How Long Should a Roll of Toilet Paper Last? All Explained

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how long should a roll of toilet paper last

Toilet paper (TP) is an essential commodity at home, so it’s no surprise that many will wonder how long should a roll of toilet paper last?

On average use, an individual can consume one regular roll of toilet paper for around 3-4 days. What type of toilet paper you use and how often you use the toilet can change the number.

Let’s discuss toilet paper use below.

Average Toilet Paper Use


Statistically speaking, an average person uses seven sheets of toilet paper in a roll per trip to the bathroom. Most people visit the toilet 4–10 times a day. To put things into perspective, in a year, an average individual consumes roughly 13,000 pieces of toilet paper or 85 regular rolls.

Between men and women, the former uses eight dry sheets per toilet outing. Women, on the other hand, use two sheets fewer than men. However, women tend to have many uses for toilet paper, including removing makeup and managing the menstrual period.

An average American uses more toilet paper than any other person from other nations, aberration 12.7 kilograms per person, which is roughly 141 rolls annually. The Germans come second with 12.1 kilograms or 134 rolls per individual.

However, when it comes to the total amount of toilet paper consumed, it’s China that comes out on top, given its large population. It has an average consumption of 4 billion miles a year (compared to America’s consumption of 2 billion miles). As 1 mile of TP is equal to 4 jumbo rolls, China uses an average amount of 16 billion jumbo rolls.

Factors Affecting the Duration of a Roll

Certain factors can affect the statistics. They can either increase or decrease the number of TP rolls used in a day.

1. Gender


How much toilet paper does the average woman use? As shown in the figures above, women use six sheets every time they use the toilet. Though fewer than men, the number piles up over time.

For a woman, you’ll need to use TP after urinating (number 1) and pooping (number 2). Men only use TP after doing number 2. Girls also tend to use more sheets when managing their periods. As a result, women can increase the average use of TP.

2. Digestive Issues


Having diarrhea means frequent trips to the toilet. If you wipe with TP after each toilet use, then you’ll probably consume more of your 1-month supply.

There are many causes of diarrhea. Viruses and bacteria are common culprits, while certain medications may cause a loose bowel side effect. People who are lactose intolerant also suffer diarrhea when they drink milk.

3. Thickness Of Toilet Paper


Toilet papers are available in different plys. A 1-ply tissue roll feels a bit thinner than its 2-ply counterpart because it’s one layer short. The 3-ply is the thickest toilet paper because it’s made of three layers, making it a more luxurious option.

However, some single-ply tissues seem thicker than a 2-ply version. Hence, feel the quality when choosing a tissue roll.

A thicker tissue roll allows you to use only a few sheets to clean your business. Although a thinner sheet needs several layers to wipe your bum, it quickly dissolves when flushed into the toilet.

4. Number Of People In The Household

More people in the household means more toilet paper to use. If a regular person can use 85 TP rolls annually, a family of three needs 255 rolls a year.

Also, the use of toilet paper increases when you have children. Kids tend to get too playful and use so much toilet paper on a whim.

Calculation Of Estimate Usage Of Toilet Paper

So, let’s do the math.

How many rolls of toilet paper per person per month?

An average person uses seven toilet paper sheets per wipe. If you do your toilet business six times a day, you’ll need:

7 x 6 = 42 sheets a day

42 x 7 = 294 sheets or nearly two rolls per week

In a month, this will be:

42 x 30 = 1, 260 sheets or 8.4 rolls

Given that a mega roll of toilet paper contains 284 sheets and a regular contains 150 sheets, a person can consume

1,260 / 284 = 4.4 mega rolls a month or

1,260/ 150 = 8.4 regular rolls a month

In a year, it will be:

4.4 x 12 = 52.8 mega rolls or

8.4 x 12 = 100 regular rolls

You consume more toilet paper if you have more people in the household. A family of three can have this amount of TP consumption:

