Lysol vs Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Which is the Best Cleaner?

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lysol vs clorox toilet bowl cleaner

Many are eager to know the score between Lysol vs Clorox toilet bowl cleaner as they’re both leading brands. You have to know the best features of this product to decide which one impresses you the most.

Lysol Power toilet bowl cleaner is a blue substance that clings to the surface of your toilet to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. It doesn’t only leave the bowl clean through the naked eye but also through microscopic vision.

Clorox toilet bowl cleaner is a light color substance that removes 99.9% of germs while deodorizing your toilet. It only takes a few minutes to make grime disappear. To know more details about these products, read on.

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Just by looking at its thick consistency, you’ll think that Lysol toilet bowl cleaner ingredients are effective. It’s an amazing cleaner that doesn’t require rigorous scrubbing even with yellow-colored toilets.

Leave it in the bowl for several minutes and scrub lightly. Voila! Your toilet looks brand new again. Some even say that you can scrub it right away after application, and it can remove stains.

Does Lysol toilet bowl cleaner have bleach? It has a hydrogen peroxide formula that doesn’t contain bleach. Surprisingly, the result is like a toilet cleaner with bleach. The formula creates thousands of microbubbles that disintegrate soap scum and grease.


  • Safe formula

Even without bleach, the efficiency of this bleach is excellent. You don’t have to be too cautious and you may not even use gloves, protective eyewear, and a mask to protect yourself from the substance.

I must say that this suits people who are allergic or sensitive to chemicals. Also, it won’t be harmful to kids and pets. This product is indeed environmentally friendly.

  • Disinfectant without bleach

Limescale, soap scum, and yellowish surface are wiped out by this cleaner. I usually let it stay for several minutes but some scrub it right away. The majority of users apply this as a disinfectant for their toilets. It can kill germs and viruses without a doubt. Apart from cleaning the surface, it leaves your toilet smelling clean. With the absence of bleach, you don’t have to deal with toxic odor when cleaning the toilet.

  • Angled bottle

Due to its angled bottle, it’s not difficult to apply on tight sections of the toilet. You can squirt it on the rim so the substance can cover the entire bowl.


  • Screw top

Some may find it difficult to twist open and close the screw top. Try it calmly so you can do it correctly.

Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner

With the bleach formula of this cleaner, it works to whiten, brighten, and deodorize your toilet bowl! It doesn’t only get rid of stains but disinfects the surface by killing 99.9% of germs. Many consumer reports talk about its squeaky clean effect. You may also find in Reddit comments that a lot of people are relieved from cleaning the toilet. The bleach makes tough stains disappear in no time.

A toilet that needs deep cleaning will be transformed by Clorox. You’ll be amazed as it can be done with one-time cleaning only. Let the formula sit for 10 minutes and scrub to get a sparkling toilet. Hence, many are not burdened with keeping the toilet clean.


  • Doesn’t discolor colored toilet

Clorox toilet bowl cleaner doesn’t only leave white surfaces sparkling clean but colored ones as well. You may be reluctant to apply it on colored toilets because of the bleach that it contains. But don’t worry; it doesn’t discolor surfaces. It’s safe and non-abrasive to use on toilets.

  • Disinfects and cleans well

It’s not unquestionable that this toilet cleaner can clean and disinfect without needing to clean twice or more. Give it some minutes to work on stains, and it will give you a clean toilet. It can assure you that no germs are clinging to your toilet.

This cleaner promotes thorough cleaning so you can use it regularly for your toilet or the ones that look like they haven’t been cleaned for ages. It has a deodorizing effect too.

  • Special nozzle

It has a special nozzle so you can spread the formula to every corner of the toilet.


  • Can cause irritation

When you use this toilet cleaner, it’s best to wear gloves as it can cause irritation or allergic reaction. After usage, wash your hands with water and soap. It has to be kept out of reach of pets and kids.

  • Light color is not easy to spot

Some prefer to see the cleaner on their toilet to determine whether they put enough substance or not.

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Which One is Better: Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner or Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Let’s go over things that you consider when choosing a toilet bowl cleaner.

1. Cleaning prowess

Since they’re popular brands, there’s no doubt that they can clean the toilet well. But some stains may be too tough for Lysol with a safe formulation. One application and scrubbing may not remove the stain. With the power of bleach in Clorox, this problem is gone with no delay. It’s all about the toilet’s situation and whether it needs regular cleaning or deep, thorough cleaning. All in all, they both clean the toilet well.

2. Safe formulation

Although Clorox is introduced as septic safe, it’s not convincing as it has bleach. While Lysol is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, it can’t directly damage your septic tank. It’s still a toilet cleaner and it’s advised to minimize using any toilet cleaners for the sake of the septic.

In regards to safe formulation, you may think about what suitable toilet bowl cleaner for rings. Even though Clorox is non-abrasive and doesn’t discolor surfaces, it may be too strong for toilet rings. Its bleach content can gradually damage rubber rings and if you use it frequently on a certain toilet, it can lead to leaks and needed repairs.

The scope of safe formulation also affects the users and other living things. You’ll be confident to use Lysol toilet bowl cleaner without gloves on since it’s non-toxic. Wearing gloves is required when handling Clorox toilet bowl cleaner as the bleach can irritate the skin. You have to be wary of storage and ensure that pets and children can’t reach it.

3. Cost

In per bottle cost, Lysol toilet cleaner is higher for a dollar or two. But it’s a small margin for its environmentally-friendly formula.


In Lysol vs Clorox toilet bowl cleaner, the winner depends on the toilet’s situation. If your toilets have deep stains and a heavy accumulation of mildew, you have to choose Clorox. However, you should settle with Lysol if you have sensitive skin. It’s up to you as you can wear gloves for protection. I must say that Lysol does well on toilets that are cleaned regularly.

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