Glacier Bay vs American Standard Toilets: Which One to Opt?

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glacier bay vs american standard toilets

Every buyer prefers reputable brands so those who need to buy a toilet think about Glacier Bay vs American Standard toilets. They’re the brands that gather a great deal of buyers. Is Glacier Bay a good toilet? Yes, it is since it produces cost-efficient toilets. You’ll find affordable models that function with innovative systems.

American Standard toilets are also impressive and many buyers can justify them. It offers different toilet models that showcase wonderful features. So, no wonder why this company is popular. While the introduction to these toilet brands is all positive, there are still things that you have to weigh in. This article will guide you through them.

The Glacier Bay Toilets


Who makes Glacier Bay toilets for Home Depot? Although Home Depot hasn’t released any statement regarding this matter, it’s rumored that the said company has a connection overseas. Home Depot may have been doing business with producers in Israel, China, and Taiwan. If this is true, this is why some models are affordable.

Glacier Bay toilets are competitive; even their ratings in Glacier Bay vs Kohler toilet and other reviews are around 4 or 5 out of 5.


  • Environmentally friendly

In many Glacier Bay toilet reviews, buyers applaud the company for making environmentally friendly toilets. With the dual flush system, you’ll surely save water and lower your bill. It also makes flushing way too easy!

  • Not high maintenance

The toilets made by Glacier Bay are for normal use, so it doesn’t need high maintenance. You can keep them in good condition with minimal effort. This also means that you don’t have to spend more on maintenance. As many would agree, cleaning the toilet is not an easy job. It won’t be the case with Glacier Bay toilets because you can prolong their lifespan with only low maintenance.

  • Beautiful design

Due to the beautiful design of Glacier Bay toilets, you’ll likely buy them. Aside from function, buyers love the design of these toilets.

  • An ideal replacement for old toilets

You will have so much relief replacing an old toilet with one from Glacier Bay. It has a comfortable height that will surely please those with back pain and other mobility constraints.


  • Being sure about the right model

With the number of toilets from Glacier Bay, you have to be familiar with durability, comfort, and maintenance. Then, check the toilet description to see if it’s suitable for you and everyone in your house. Some can make mistakes and end up unsatisfied with the toilet they bought.

  • Limitations

Some think that the options offered by Glacier Bay are limited. But this has a good side as it won’t be hard for you to choose. It’s best to check a toilet’s specifications rather than just simply judging its ability.

The American Standard Toilets


As a popular toilet manufacturer, American Standard produces a wide variety of toilet models that are reliable and efficient. It’s been operating since 1929 and it proves to be consistent in making quality products. Apart from toilets, it also offers faucets and bathroom fixtures. Still, there are pros and cons that you have to know so you would know if the toilets are right for you or not.


  • Diversity of toilet models

Just with the toilet, there are around 200 models that you can check out on their website. Each model has unique features with the aim of pleasing every user. The difference is not only recognized through dimensions but as well as designs, forms, and features.

If you’re someone who has a specific set in mind, you will likely see it in the toilet models of American Standard. There are toilets in different colors too. You’ll likely find one that will go well with your bathroom décor.

  • Flushing system

With almost a century of operation, this company always works for excellence just like it did with its toilets’ flushing system. Even though not all toilets are designed for extreme water saving, the flushing system is superb. This implies that some toilets can do rigorous cleaning due to the power flush. Furthermore, water consumption is applied.

This is done by models that have a balanced flushing system. These high-efficiency toilets usually work with Cadet technology and FloWise technology.

  • Easy to clean

The toilets of American Standard are made of vitreous china or ceramic, as a result, they’re easy to clean. The said materials don’t allow waste to stick. Some models only have a few corners and bends so cleaning won’t be complicated.

The ease of cleaning is especially promoted by the skirted toilets made by this company. An example of this is the hidden trapway of Cadet 3. Sadly, some models are challenging to clean. So, read the description before buying.

  • WaterSense certification

Around 100 American Standard toilets have WaterSense certification despite not being a requirement. It’s only in the company’s interest to care for the environment. These certified toilets save 20% of water compared to the regular models.


