Gerber Toilets vs Kohler Toilets – Similarities and Differences

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gerber toilets vs kohler

Finding a suitable toilet directs you to look at renowned brands. Due to their reliable products, Gerber toilets vs Kohler toilets will be compared in this article. Gerber is a veteran in the toilet industry while Kohler introduced intelligent toilets to the public. They gained a lot of fans because of these creations.

Both of these companies produce a wide array of toilets to address everyone’s demands. In choosing a toilet, the needs of the user come first followed by preference and suitability to the bathroom’s decors. Other important factors are featured in this comprehensive comparison of Gerber vs Kohler toilets.

Gerber Toilets


Are Gerber toilets good? Many buyers, especially those who are on a budget consider this toilet brand their best choice. Although the toilets made by Gerber are on the economical side, you can still take advantage of their outstanding quality. Just like other brands, they will serve you in the long run as long as they’re taken care of.

If you haven’t had the chance to give their toilets a try, here is some information to know about them.

Gerber toilets remarkable features

  • Dual fed siphonic jets

Many Gerber toilets have this cool feature. This paves the way to 1.28 gallons per flush. It’s their way of promoting energy-efficient toilets. With the dual-fed siphonic jets placed on most of its toilets, a powerful flush is released whenever you press the handle. These jets are responsible for flushing waste until it reaches the drain.

There’s a force that pushes the water down from the top part of the bowl. This results in a powerful swirl which is efficient in cleaning the bowl when flushing.

  • Energy efficiency

You’ll be impressed to know that Gerber Plumbing works with EPA WaterSense. Gerber is recognized by EPA as a national brand for water preservation so there will be an abundant supply for future generations. This also gives consumers a chance to save on water bills.

Gerber is the very first toilet manufacturer that converts toilets into high-efficient ones. Most of its toilets work with 1.28 GPF and some of them even need less water. They’re lower than the standard toilet which has 1.6 GPF.

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So, Gerber toilets are in the category of HET or high-efficiency toilets. Toilets that require less water help save the environment and your pocket from hefty water bills.

  • ErgoHeight bowl

Standard toilets have a 15-inch height. But due to ErgoHeight bowls with a minimum height of 16.5 inches, the Gerber comfort height toilet was born. It’s a measurement that makes it easy and convenient for certain groups of people like the disabled and elderly to sit on the toilet as well as stand from it.

ADA or Americans with Disability Act imposed a standard height of 17 to 19 inches for toilets in business and public restrooms.

The good news is that Gerber ErgoHeight toilets answer to the ADA specifications with the added thickness of the toilet seat. Hence, people with disabilities can use them. It is a big help for those who are recuperating from illness and old people.

  • FluidMaster flapper

Do you know what causes running or leaking toilets? The main culprit is the flapper at the tank’s bottom. It’s a seal that prevents the water from running and regulates the flush pressure.

There’s a weak flush if the flapper opens slowly. Thus, the toilet becomes inefficient as you need more water to completely get rid of the waste. It means an increase in water consumption and a dysfunctional flapper. Gerber is aware of this so it adds 2-inch plastic to most of its toilets. I like the perfect fit as it ensures the toilet won’t constantly run.

  • Glazed trapway

The trapway is the section located between the holes on the bowl’s bottom. This is the first area where the waste proceeds when flushed. So, it should be smooth to allow uncomplicated waste removal.

Due to this matter, the two-inch trapway of Gerber toilets is glazed. This process should not be obstructed as it’s not accessible to clean the trapway. The super glazing that Gerber added is permanent and consistent in giving smooth passage for the waste.

Top Gerber toilet models

  • Allerton GHE20007

It’s an ADA-compliant toilet with a trip lever on the tank’s left-hand side. The need to save water can be pursued with this 1.28 GPF toilet.

  • Avalanche 21-014

Avalanche is a premium toilet bowl that operates with dual jet siphonic flushing technology. There are more wonderful features, such as its 1.28 GPF and ErgoHeight design.

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Kohler Toilets


Selection of Kohler toilets

There’s a wide selection of Kohler toilets in various sizes, shapes, and styles. They range from classic white porcelain toilets to sleek and modern structures. These choices give you a chance to follow your preference and match a toilet for your bathroom theme.

Toilets can also go along with advanced innovation as Kohler gave birth to an ‘Intelligent toilet’. It’s called ‘intelligent’ due to its terrific features. The tankless design is out of this world as it makes the toilet stylish.

It has warm water flushing, automatic flushing, warm water, and more. A touchscreen remote also comes with it so you can control the setting of temperature, cleansing, and other toilet functions.

Water consumption and flushing technology

High-efficient flushing technology is linked to water consumption. Kohler applies two types of flushing systems: pressure-assisted and gravity. Apart from one flushing system, a dual flushing system is also created to save water. Specifically, Kohler promotes low water consumption through the Pressure Light flushing system.

What happens in a pressure-assisted flushing system is compressing the air inside a tank. Pressure is created to let the waste go down. Its function leads to the idea that it’s suitable for households of large families. To make this flushing system work, you must ensure that your bathroom has at least 25 lbs per square inch of water pressure. However, it makes the toilet noisy.

The flush valve in a gravity-assisted flushing system depends on gravity. Some waterfalls go down from the tank to the toilet bowl to push the waste to the drain. It can work with 10 lbs per square inch of water pressure. It’s quieter than a pressure-assisted system but the cheaper model is not efficient in disposing of heavy waste.

Top Pick Kohler Toilets

K-3493-0 Highline Classic – It’s a two-piece toilet with an elongated toilet that takes 1.6 gallons of water for every flush. To be efficient, it has the Pressure Lite and Pressure Assist flushing systems.

3810-0 Santa Rosa – It’s a one-piece toilet and elongated. Note that it’s suitable for small bathrooms. It has a canister flush with 1.28 GPF.

K-3609-95 Cimarron – The highlight of this toilet model is the Aquapiston flushing technology. Every flush makes the water come out in all directions. With 1.28 GPF, you’ll surely lower your water consumption. Comfort won’t be compromised as it has an elongated bowl and comfortable height seat.

Final Words

Gerber Toilets vs Kohler Toilets comparison shows that both classic innovation and modern technology can be competitive. Gerber toilets are known for their energy-saving and environmentally-friendly approach. Kohler toilets are not different as they save water and make them sleek for easy cleaning.

They also promote comfort and your choice is based on your preference. You can get a toilet from either of these companies without having regrets.

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