Kohler Highline vs Cimarron: Differences and Comparison

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kohler highline vs cimarron

Kohler is one of the manufacturers that produce excellent toilet bowls. In this article, Kohler Highline vs Cimarron will be tackled. Since they both have nice and helpful features, it might be difficult for you to choose.

You’ll find several differences between these two toilets. There’s more than one, specific Kohler Highline toilet as there are various GPF: 1.0, 1,28, and 1.6. It’s affordable for the most average household since the various toilet models prove to be water-efficient toilets due to the GPF ratings.

Even though the Kohler Cimarron toilet is a higher-end toilet, it’s worth every penny due to its terrific features. Some of them are the modern one-piece design and ease of cleaning. Spare some time to read everything to figure out the suitable toilet for you.

Get to Know Highline and Cimarron


  • The lowest flow down is 1.0 GPF
  • With Aquapiston canister flush valve
  • Comfort height toilet
  • A two-piece toilet (separate tank and bowl)
  • Dual flush mechanism
  • Available either in 10-inch o 12-inch rough-in


  • 6 or 1.28 GPF
  • Comfort height toilet
  • With Aquapiston canister flush valve
  • In one-piece or two-piece toilets
  • Some Cimarron models have skirted traps
  • Available either in 10-inch o 12-inch rough-in

Kohler Highline Specifications


Highline is one of the leading lines created by Kohler. The toilet models under this line have great features that can meet every user’s needs. They are the reason why they have a higher quality than their counterparts.

  • Affordability

Low price is a way to gain customers for most businesses. This is in connection with the affordability of Kohler Highline, as regular homeowners find it favorable to replace an old toilet bowl. Despite the fair price, it’s not cheap as it has wonderful features that you can also find in more expensive toilets.

  • Exclusive in a two-piece design

The Highline toilet offers several amazing features except for the one-piece design. If you think about it, it’s the reason for its low price. A two-piece toilet is straightforward to transport and install. The case is opposite to the one-piece toilets.

But one-piece can serve you longer and it’s easy to clean. Cleaning a two-piece is challenging due to the crevices formed after connecting the bowl and tank. You won’t encounter it on one-piece toilets as they’re one molded unit.

  • Environmentally friendly

Many individuals care about the environment so they tend to buy products that don’t harm nature. This case applies when buying a toilet too. Using a toilet with an efficient flushing system is one way to be gentle to the environment.

Concerning this matter, Highline toilets are available in three volumes of water consumption. They’re 1.6, 1.28, and 1.0 GPF. Furthermore, they all have a dual flushing system to give you the options of full or partial flush. Pick any of them and you can surely get a water efficient toilet.

A partial flush is enough for getting rid of liquid or lighter waste. The full flush is what you need to eliminate heavy and solid waste. These choices allow you to save water and lower your water bill.

  • Accessible

This toilet is flexible since it can be installed in a residential or commercial building. It happens because it’s ADA compliant. Hence, older people or those with mobility issues can comfortably use it without getting hurt or inconvenienced. Due to its elongated seat bowl and comfortable height, they will easily sit and get off it.

  • Flushing mechanism

The capability of Highline toilets is boosted by the class five flushing system which conjures a powerful flush to get rid of waste without flushing it twice. They have a chrome trip lever that is situated on the left side of the tank. This part allows you to push it even though you’re still seated.

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Kohler Cimarron Specifications


The Cimarron model may share some common features with Highline. But it has some things that create its distinction from other Kohler toilet models. They are as follows.

  • The design

Kohler Cimarron toilet models are in two-piece and one-piece. The one-piece toilet is easier to clean due to the exclusion of the crevice.

Without a crevice, dirt and filth won’t accumulate. Furthermore, this toilet model has skirted traps to stop the build-up of dirt on crannies and nooks. Unfortunately, the toilet seat and supply line are not included in a single purchase.

  • Water efficiency

Cimarron toilets are recognized as water-efficient toilets, but the Highline toilets are above them regarding ranking. The 1.28 GPF is good enough for an efficient flush. However, the Highline toilet has the lowest flow of 1.0 GPF. Sadly, no Cimarron model is dual flush.

  • Elongated bowl

Elongated bowls ensure comfort and convenience because of more sitting space than other designs. Therefore, it’s convenient for the elderly and even for those with restrained movements.

The bowl height of this toilet gives way to uncomplicated sitting and getting off. The only disadvantage is taking more space compared to the spherical or round bowl.

  • Durability

Kohler Cimarron toilets are all made of vitreous china, a material that is known as durable and sturdy. It’s also easy to clean because it has non-stick properties. Waste particles will not likely cling to it. You can continue using these toilets without being bothered by repairs in the long run.

  • Aquapiston flushing system featuring patented flush engine

Toilet power is contained in the flushing system. The powerful Aquapiston flushing system draws the water into the bowl at various angles. You’ll be amazed at how the waste is disposed of right away and thoroughly cleaning the surface. It’s the factor that contributes to the cleanliness of this toilet.

  • Color choices

You have more to choose from Kohler Cimarron toilets as they can be in seven colors such as black, biscuit, and almond. It’s more than the four colors available for Kohler Highline models.

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Comparing the Features: Kohler Cimarron vs Highline

  • Design

You’ll find the sleeker bowl design on the Kohler Highline Classic K 3493 0 than Kohler K 3609 0 Cimarron. The former has measurements of 38.2” x 25” x 23.7” while it’s 28.8 x 17.6 x 30.8 for the latter.

  • Flushing technology

Note that the Highline’s flushing system works through water pressure while Cimarron’s is through gravity. The ability of the gravity flushing system doesn’t only efficiently clean the surface but does it quietly too.

Expect some noise from the pressure-assisted flushing system. Though it may bother you sometimes, it unceasingly works as a powerful flush system that doesn’t give in to clogging.

  • Water conservation

As mentioned, Highline is the choice of those who are looking for an affordable toilet. It’s favorable to them as it doesn’t consume a lot of water, which means saving on water bills. The least that it can use in every flush is one gallon. A Cimarron toilet at the lowest price requires 1.28 gallons for each flush.

If you yearn to have a powerful flushing system that operates for water conservation, there’s a Highline toilet model with a dual flush. Putting it in regular use, you can have an economical, powerful flush that can completely remove waste without following it up with another flush.

  • Hygiene

Cimarron is what you need when you intend to maintain a simple and clean bathroom. Due to its skirted design, cleaning won’t give you much trouble. Moreover, you may get a one-piece toilet to avoid dealing with nooks, crannies, and crevices that catch dirt and bacteria.

Which Is for You, Highline or Kohler?

You can’t just decide the most suitable toilet in just a snap of your fingers, especially if it’s with these Kohler toilets. They are outstanding toilets with awesome features and functions, making it difficult for you to decide.

An average homeowner will be happy with Highline because it’s economical and with a dual flush mechanism. If you don’t enjoy cleaning the toilet, opt for Cimarron, as it has a one-piece model that won’t bother you with maintenance.

Well, that’s all. We hope that this article about Kohler Highline vs Cimarron will help you out. Before you go, you can learn more about this comparison between Kohler and Glacier Bay Toilet here.

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