Portable Toilet vs Restroom Trailer: Which One is Better?

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portable toilet vs restroom trailer

With the demands of some events, you have to rent restroom facilities. Hence, you have to look at the features of portable toilet vs restroom trailer.

You have to know the functionality and difference of these things before deciding on one.

You can use a porta potty or a portable toilet as a standalone unit that can be in various styles. It comes with a hand washing station.

On the other hand, a restroom trailer or luxury trailer consists of individual toilet stalls that have an entrance and exit.

Apart from these descriptions, there are other factors to consider. Learn them in this article.

Weighing Between Portable Toilet and Restroom Trailer


A portable toilet is a plastic structure that is flushable or it uses chemicals for waste disposal. You may find a plastic urinal next to it. The holding tank of this toilet is just below the seat.

But you don’t have to worry as there are chemicals to control odor. The tank needs to be emptied when full. If you think of it, it’s like a camping potty.

The aesthetics of a restroom trailer is much better than the portable toilet. Furthermore, it has amenities like flush toilets, individual stalls, sink running water, vanities, and climate control. It’s convenient to use as it contains features that you can find in public restrooms and bathrooms at home.

1. Portable Toilet

A portable toilet is made for basic comfort and you can rent it if aesthetics is not an issue for you. It’s usually placed in public parks, construction sites, and roadside stops. As you can notice, these areas are far from electrical lines and standard plumbing. This toilet is also present in events so people can respond to the call of nature.

  • PROS

The main pros of having a portable toilet are its small size for portability or space-saving features and budget. It’s the ideal choice if the event is held in an area with limited space. It’s even to line them up so it won’t take much space. It’s like an outdoor toilet for camping. However, it’s much better than a bucket toilet.

  • CONS

It seems that a portable toilet can be made as a replacement for a travel toilet. However, you should know that keeping it clean is more difficult.

Accidents can happen at any time despite how careful the guests or users are. The interior can get dirty because of toilet paper and stains. These things would expose users to germs, viruses, and bacteria if the toilet is not cleaned timely.

Maintaining the cleanliness of a portable toilet can be more difficult if there are no sink and hose so you can have a source of running water for cleaning up. The bad odor coming from the toilet can be a problem during the warm period.

Ventilation in a porta-potty is through the small openings on the door or the sides. During the warm period, cleaning should be done promptly. Note that electricity is not available so there’s no lighting or outlet inside it.

2. Restroom Trailer

A restroom trailer comes along with the setting of outdoor venues such as weddings, customer appreciation events, family reunions, and more. Guests will be at ease using this trailer as it’s convenient, comfortable, and nice. Aside from these wonderful features, it can serve a large number of people.

  • PROS

From small gatherings to big events, a restroom trailer can make everyone comfortable. With the availability of a sink with running water, heating, air conditioning, flushable toilets, and paper products, it’s like using the public restroom. You need it if you hold an event for a couple of days in a remote area.

This is ADA compliant so it suits people who have mobility restrictions. To support them, there are grip bars, exterior ramps, and open interior spaces. There are even lower vanities for individuals in a wheelchair. A porta potty trailer is just awesome!

  • CONS

When space and budget are not adequate for toilet rental, a restroom toilet is not for you. You have to expect that it costs more than the portable toilet. It won’t be possible to have it in an event held within a limited space.

Important Factors that Differentiate Portable Toilet and Restroom Trailer


When comparing a used restroom toilet to used portable toilet trailer, you may think about presentable appearance and good condition. You have to consider the following factors to choose.

1. Type of event

The type of event that you’re going to host will dictate what portable toilet you should rent. It’s more convenient to rent than to build a restroom trailer by yourself. For formal events like anniversaries and weddings, guests expect something a bit fancy so a restroom trailer should be chosen.

A portable toilet is appropriate for a day out with friends, colleagues, or family. It’s fine to use a porta-potty when everyone is just having fun outdoors.

2. The attendees

The number of attendees also matters in your decision-making. To accommodate everyone, you have to think if you have enough space for the trailers or if lining up a couple of portable toilets will work better. You may also think about getting a portable potty for adults if some elderly are going to be at the event.

3. The duration of the event

A portable toilet is just right for short events. You just want to make sure that your guests can do their business in it. This situation doesn’t require accommodating a lot of people. But make sure you don’t forget about the quality of the toilet that you’re going to rent.

Mobile toilet trailers or restroom trailers are ideal for events that go for a long period. They can also serve more people than the porta-potty.

4. Interior space

Guests in formal events like weddings usually dress up. It will be convenient for some of them to have a place to change before or after the event. Thus, an ample amount of interior space can be provided by a restroom trailer.

5. Budget

Portable toilets are more cost-effective than restroom trailers. It happens as the latter delivers a luxurious experience. This factor depends on your budget and willingness to spend.

6. The Cost

The cost of the monthly rental of a portable toilet ranges from $75 to $100 with a service once a week. In the case of a restroom trailer, it’s $700 to 1,800 per weekend.

Summing it Up

When deciding on a portable toilet vs restroom trailer, you have to consider the space of the event and your budget first. Then, other factors like the type and duration of event and attendees should be considered too.

You have to make sure that you choose the one that can accommodate everyone. It’s a way of making them feel comfortable as they have a good time at the event.

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