Kohler Elliston Toilet Vs Cimarron: Similarities and Differences

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kohler elliston toilet vs cimarron

Kohler is one of the leading toilet brands that keep on gathering patrons. You can’t blame those people as this company has a lot to offer. You may be one of them and you need to spend some time deciding over Kohler Elliston toilet vs Cimarron toilet.

They’re both two-piece toilets but still different due to some features.

Elliston is a Watersense certified toilet, which means that its flushing system is 20% more efficient than the usual.

Cimarron won’t be behind this aspect as the Aquapiston technology is involved in its operation.

They both work with 1.28 GPF in a single flush for low water consumption.

Apart from the flushing system, there are other factors that buyers can expect. This article will show you the comparison between Kohler Elliston vs Cimarron so you can get the one that suits your needs.

Everything You Need to Know About Kohler Elliston Toilet


Kohler k 31120-0 Elliston is a two-piece toilet with an elongated seat. It’s one of the basic toilets that will suit the budget of most users. The more classic look is displayed by Kohler Elliston toilet biscuit.

It has a comfort height so sitting and standing won’t be inconvenient. Matching this with your bathroom is not a problem since it’s structured with the classic shape and contemporary lines.

Working with 1.28 GPF, it’s an efficient toilet based on the HET or High Efficient Toilet award given by Watersense. Its single flush is great but it needs to be done twice when getting rid of heavy waste.

Nonetheless, there are other parts that you will love about it. It has a chrome trip flush lever located on the left side. The seat is also equipped with a quick-release system that makes cleaning and seat replacement much easier.

1. More Benefits from Elliston Toilet

  • Watersense award

Watersense has awarded this toilet due to its efficiency in operating with 1.28 GPF. It’s 20% more efficient than other toilets that work with 1.6 GPF.

The low water consumption can’t compel you to pay a higher water bill. It’s also a way to care about the environment.

  • One-year limited warranty

Kohler is known for providing a one-year limited warranty, which you can avail of when buying Elliston. It assures the buyer that the product will surely last for a decent period.

  • Chair height for comfort

This toilet is ergonomically designed with its chair height for the comfort of all users. Your back, legs, and other joints won’t be heavily strained when using this toilet. With the elongated bowl, there’s enough room to sit.

  • Installation hardware

It won’t be hard to install this toilet since the hardware parts that you need are included. Just be careful with the steps to ensure that you do it right.

2. Cons

Despite the confirmation from Watersense that this is 20% more efficient than other toilets, it’s not as powerful as others. It can take care of liquid waste well but its single flush may not be enough when taking care of heavy, solid waste. Two flushes will be necessary for stubborn content.

Everything You Need to Know About Kohler Cimarron Toilet


This two-piece Cimarron toilet may appear simple but it has an amusing performance thanks to its Aquapiston flush canister! This gives way to a class five flush that is powerful enough for the disposal of 1,000 grams of waste in just one flush. Just imagine the amount of water that you can save because it works with 1.28 GPF.

In Kohler Highline vs Cimarron, they can have the same performance but the latter has lower water consumption. The best part is getting this at an affordable price despite the incredible performance. It’s also compliant with Watersense and ADA.

In terms of appearance, there’s a Cimarron toilet with a skirted trapway. Hence, this model is not too hard to clean as there’s no need to deal with nooks and crannies. As you can imagine, it has a more modern look.

1. Advantages of getting a Cimarron toilet

  • One-year limited warranty

You’re guaranteed that this toilet will serve you in the long run because of this warranty.

  • The amazing Aquapiston flush valve

Even though this is a low-volume toilet with 1.28 GPF, it has a superb flushing ability. As you flush, the Aquapiston valve releases water with no delay in 360 degrees. It won’t be an issue to flush down 1,000 grams of waste in a single flush.

  • Includes the parts needed for installation

Some may be confused to find the parts or hardware necessary to complete installation. These things are vital to ensure that the toilet sits properly in your bathroom. To please the buyers, Kohler provides the parts to install Cimarron, like wax ring and seat.

You won’t be stressed about installation and you can save time by not needing to go to the store and finding the right hardware.

2. Cons

The finish of the Cimarron toilet looks good and it helps maintain cleanliness because waste doesn’t easily stick to the bowl. However, it wears off after some time.

You’ll quickly notice it when you regularly clean your toilet as you look at it closely.

Weighing Things Between Elliston and Cimarron

Here are the specs of these toilets for detailed comparison.

Features Elliston Cimarron
Material Vitreous China Vitreous China
Type Two-piece Two-piece
Dimensions 30” x 16.75” x 30.5” 28.75” x 17.62” x 30.75”
Bowl shape Elongated Elongated
Height Comfort height Comfort height
Water consumption 1.28 GPF 1.28 GPF
Flush system Class 5 Aquapiston technology
Seat Included Not included
Certifications WaterSense WaterSense
Warranty One-year limited warranty One-year limited warranty

1. Similarities

As they are made by the same company, Elliston and Cimmaron share some features:

  • Besides being a two-piece toilet, they’re composed of China material to ensure durability. But there’s a one-piece Cimarron with a skirted trapway that you can avail of if you desire a toilet with a sleek look.
  • They both have comfortable toilet heights so it’s not bothersome for the elderly and individuals with disabilities when doing their toilet business.
  • There’s enough sitting space because of their elongated seats.
  • Installation will be smooth sailing because they come with necessary hardware.
  • They consume the same amount of water in every flush which is 1.28 GPF. Watersense has recognized them to have met their standards.
  • Also, they come with a one-year limited warranty. Their appearance is just basic and it’s common among Kohler toilets. If you want a modern-looking toilet, they may not please you. But they work well in eliminating waste as described above.

2. Differences

Flushing System

Kohler Cimarron toilet has an AquaPiston flush valve that makes it clog-free. Its single flush can eliminate waste without the need for another flush. Cimarron has an edge over Elliston in this aspect. With Cimarron, you may need a second flush when the waste is stubborn and heavy. But you can have it in bathrooms that won’t likely receive a lot of waste.

It also means that you can save water when having Cimarron. You will just use 1.28 gallons, but it will double when Elliston can’t get rid of heavy waste.


People who prefer simple but functional toilets are interested in Kohler Elliston toilet vs Cimarron toilets. Elliston will be fine for you if there’s no need to accommodate a lot of users, especially those who cause clogs. On the other hand, you have to choose Cimarron to deal with massive waste and save water. You might also want the sleeker version of Cimarron with a skirted trapway.

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