Kohler Almond vs Biscuit: Is There Really a Difference?

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kohler almond vs biscuit

Today, we will round up the differences between two of the most used colors in bathroom fixtures and determine the things to consider when choosing between these options — the Kohler Almond VS Biscuit toilet.

In choosing the most suitable color palette for your bathroom essentials, you must visualize how it will fall into place with the overall aesthetics of your home. This color combination can play a big part in making your lavatory comfortable and elegant for people who would use it.

What Are Kohler Finishes Almond and Biscuit?

People are often confused by the almost similar shades of Biscuit VS Almond color. But if you carefully compare them, you can see the difference.

What is Kohler Biscuit Color?


Kohler Biscuit color is a classic off-white, softened with a hint of yellow. It is one of the standard colors available for bathroom fixtures. Interior designers often use this to add a warm tone to the bathroom, easily matching neutral hues perfect for a simple and neat-looking lavatory.

Biscuit toilets create a cordial style and vibe, making them one of the common choices for modern-inspired bathrooms. This hue can positively express yourself and can flawlessly complement your lifestyle.

What is Kohler Almond Color?


The Almond hue is a much darker shade than the Kohler Biscuit tone. It has an appealing off-white hue with a slight shade of brown, giving your bathroom a more elegant and stylish design.

Some may say that using the Almond color for your toilet is out of the trend. But sometimes, having a classic and traditional layout for your lavatory can give you a more natural and calming vibe.

Differences Between Kohler Almond and Biscuit


Here are the primary differences between the two most popular toilet finishes today:

  • Kohler Almond toilets highlight the elegance and formality of the fixture and the overall bathroom layout.

Its conventional design makes your bathroom clean and sleek without looking dull and boring. It’s also an excellent choice for a neutral-colored fixture that won’t leave your bathroom look and feel cluttered.

  • On the other hand, a Kohler Biscuit toilet can give your bathroom a warm touch because of its slight shade of yellow.

It also gives off a more modern feel than Kohler Almond. Because of this, Kohler Biscuit is a perfect choice for those who want to add character to their bathroom.

Pros and Cons

In choosing which is best between the Kohler Biscuit VS Almond toilets, let’s talk about the pros and cons of these two Kohler toilet finishes.

1. Kohler Almond Toilet


  • Has a powerful flushing system to eliminate all waste materials
  • Kohler’s Almond-colored toilets give off classiness and refinement for modern bathrooms
  • Features a water-saving system, making it a cost-effective and environment-friendly option.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain due to the smooth finish and gleaning gloss available
  • Various designs, including Standard, Portrait Elongated, Round, in both one and two-piece designs, etc.


  • Some models require separate purchase of the lid

2. Kohler Biscuit Toilet


  • A powerful flushing system for efficient waste disposal.
  • Come in various designs, including elongated Chair height in two pieces, etc.
  • Complement a variety of interior bathroom design styles.
  • High-quality materials are used to ensure its durability.
  • Easy to install and fit in different bathroom sizes.
  • An efficient water-saving mechanism that helps you reduce water use


  • Most of the Kohler Biscuit toilets have overly pricey premium features.


Now that we all know the pros and cons of these two Kohler toilets, let us learn more about their features.

1. Kohler Almond Toilet Features


These kinds of toilets are known for their classy and sophisticated designs. Kohler usually crafted these toilets to complement various bathroom interiors easily.

1. Flushing and Water Consumption

Most Kohler Almond toilets are known for their water-saving efficiency. They usually have a dual flush option, one for a partial flush that can consume 1.1 gallons of water and a full flush that can consume 1.6 gallons.

It’s a feature that not only gives you the option for flushing your waste but also helps you conserve water more effectively.

2. Designs

If you are looking for a Kohler’s Almond toilet, you can choose a one-piece or two-piece configuration. One-piece designs are better for bathrooms with less space, but they can cost you more than the two-piece design.

On the other hand, two-piece models require a much larger surface area. They are also more prone to staining, which is why it needs more cleaning and maintenance.

3. Installation

Most Kohler Almond toilets use DryLock Fast Install System, making installing easier so that even a beginner can successfully install it without getting help from professionals.

4. Affordability

Kohler Almond toilets may come in different price tags depending on their model, installed flushing system, and other features they may have. But to give you an idea, take a look at the K-75790-47 model. This popular Kohler almond toilet model can only cost you $573.

But always remember that in principle, toilets with more advanced features can be more expensive than the others.

2. Kohler Biscuit Toilets Features


1. Flushing and Water Consumption

Kohler Biscuit toilets have reliable flushing power that can easily remove solid and liquid wastes on the surface. Most models have a dual-flushing system you can choose from whenever you need to eliminate liquid or solid-base waste materials, allowing you to conserve water.

2. Designs

Models like this have a pre-installed Kohler biscuit toilet seat. The designs and shapes of Biscuit toilets are either round or elongated, making them easier to clean rather than the models of Almond-finish toilets. The elongated toilet models can give you more leg space and comfort while using them.

On the other hand, rounded-shaped models are compact, and perfect for smaller bathrooms. Either way, Kohler Biscuit toilet designs are more modern-looking and can increase the overall style of your bathroom.

3. Installation

Although these toilets come with a user manual that indicates step-by-step instructions for installation, you might always want to seek an expert. Seeking a professional ensures a more proper installation. It may seem more costly at first, but this prevents damages and malfunctions in your toilet, saving you the time and money for repair.

4. Affordability

The price range for Kohler Biscuit toilets may vary depending on their models and features. But to give you an example, the most affordable model of these toilets is the K-31644-96, which can cost you more than $500. While the K-6424-96 is the most pricey model, that can cost you over $1,700.

Caulking Your Almond and Biscuit Toilet

Both Kohler Almond and Biscuit toilets are known to be durable. But both of them are not immune to damage or leakage in time. That is why caulking your toilet is a must to prevent any accident from happening. Caulking your toilet is required by the international plumbing code.

With this, there is no question whether almond VS biscuit caulk is better because all of our toilets should be installed and maintained carefully.


Kohler color chart offers a wide variety of hues that you can choose from. But choosing between these two — Kohler Almond VS Biscuit can be challenging. So if you ask us which is the better option, all we can say is that it depends on your preference. Before choosing a Kohler finish, you must thoroughly inspect the color sample.

Although they have some differences, both Kohler Almond and Biscuit toilets offer durability, comfort, and style that will elevate your bathroom experience to a new level.

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