $269.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Toilet Installed by Home Depot?

Installing a new toilet and removing the old one by Home Depot can take 1 to 4 hours. The time is dependent on a few factors, such as the difficulty of removing the old wax ring or if there are other issues discovered during the installation, such as a broken pipe.


There are lots of retail stores for home improvement such as The Home Depot, which is also one of the largest that offers a wide range of products. It’s also a popular place to purchase bathroom fixtures. With this said, does Home Depot install toilets?

The answer is yes, but the toilet has to be from their store as well. The Home Depot’s toilet installation service includes a warranty and removal and disposal of the old toilet. However, we have to pay separately for the toilet itself, other required parts, and necessary repairs detected.

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