Kirkland Toilet Paper vs Charmin: Which Is a Better Choice?

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kirkland toilet paper vs charmin

Since toilet paper is a necessity, a lot of companies make it. But when people look for the best toilet paper, it ends up being Kirkland toilet paper vs Charmin most of the time. They’re usually being compared as they gain the same number of buyers.

They both offer two-ply for the comfort of the user. Charmin is softer and may cost a bit more than Kirkland. However, Kirkland also serves its purpose well and lets you save a few bucks. To help you decide on one, this article was made.

About Kirkland Toilet Paper: Is It Really From Costco?


Who makes Kirkland toilet paper? You may have heard that it’s Costco. However, nothing comes up when you search for Costco toilet paper vs Charmin. Due to the highly competitive market of toilet paper, the truth about Costco toilet paper doesn’t point to Kirkland.

Some information got leaked that Clearwater Paper Corporation manufactures Kirkland toilet paper for Costco. Still, no confirmation was publicized by any companies. It’s just reasonable that Costco or any other company won’t admit it due to the billion rolls of toilet paper that are sold a year.

This is a great achievement for a company that chooses to be anonymous if ever a competitor will try to overtake their product. Nevertheless, Costco introduces Kirkland toilet paper as one of the top 5 best toilet paper.

  • Looking at the Quality of the Kirkland Toilet Paper

Besides talking about the producer, a Kirkland toilet paper review is essential to help you decide. I must tell you that if you get this from two Costco outlets located in different areas, they’re likely made by two, different manufacturers. Still, no significant differences can be noticed based on my experience.

I must say that 2-ply Kirkland ultra soft toilet paper is just right to finish your business in the toilet. It’s soft and thick while there’s good absorbency and dry strength.

Even when it’s wet, it doesn’t easily break like other regular toilet paper. I also like its appearance, which is not a big deal for its purpose. This product is not perfect as I find that its dissolvability is not great, but that doesn’t get in the way of it doing its job.

How Charming Is Charmin Toilet Paper?


What sets Charmin toilet paper from other brands is its softness and strength. Since Kirkland is selling billions of rolls per year, is it right to speculate that it’s Costco Charmin ultra strong as well? You may think that Costco has this effective marketing strategy to let their products compete with each other and gain more sales.

As there’s no confirmation from the said parties, you’ll also think about the question: Is Kirkland toilet paper made by Charmin? Some think about it and others don’t care at all since they’re after quality, which is discussed in this part.

Aside from softness and strength, you’ll be impressed by this toilet paper because its sheets are free of crumble and lint. It just shows that you get your money’s worth.

You can discover it yourself by doing a rub test. When using it in the proper situation, your fingers won’t tear the paper even with the toughest call of nature. It’s still soft and gentle to delicate body parts. Disposal is not a problem as it won’t cause trouble in low-flush-volume toilets as well as the septic tank.

Charmin toilet paper is FSC certified despite its composition of virgin tree pulp. This company proves to be responsible for sourcing its materials. However, there’s no indication of whether they use animal by-products or ingredients. You’ll find some drawbacks in this toilet paper but they’re not deal breakers at all.

Its price is higher than most brands but it’s worth every penny. This toilet paper may present itself as chlorine-free since it uses elemental chlorine for its whitening process. But you have to know that it still involves chlorine.

Charmin vs Kirkland Toilet Paper: Important Factors to Buyers


Description, manufacturer, pros, and cons are presented for each product. While you learn about them specifically, it’s helpful to have an overview of toilet paper comparisons. You may take some time to think about these important factors before you stick with the product that appeals to you.

1. Texture

This matters the most to people with sensitive skin or other medical conditions. Of course, it’s a basis of comfort for most buyers. Charmin has the edge in this aspect as it’s not only soft but also well-balanced in terms of texture.

Users don’t have a bad experience even if it’s used through multiple wipes and when it’s wet. You’ll likely notice the softness once you pick up a roll of Charmin toilet paper.

It’s safe to say that Charmin is specifically designed to be soft to the touch. All in all, it’s the characteristic that draws millions of buyers. If you think of it, there’s no difference in the number of buyers that are after Kirkland toilet paper despite its rugged texture.

It may not be as impressive as Charmin when doing the second wipe but it still proves to be effective in serving toilet needs. It all depends on your skin type and preference.

2. Durability

Another factor that attracts buyers is durability. It ultimately affects your decision because toilet paper that doesn’t have this characteristic is not worth your money.

Charmin is undoubtedly durable due to its tough material that can withstand the force from wiping. It stays as it is even if it’s moist.

On the other hand, two-ply Kirkland toilet paper may be thinner than Charmin but it proves to be effective in fulfilling toilet needs. It’s cost-efficient but it doesn’t skimp on performance so you can buy it in bulk.

3. Affordability

You want to ask how much something is before the purchase most of the time. As mentioned, Kirkland is cost-efficient so it’s the winner in this part. This toilet paper is packed in bulk to save you some bucks. Depending on your needs and budget, though, you can still buy Charmin despite its higher price.


It’s easy to compare Kirkland toilet paper vs Charmin toilet paper since you only have to look at a few factors. Even though both of these products have millions of buyers, they’re still different in catering to various needs.

The cost-efficient Kirkland is better than other brands and it keeps you clean. You’ll have an upgraded experience with Charmin due to its softness and strength but you need to pay more for them.

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