How to Fold Toilet Paper? – 4 Detailed Steps with Photos

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how to fold toilet paper

People may not seem to realize it, but a neatly folded roll of toilet paper actually makes a whole world of difference. Not only does it make your bathroom look neat and fancy, but it also gives the impression of cleanliness.

So whether you’re a hotel manager trying to improve your industry, or a rockstar housekeeper who wants to level up your bathroom game, read on because this article on how to fold toilet paper has got you covered.

With a bit of time and creativity, you, too, can turn an ordinary roll of toilet paper into a work of art!

Ways to Fold Toilet Paper

Folding art is relatively easy and can be done in a few simple steps and with any toilet paper roll designs.

What to prepare

Before we get started on this easy step-by-step tutorial, let’s first cover the basics. The first thing you’ll need is a roll of toilet paper. Now, I know this may seem like a no-brainer, but trust me, not all toilet paper is created equal.

The type of toilet paper you choose will have a big impact on the final result of your fold. I recommend using high-quality, two-ply toilet paper for the best results.

Toilet paper designs and how to fold them:

There are two ways to fold toilet paper:

1. Folding the end of the toilet paper roll

This is used by high-end hotels in order to impress customers and give them the idea that the bathroom is clean and well-kept. A fancy hotel toilet paper may be folded into a triangle, into a bow, and even into a boat!

2. Folding an individual toilet paper

Toilet paper origami is an excellent way to kill time or make use of those artistic juices. I used to make a rose out of a single sheet of tissue paper to impress my date!

Steps to Fold Toilet Paper Into a Triangle


  1. Place your toilet roll onto a flat surface. Take the top left corner and fold it over the right bottom corner. Use the edge/cut for alignment. Make sure that you’re not folding over to the 2nd square of toilet paper.
  2. Then, take the bottom corner and fold it over to the top corner. At this point, your toilet paper should look exactly like a pointing arrow.
  3. Roll your toilet paper back into position as shown in the picture above. And you’re done! Easy right?

Steps to Fold Toilet Paper Into a Diamond


  1. Unravel 2-3 squares of your toilet paper over a flat surface. Fold the first square into a triangle by bringing the edge towards the top. Make sure not to fold over to the second square.
  2. Take the tip and bring it to the bottom corner, creating a smaller triangle. Your toilet roll should now look like an arrow.
  3. Fold your triangle over to the second square. The tip should now be pointing towards the toilet roll.
  4. Then, flip your toilet roll. The folded triangle should now be facing the surface of your working desk.
  5. Next, take the top corner and bring it to the middle. Do the same thing with the bottom corner. At this point, your toilet paper should start looking like an arrow with a diamond in the middle.
  6. Roll your toilet paper back into position.
  7. Fix your diamond neatly into the center of the toilet roll, revealing the fancy diamond design.

Steps to Fold Toilet Paper Into a Boat


  1. On a flat surface, roll out one square of your toilet paper roll.
  2. Take both the left and the right corner and fold towards the middle.
  3. Roll your toilet paper back into position. You should now have a simple triangle design.
  4. Then, shape the sail of your boat by folding the edges of the triangle. An inch or two should be enough depending on your preference.
  5. Fold your triangle upwards. The tip of the triangle should now be pointing up. Just hold it carefully into position if the toilet paper does not retain its folded shape.
  6. Then, bring the bottom of the sailboat upwards, creating the body of the boat. Adjust the size to your own liking.
  7. Fold both the left and the right corners diagonally towards the back. This will shape the body of the sailboat into a more “boat-y” look.
  8. Your folded toilet paper should look like the image above. Now all that’s left is to display the toilet roll and let your guests compliment you for the extra bathroom zing.

Steps to Fold Toilet Paper Into a Rose


  1. Unroll 5-6 squares of your toilet roll and lay it flat on your working desk.
  2. Scrunch the 6th square by making an “okay” sign and gently squeezing the toilet paper. Be careful not to rip it.
  3. Then, take the edge of toilet paper and pinch it in between your index finger and your thumb.
  4. Carefully twist the toilet paper around your index finger. Do not pull too hard or you will rip the delicate toilet paper.
  5. Continue twisting and rolling the toilet paper until you reach the 6th square.
  6. Pinch the 5th square and gently insert it in the middle of the rose, like so.
  7. Neatly arrange and fix the rose as you see fit. And that’s one of the most impressive folding designs a beginner can do.

You see? Fancy toilet paper folds are incredibly easy to do. You just need to remember that the secret to this art is a lot of patience, practice, and hopefully not much wasted tissue papers!


Is it better to fold or scrunch toilet paper?

Folding or scrunching is a matter of personal preference. Some people like folding because it’s more efficient and allows you to wipe a greater area.

Meanwhile, others like scrunching because it’s easier than folding, and it keeps the fingers farther from the you-know-what.

Personally, though, I’m a folder, because with toilet paper instructions for folding, it’s easy to turn it into something beautiful and elegant like a flower or a heart.

Why do people fold toilet paper into a point?

Apart from the aesthetic touch, people fold toilet paper for easy pickup. Since unused toilet rolls have ends that stick to the rest of the toilet paper, hotels practice folding toilet paper into a point.

What is the proper way for toilet paper to be hung?

The over or under debate has been a long-standing one; for the right reason, it’s all about personal preference. But according to yahoo, the roll should be hanging away from the wall (or “over,” to simply put it) because this way is much more hygienic.


In conclusion, there are a variety of toilet roll folding ideas that you can use to create unique crafts and decorations for your bathroom. In fact, toilet paper decorations can add a creative touch to almost any room in your house. It may be a decorative wreath or a bouquet of roses made from tissue paper folding.

So what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner origami master and learn how to fold toilet paper into a work of art!

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