Kohler Cimarron vs American Standard Champion 4

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kohler cimarron vs american standard champion 4

Both Kohler and American Standard are leading toilet manufacturers. When you need to replace your toilet, you would go over their numerous toilet models and find yourself contemplating Kohler Cimarron vs American Standard Champion 4. Cimarron is a two-piece toilet while Champion 4 is a one-piece toilet. The former functions with 1.28 GPF and the latter works with 1.6 GPF.

Apart from the style and amount of water required for every flush, there are other differences. However, they both work with gravity. Learn more about American Standard Champion 4 vs Kohler Cimarron as you read the rest of the article.

  Kohler Cimarron American Standard Champion 4
Bowl Shape Round Elongated
Toilet Design Two-Piece One-Piece
Water Consumption 1.28 GPF 1.6 GPF
Flushing System Gravity Flush Gravity Flush
Certification ADA, WaterSense ADA, WaterSense
Price Around $700 Around $500
Additional Features Non-Inclusive Soft-Close Seat
Warranty 1-Year 10-Year

Kohler Cimarron

Since this is a low-flow toilet that works with 1.28 GPF, you can surely save water. To compare it with a toilet that requires 3.5 gallons per flush, you can save 16,500 gallons of water in a year. This also means lowering your water bill.

When it comes to aesthetics, you can match it with any bathroom décor. You can find it in various colors like black, white, biscuit, sandbar, and ice gray.

Furthermore, you can expect durability from this toilet since it’s made of vitreous china. It has a round bowl and the right height of 16.5 inches for the comfort of users. It has a 12-inch rough-in and you have to take note of it for installation. The glazed trapway of this toilet is 2 1/8” to prevent clogging issues. Hence, cleaning is easy!

Clogging is minimized by its powerful flushing system called Aquapiston technology. You’ll witness the 360-degree water flow through the rim in every flush. There’s a one-year warranty provided for the parts. Unfortunately, you have to separately purchase the seat and supply line.


  • Kohler Aquapiston technology for a powerful flush for a clean, clog-free bowl
  • Unquestionably water-efficient with 1.28 GPF
  • Has a bowl that is of comfort height
  • Contemporary design
  • Various color choices


  • Requires more time to clean nooks and crannies as it’s a two-piece toilet
  • Have to separately purchase the set and supply line

American Standard Champion 4

You’ll be happy with this toilet since it’s not prone to clogging due to its powerful flush hailed in many reviews. It proves to be capable of disposing of 70% more mass than the other toilets in a single flush thanks to the robust 4-inch piston added to its system!

Additionally, it has a large, glazed trapway that measures 2 3/8 inches. Despite its great efficiency, it operates quickly and quietly. Since it’s in the Right Height Collection of American Standard, it has an elongated bowl with a height of 16.5”. Regarding installation, it has a 12-inch rough-in, so it can fit any standard bathroom.

Cleaning a toilet is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, American Standard applies an Everclean surface on this toilet that can keep its cleanliness for a decent period. It’s much easier as it’s a one-piece toilet and you don’t need to be thoroughly clean tight corners. This toilet also abides by the government requirement of 1.6 GPF. So, you can save water and lower your water bill.

Another feature that you would like about this toilet is the soft-close toilet seat. When using it in the middle of the night, you won’t worry about creating noises that can disturb people who are asleep.

As for the warranty, it’s good for 10 years. You can’t only benefit from its powerful flush but its service in the long run. Such warranty is usually provided for durable and good quality products like this toilet.


  • Water efficiency with its power in one flush and 1.6 GPF operation
  • In comfortable height
  • Easy to clean since it’s one-piece and with an Everclean surface
  • With so soft-close seat so no slamming and unintentional noises


  • Its elongated bowl may be too big for some bathrooms

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Battle of the Toilets: Which Toilet is Better?


You don’t have to scan a lot of forums and discussions on Reddit. This part is about American Standard Champion 5 vs Kohler Cimarron so you can evaluate each product and then select the one that suits you.

1. Clogging and leaking issues

Both Champion 5 and Cimarron have innovative, powerful flushing systems. Since Champion has the ability to get rid of 70% more waste than the regular toilet, there’s no doubt that it won’t be easily clogged. On the other hand, Cimarron can inhibit leakage due to its DryLock installation.

2. Water consumption

Water conservation is a concern of many so this is a basis when buying a toilet. Both of these toilets are recognized by WaterSense, which means that they’re water-saving toilets. Although Champion 4 requires 1.6 gallons per flush and Cimarron only 1.28 gallons per flush, the difference is minimal. You won’t sometimes need to flush twice in special cases with Champion 4 because it can eliminate greater mass.

3. Flushing system

The flushing systems of these toilets work with gravity but the operation differs. In the case of Champion 4, there’s a 4-inch piston flush valve that works with a siphonic jet for a powerful flush. The water goes to the rim with a lot of pressure so it can push 70% of the mass down the pipe. Interestingly, it works quietly even with such power while not giving clogging a chance to bother you.

Cimarron flushes with a canister flush valve and Aquapiston technology. This combination shoots water to clean the bowl properly. Clogging won’t be an issue while you save water from daily use.

4. Warranty and cost

The warranty for Champion 4 is for 10 years while it’s only a year for Cimarron. In terms of cost, Champion is favorable since it’s only for around $500 while Cimarron is sold at $700. The money that you can save from 1.28 GPF of Cimarron may compensate for its higher price. Furthermore, you have to buy the seat and supply it separately for Cimarron. So, prepare for this extra cost.

The Final Words

In comparing Kohler Cimarron vs American Standard Champion 4, flushing system, water consumption, bowl height, durability, and aesthetics are valued. They both excel in some features. If the users are after a lower amount of water for every flush, Kohler Cimarron is fine. It’s guaranteed that it can save tons of water. Champion 4 is for those who usually take heavy dumps so a single flush is necessary.

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