Glacier Bay vs Delta Toilet – A Detailed Comparison

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glacier bay vs delta toilet

With several great toilet brands, it’s worthwhile to pay attention to Glacier Bay vs Delta toilet. You may see reviews and comments about how good their products are. They both produce efficient toilets that cost around $200 and this pleases the buyers.

Glacier Bay toilets are known for their affordable yet quality and reliable toilets with attractive, minimalistic designs. You’ll also find Delta toilets that don’t cost a lot but are aesthetically great and efficient. There’s more to learn about these toilet brands, so continue reading.

Know More About Glacier Bay Toilets


If you’re not familiar with Glacier Bay products, you may wonder, ‘Is Glacier Bay a good brand?’ The answer is yes as many users can attest these are quality toilets. They’re even happier because there are affordable units. Glacier Bay’s goal is making toilets that function well and are easy for kids to use.

It may also have come to your knowledge that Glacier Bay toilets are not made in the USA. There are rumors that they’re outsourced from other countries like China, Israel, and Taiwan, so Home Depot is not the manufacturer. It may be the reason why they’re relatively affordable.

Apart from being functional, the design of Glacier Bay toilets is straightforward and minimalistic. There’s also a selection of toilet models that you can choose from. Thus, you can find one that suits your needs and everyone in your family.


Glacier Bay ensures that its toilets are ADA and Watersense compliant. Its toilets’ height is two inches higher than the usual toilets. People with disabilities can surely use them. Plus, the toilets save at least 20% of water and energy.

  • Easy installation and replacement

You can install a Glacier Bay toilet by yourself due to its Quick Connect feature. There’s no need for any special tools. Also, the components are not hard to find if replacements are ever needed in the future.

  • Anti-microbial glazed surface for cleanliness

Since toilets are prone to germ and bacteria build-ups, Glacier Bay added anti-microbial glazed on its toilets to ensure cleanliness and a healthy bathroom environment.

  • The concealed trapway

As mentioned, Glacier Bay toilets are nice-looking considering that the trapway is concealed. Hence, it’s not bulky and great for the overall appearance.

  • Limited lifetime warranty

Apart from the impressive appearance and affordability, you’ll be in awe of the limited lifetime warranty that Glacier Bay offers for its toilets. That’s how confident it is with the quality of its products.


  • The old-fashioned flush handle

The flush lever has been upgraded to buttons, especially in dual flush toilets. It may be surprising to see it on Glacier Bay toilets. This can be a turn-off to some buyers. Users reported hearing a popping sound when pushing down the lever.

Introducing Delta Toilets


Delta toilets can be affordable but they’re also aesthetically pleasing, well-designed, and with an efficient flushing system. Some buyers are impressed with the overall performance of some toilet units. Just like Glacier Bay toilets, Delta toilets are from Home Depot.

There’s no need to question the background of this company as it has been in operation since 1873. Delta has been consistent in producing durable and quality products.


  • EPA and Watersense certified

To adhere to the standards imposed by EPA and Watersense, engineers of Delta have carefully thought about valve technologies, water pressure adjustment, and droplet size. Even though you can save 20% of water compared to a regular toilet, a high water flow is still available.

It means that Delta toilets have optimal performance that is not showcased by other toilets. The water-saving feature doesn’t interfere with the normal function of the toilets.

  • High quality

Delta toilets are made from high-quality materials so they can serve you in the long run. It can happen if you properly care for them.

  • Superb flushing technology

Delta applies superb flushing technology to its toilet so they’re clog-free even with continuous use. It offers efficient smart toilets that have germ-free valves and touchless functions.

  • SmartFit connection

This feature makes the connection between the bowl and tank easy even if you get a two-piece toilet. It’s not only for straightforward installation but also for the stability of the whole toilet and leakage prevention.

  • Excellent customer service

Delta has a reputation for having excellent customer service. Buyers have attested to the timely response agents and the fulfillment of their requests when there are issues with the products.


  • Non-standard design

Some Delta toilets have non-standard designs and internal parts so it’s a challenge to find their replacements. Despite their durability, long-term use can cause some issues and damages that require fixing and replacement. Since customer service is dependable, you can contact them for a solution.

Distinction and Comparison Between Glacier Bay Toilets and Delta Toilets


Presenting and comparing these toilets are based on the factors that you value the most when buying a toilet.

1. Flushing system

Glacier Bay toilets have high-efficiency units that work with a powerful flush. Many appreciate its eco-friendly operation because it can save water and lower the water bill.

It’s also the same thing with Delta toilets. Advanced valve technology is applied and water pressure is adjusted without compromising the power of the flushing system. To prove this claim, they’re both Watersense certified.

2. Installation

Both companies make it convenient for homeowners to install their toilets. No special tool is needed because Quick connect is made for Glacier Bay toilets. The simple installation is made possible by the SmartFit connection in every Delta toilet. As long as you’re patient with the details, you can install these toilets on your own.

3. Material and durability

Delta toilets are made of vitreous china, a material that makes the surface glossy, smooth, and easy to clean. On the other hand, Glacier Bay toilets have the same material and an added anti-microbial glaze. This counters the build-up of germs in toilets.

The toilets of Glacier Bay and Delta prove to be durable. As long as you work on the proper maintenance, they can serve you for a long time.

4. Warranty

While Delta toilets come with a limited warranty, the longest period that customers can avail is 5 years. Glacier Bay is more generous in this aspect as it provides a lifetime limited warranty.

5. Options

Both of these brands offer an array of options that will surely suit your bathrooms at home. They all have two-piece, one-piece, bowls that are elongated or round, and smart toilets. Check the specifications to select the right toilet for you. Various colors are also available.

6. Cost

Glacier Bay and Delta have a reputation of producing affordable yet efficient and dependable toilets. You may have heard that the lowest is around $200 but it gets lower with Glacier Bay. There’s a Glacier Bay 2-piece toilet that only costs $99 and it’s in many households. No wonder it became a bestseller!


Glacier Bay vs Delta toilet is commonly considered by those who buy toilets as they’re both affordable and suitable for household use. Both of these companies have proven that they’re competitive so their patrons grew in numbers. They have several similarities but Glacier Bay has the edge of providing a lifetime limited warranty. Its replacement parts are easy to find when issues come up.

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