  • Hard to choose

Some think that more choices are good and they can find what’s right for them. However, this is not the case for everyone as they can be confused. It’s hard to choose among 200 toilets. But you can filter the features that you like when searching on the American Standard website. For instance, you can check out the ones with WaterSense certification or those that work with FloWise technology and Cadet technology.

  • Specific disadvantages

As mentioned, there are a hundred options that have distinct features. The various features and functions are not always a disadvantage as the company is not perfect. Thus, there will be specific disadvantages in some designs. To ensure that you won’t be surprised by them, you have to read buyers’ comments or some forums about certain toilet models.

The Comparison

This part compares American Standard vs Glacier Bay toilets based on the highly regarded factors when buying a toilet.

1. Material for durability

Every buyer wants a toilet that is reliable and lasting. A toilet shouldn’t be replaced every year and it’s not good that it will often give you problems. Since the toilets from Glacier Bay and American Standard are composed of vitreous china, ceramic, and porcelain, they can surely serve you for several years.

Glacier Bay toilets are made of vitreous china and ceramic. To prevent waste from sticking to the bowl, the company integrates Sanagloss into these toilets so there’s a smooth surface that doesn’t easily accumulate dirt. You won’t need to use harsh chemicals for deep cleaning. Hard scrubbing is not necessary either.

American Standard also stands out in this aspect with the application of the Everclean finish. Specifically, the toilet’s surface is porcelain covered by enamel. This combination of materials can resist clogs so the toilet will surely last for many years. In addition, it can prevent odor-causing bacteria and stains from adhering to the toilet bowl.

2. Flushing technology

This is one of the main factors that buyers look at toilets. Based on several tastes, the flushing system of Glacier Bay toilets is impressive. Flushing is supervised by a patented hydraulic setting so an ample amount of water is released from the tank. The power of these toilets doesn’t give a chance to clogging issues. In this manner, water consumption is practiced as there’s no need for another flush.

The VorMax collection of American Standard has the most cleaning flush. You’ll be amazed at how it flushes waste within seconds! Even the corners that are not visible are cleaned. Therefore, the bowl is not only spotless but odor-free.

3. Types of toilets

The comfort of the users also matters, that is why you have to be careful with your selection. American Standard made toilets for comfort but the best ones are the bidets like Spalet. You may skip on toilet paper as water will come up to clean your bottom or even your genitals.

Most Glacier Bay toilets are one-piece so it won’t be difficult to clean. Thus, you won’t be stressed about it. But their toilets are comfortable too for most users. It also offers bidets that have advanced features.

4. Aesthetics

With around 200 models that American Standard offers, you’ll find various colors such as navy blue, pink, burgundy, and more. It won’t be hard to find one that can improve your bathroom décor. The designs of Glacier Bay toilets are aesthetically awesome. The knobs or handles are cool.

5. Installation

The challenge of installation is based on the model. Regular toilets can be installed as a DIY project. You can find instructions on a manual guide and even on the manufacturer’s website. You may also look for instructional videos as guides. Some may opt for professional installation for their bidets.

6. Warranty

Some products are faulty and it’s not always the producer’s fault. Things can go wrong with transport and delivery. When this happens to you, you’ll be saved by the warranty offered by American Standard and Glacier Bay. The former has 5 to 10 years of warranty while the latter offers a lifetime limited warranty. Only quality products can offer a warranty, which means you won’t be wasting money on them.

7. Difference in cost

There’s a difference in the cost or price range but you’ll surely get your money’s worth whichever you’ll get. The price range of American Standard toilets is from $150 to $600. Variations depend on the toilet models. As many know, Glacier Bay toilets are appreciated for their affordability so there are economical toilets sold for only $90 to $125.

Both of them are affordable but you need to check the specifications if they meet your requirements or not.

The Final Words

In Glacier Bay vs American Standard Toilets, there are not many negative features about them. The right move is to check the description of each toilet to see if it fits your needs. American Standard has more options to offer but it doesn’t mean that Glacier Bay toilets are insufficient from what you can expect from a toilet. Purchasing any toilet from these brands is worth every penny.

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