How to Replace Parts in Toilet Tank? – A Detailed Guide

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how to replace parts in toilet tank

Let us guess; you encountered a problem with your toilet and you somehow ended up searching for how to replace parts in toilet tank.

The internal parts of a toilet tank that we need to replace are usually the fill valve, flush valve, and trip lever.

Time Difficulty Cost
About an hour or less Beginner to moderate $25 or less

This article will be about helping you piece together and install these components with complete instructions, so you won’t break a sweat.

A Guide to Changing Toilet Tank Parts


The components of a toilet tank play a huge role in making the toilet itself work properly. If you hear gurgling noises from it out of nowhere, the water is overflowing in the bowl, or there is not enough water in the tank, then you might need a toilet tank repair kit.

What to prepare:

  • a toilet tank repair kit
  • towel or sponge
  • bucket
  • Screwdriver
  • ratchet or basin wrench
  • pliers
  • pipe wrench

Before we start, don’t panic; we included a toilet parts diagram you can refer to every time you get confused with the components.

1. Draining and Turning-off Water Source

Step 1: Turn off the toilet water shut-off valve. It is important that there is no source of water while installing the new pieces of a toilet tank.


Step 2: Flush the toilet to help drain the tank. In the following steps, be careful since you might get yourself wet.

Step 3: Use a pipe wrench to help you remove the nut connecting the water supply line (hose) to the toilet. Also, remove the nut from the water valve.


Step 4: You may use the bucket to catch the water falling once you remove the hose. As for the latter, place it at a distance.

Step 5: Open the lid of the toilet tank and use a towel or sponge in the wet areas to absorb the remaining water.

2. Removing the Old Parts of a Toilet Tank

Step 1: Once we have finished disconnecting the toilet from the water source and draining the tank, we start to replace the insides of the toilet by uninstalling the fill valve first.


Step 2: We also need to remove the flapper valve which lets the water into the bowl when we flush. This is a seal-like material at the bottom of the overflow tube.

In removing the flapper, you have to unchain the chain attached to the trip lever. The trip lever is attached to the handle outside the tank which triggers the toilet flushing mechanism.

Step 3: Next is the removal of the old flush valve. In this stage, you will have to disconnect the tank from the bowl by removing the mounting bolts underneath using a ratchet or basin wrench.

Keep in mind that replacing the toilet flush valve without removing the tank is possible in some component brands like the “no tank removal kits” of Fluidmaster.

Step 4: Carefully lift the tank out of the bowl and place it near you to install the toilet repair kit that you bought.

3. Preparing the Toilet Tank Repair Kit

When you purchase a repair kit for your toilet inside replacement, make sure that they fit. Although usually, these kits are of general sizes to fit different toilets.


Step 1: Ensure that the kit has all the parts you need such as the fill valve, overflow tube, flush valve, flapper valve, and trip lever. There should also be nuts and bolts included.

Step 2: Next, assemble the parts according to the instructions that are included in the kit that you purchased.

4. Installing the Toilet Tank Repair Kit

1. New Flush Valve


We have to install the toilet flush valve replacement’s tailpiece to the bottom. Install the new rubber seal and gasket as well from underneath the tank.

Screw the bolts into the tank before attaching the tank back to the bowl.

Then, install the new flapper to the flush valve by clipping it to the sides. Also, attach the chain that comes with it to the toilet lever or the handle (we can install this component last).

2. New Fill Valve


Adjust the height of the new fill valve since part of the tube will be inserted at the bottom of the tank.

The height of the fill valve should be slightly higher than the overflow tube, but should still allow the tank to be covered with the lid.

Then, attach the new fill valve assembly inside the toilet tank. Secure the tube under the tank by placing the necessary nut piece.

Finally, place the refill tube or hose on top of the overflow tube.

3. New Trip Lever


Simply insert the new trip lever into the hole found in front of the tank. Then, secure the trip lever from inside of the tank by putting the nut piece.

4. After the Repair Kit Installation

After you install the repair kit, you may reinstall the water supply hose that we removed earlier by attaching the necessary nuts and bolts to the toilet and water valve.

Make sure to turn on the water shut-off valve again and cover the tank with the lid so you can test the toilet out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What Are the Parts Inside a Toilet Tank Called?

The parts that can be found inside the toilet tank are the:

  • trip lever that extends outside of the tank in the form of a handle;
  • fill valve which brings water to the tank;
  • float cup or ball attached to the fill valve that controls the water level in the tank;
  • flush valve which is responsible for the toilet’s flushing mechanism;
  • overflow tube that brings water into the bowl and;
  • refill tube or hose connected from the fill valve to the overflow tube.

Are Toilet Tank Parts Universal?

While toilet tank parts may sometimes be interchangeable, they are not universal. The components will vary depending on the toilet type, brand, and model.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Parts in a Toilet Tank?

The cost of replacing a toilet tank’s parts will vary depending on the specific components that you are planning to replace and the brand that you will choose.

For example, a fill valve can be priced at $10 but an entire toilet tank repair kit can be $15 and up. If you are going to hire a professional plumber to do the job, then the labor will add to the cost of replacement.


In how to replace parts in toilet tank, we guarantee that it is an easy and inexpensive task that a beginner can do. All we have to do is purchase a toilet tank repair kit that matches our toilet.

In replacing the components, we must ensure that the water shut-off valve is off and that the tank is completely drained as well. This will make it easier to remove the old parts and install the new ones from the kit.

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