Lowes Vs Home Depot Toilet Installation: A Detailed Comparison

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lowes vs home depot toilet installation

Choosing a toilet starts with knowing the features that you need and prefer. After checking the product description, the next step is to weigh between their installation options. If you are eyeing toilets from Lowes and Home Depot, here is an article on Lowes vs Home Depot toilet installation.

Lower toilet installation can be done for you by licensed and professional installers. You can avail of their service for upgrading or remodeling as well. On the other hand, with the Home Depot toilet installation, you can install it by yourself with the right tools and procedures.

If you’re not confident enough, though, you have the option to hire professionals who represent the said company. You may avail of their service even for minor toilet issues. To know more about the installation of these two toilet brands, read on!

Lowes Toilet Installation


Lowes works with professionals to carry out toilet installations and bathroom upgrades. You can check certifications and license numbers for assurance of good quality and service per state. But know that they don’t install toilets that are not from them. There are two kinds of services from Lowes toilet installation:

  • Toilet Replacement

Lowes promises a fast and efficient job in replacing your toilet. Services are offered to resolve various problems, such as toilets with overflowing water or flushing issues. They can also help when you realize that the toilet you have is not suitable for your bathroom.

The most attractive part of Lowes toilet installation is the one-year labor warranty for toilet replacement. Thus, you know there’s an assurance for a satisfactory job!

Conversion to a dual flush system is possible. You may also choose the amount of water you consume in every flush. Those who have towering heights or mobility issues can benefit from the chair height of Lowes toilets.

If there are necessary repairs under the toilet, Lowes installation service can take care of the toilet flange. I have let them work on it in two of my bathrooms. Since then, I don’t have to deal with wobbling and leakage issues.

  • Bathroom Upgrade

There is a wide range of services under this but it also includes new toilet installation. All the details and fixtures of your bathroom can be done. Therefore, every part can be incorporated to form your desired bathroom. I’ve learned about it from Lowe’s toilet installation reviews and reading Lowe’s Complete Bathroom.

  • The Amount to Pay for Lowes Toilet Installation

Lowes delivers daily without a fee as long as your order is worth $396 or more. How about Lowes toilet installation cost? Unfortunately, the basic toilet installation is not free; you need to pay $180. Other toilet installation services can start at $225 and up to $530.

The good news is that Lowes offers a warranty for all kinds of services. Continue reading so you’ll have ideas about the home depot toilet installation cost too.

Home Depot Toilet Installation

Home Depot connects with professional plumbers and electricians in your area through subcontracts. You can include this service when you buy a product from the company online. Also, you can make an appointment with the installer by getting in touch with an associate or by approaching a Home Depot service desk.

As a favor to buyers, there’s a 20% discount on the installation fee when you buy basic bath fixtures like a toilet. As shown in this video, Home Depot toilet installation can take in other toilets like Kohler.

A plumber or installer can start working on your toilet after three to seven days following your request. The number of waiting days depends on the location. Based on my experience, I let the plumber check my toilet first and ask him for advice. You may also ask him/her to install accessories or other fixtures in your bathroom.

  • Cost of Home Depot Toilet Installation

Since contractors install a home depot toilet for you, you can’t help but be worried about the cost to install toilet home depot. They mention about $269 installation cost on their website. However, the truth is that there are variations based on the toilet size and number of additional services.

The home depot toilet installation price can come up to $370, excluding the toilet price. On the bright side, delivery is free.

Toilet Installation – Lowes Vs Home Depot


Here are some factors to consider when it comes to toilet installation.

  • The Installer

Lowes has exclusive plumbers working for them in different states while Home Depot toilet installation is done by contractors that are available in your area.

  • Services

These toilet brands can provide toilet installation in addition to repairing, and adding fixtures and accessories. With Lowes, you can book once for what needs to get done. But with Home Depot, you must discuss with the contractual plumber before issues can be identified.

  • Cost of Installation

The lowest amount that Lowes can charge is $180 for basic installation. It’s much lower than the $269 starting cost of Home Depot. However, you can get 20% off when you avail of the latter’s services.

The maximum cost of Lowes toilet installation is $530 while Home Depot is $370. It all depends on the services that you need apart from installation.

  • Warranty

Only Lowes provides a one-year labor warranty for toilet installation and other related services.

Wrapping It Up

The things to take note of when comparing Lowes vs Home Depot toilet installation are the installer, available services, cost of installation, and warranty. The cost can rise because of other necessary fixtures and repairs. You can inquire about the factors that were mentioned before deciding on what company to choose.

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