42 x 3 = 126 sheets or nearly one regular roll a day

126 x 7= 882 sheets or nearly six regular rolls a week

126 x 30 = 3,780 sheets or 25.2 rolls a month

3780 x 12 = 45, 360 sheets or 302.4 rolls per year

A family of four can consume more with these calculations:

42 x 4= 168 sheets or nearly one roll of toilet paper a day

168 x 30 = 5,040 sheets or 33.6 regular rolls a month

5,040 x 12= 60,480 sheets or 403.2 rolls a year

Tips to Reduce the Toilet Paper Usage


A lot of toilet paper has gone down to waste due to improper use. To save costs and help the environment, here are ways to cut down on the use of toilet paper.

  1. Use Thick TP: A 2-ply or 3-ply roll is more absorbent than a 1-ply. You can use fewer sheets if the TP is already thick. If you must use a single-ply, make sure that the paper quality is adequately thick for longer use.
  2. Store Extra Rolls: Never leave the extra rolls out in the open because it tempts the people in your household to use too much. Instead, store toilet paper in a cabinet so your family can use the existing TP sparingly. To get through in a week, only put six rolls in the bathroom and hide the rest.
  3. Discipline: People in your household may waste the TP because they’re unaware of how much they really need to clean up. Tell them that seven sheets are enough. When your kids play with tissue paper often, discipline them to change their habits.
  4. Invest In A Control Dispenser: If you have lots of kids at home, install a dispenser that controls the number of sheets delivered. For example, BIOTouchless uses a control mechanism to reduce the consumption of TP.
  5. Use Wet Wipes: Toilet paper alone isn’t enough to settle a large business. If there’s still a mess after 2-3 wipes, use a wet tissue to clean the rest. These wet tissues don’t flush well into the toilet, so throw them in the trash after use.
  6. Use A Bidet: To eliminate the need for toilet paper entirely, opt for a bidet. For one thing, it’s more friendly to the environment. For another, it’s actually more sanitary than cleaning with just toilet paper.

Another Purpose Of Toilet Paper

Besides cleaning your bum after visiting the toilet, you can use toilet paper in many ways.

  1. If you have a cold, you can use toilet paper to wipe your nose. It’s more convenient than using cloth because you can throw the TP right after use.
  2. You can use TP to clean any surface, from toilet seats to glasses and shoes.
  3. A softer type of TP is good for removing makeup. You can moisten it a bit with micellar water to remove the mascara more effectively.
  4. A recent trend shows that you can apply eye makeup using a tiny piece of TP. Scrunch the paper and stamp it into your favorite eye color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to flush toilet paper down the toilet or throw it away?

It’s more sanitary to flush toilet paper than to throw it away in a trash bin. You can keep the odor and bacteria from proliferating inside your bathroom. Most flushable toilet paper brands dissolve in water, leaving less byproduct in the environment.

Should I fold or scrunch toilet paper?

You use less TP when you fold rather than scrunch. When you fold toilet paper to wipe, you double the thickness and provide a better clean. Moreso, you get a smoother surface when you fold, meaning less irritation to your sensitive area.

How to figure out the best deal on toilet paper?

The average cost of TP has increased due to high demand, especially during the pandemic. To find the best deals, look for discounts in a bundle. A pack of eight rolls lasts a month and provides extra savings.

Also, switch to cheaper brands because some of them provide better quality than the leading brands.

How much toilet paper do I need to survive quarantine?

The number of days you’re quarantined determines how much toilet paper to use. If you’re quarantined for 50 days, multiply that number by the number of sheets you can use in a day. Let’s say, you consume 42 sheets a day.

42 x 50 = 2,100 sheets or 14 regular rolls for the whole quarantine period.


So, how long should a roll of toilet paper last? It all depends on many factors, including the quality of TP, frequency in the toilet, and how many people use it. You can minimize your use of TP, like using a 2-ply TP roll or following up with a wet tissue to clean a bigger mess.

Let us know your experience with toilet paper in the comment section below. If you want to share this article, do so on all your social media accounts.

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