What is the Highest Toilet Height? (6 Examples Included)

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what is the highest toilet height

Did you know that our toilets might be taller than yours?

Yes, they come in different measurements to cater to different people with varying needs. And by now, you are probably wondering what is the highest toilet height.

The highest toilet available, when measured from the floor up to the bowl’s rim, is 21 inches tall—this is also part of the comfort height toilet category. With wall-mounted toilets, the height can extend up to 28 inches.

Detailed Guide About the Highest Toilets

In this section, we will talk about toilet measurements—particularly the tallest toilets for the elderly and other people with limited mobility such as those with disabilities.

1. Kohler

1. Highline Tall


Kohler has a product line called the “Highline® Tall” in K-25224 and K-3999. It offers toilets that are 19 inches high, not including the seat.

  • Highline’s comfort-height toilets are two-piece and have an elongated bowl which makes them comfortable to use since elongated-shaped bowls offer a wide space to sit.
  • Kohler made this model environmentally friendly by providing 1.28 gallons per flush (or “gpf”), compared to other toilets that use more water. However, this doesn’t lessen the strength of the flushing since it also uses single-flush gravity.
  • The following are the available colors for Highline toilets: white, biscuit, black.

2. Kohler Veil


Another collection of Kohler is the “Veil” which offers other plumbing products, but we will specifically feature a Veil wall-hung toilet. The latter can have a tall toilet height of 28 inches.

  • It is an intelligent and one piece-toilet that has an elongated bowl. A set will include the bowl and a Reveal® Quiet-Close™ toilet seat.
  • It has a dual-flushing feature to ensure that the flow of water is strong and will remove all waste residue.
  • The color choices include white, biscuit, dune, and black.

2. Signature Hardware

Established in 1999 and based in Kentucky, this brand has some of the most inclusive products including 21-inch tall toilets for the handicapped.



The Bradenton 945956 has a 21-inch toilet bowl height and is classified and complies with the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

We also consider this as the highest toilet bowl since if we include the seat; it will be a 22-inch toilet in measurement.

  • The shape of the bowl is elongated or round, and the toilet is two-piece. It also has a chrome flush handle on the left side of the tank.
  • It has an eco-clean flush at 1.28 gpf.
  • This model comes in white.

3. Convenient Height Company


Situated in Massachusetts, Convenient Height has been dedicated to producing original tall toilets since 2016. They have senior-height toilets of 20.5 inches (21.5 including the toilet seat).

  • Since their main market is extra tall toilets, we’re going to discuss the characteristics of what they commonly offer.
  • The Convenient Height Extra-Tall 20-21 Inch Bowl offers elongated-shaped and two-piece toilets designed for comfort.
  • It has its new generation dual flush system meant to be ergonomic with 1.28 gfp for solids and 0.9 gfp for liquids.
  • This tall toilet comes in pearl white.

4. American Standard Brands

Formed in 2008 from the merging of older companies, American Standard also creates taller toilets for seniors aside from manufacturing quality standard ones.



Their right-height toilets come in 17 to 19 inches with the seat included; not as tall as the previous brands but still provide relief to people who have difficulty sitting on and standing from standard toilets.

  • The shapes can come in round, oblong, or elongated; they offer both one and two-piece toilets and take pride in their EverClean surface that prevents odor and bacteria.
  • Cadet 2467016 has a pressure-assisted flushing system with a gpf of 1.6, while Cadet 3 FloWise 2988101 has 1.28.
  • They only come in white.

5. WoodBridge


WoodBridge is based in California and has been serving reasonably-priced toilets since 2005. They are one of the brands that offer toilets at a comfort height of 17 inches from floor to seat.

Although they aren’t as popular as the previously mentioned brands and they don’t have a particular toilet line collection of tall toilets, they do have ADA-compliant models like WoodBridge T-0001 and WoodBridge T-0019.

  • The style of WoodBridge is modern-looking with an elongated shape. These toilets are one piece.
  • They have a dual flush of 1.6 gpf and it comes in the form of a button on the top of the tank.
  • The T-0001 only comes in white but the T-00019 comes in white and cotton.

6. TOTO Ltd


TOTO is a renowned Japanese company founded in 1917 and has established production facilities of sanitary ware in different countries.

Unlike other brands like Kohler, Signature Hardware, and Convenient Height, TOTO’s tall toilets begin from 16 inches without a seat. With a seat, the height ranges from 17 to 19 inches.

Drake and Eco Drake

Not all Drake toilets of TOTO are ADA-compliant, but there are two models which are Drake CST744SL and Eco Drake CST744EL that pass the standards.

  • These toilets are two-piece and elongated with a chrome trip lever.
  • Drake CST744SL has 1.6 gpf and Eco Drake CST744EL has 1.28. Both of them have G-Max flushing. There are variations of color including cotton, bone, colonial white, Sedona beige, and Ebony.


Signature Hardware’s Bradenton has the tallest toilet seat height since it is 22 inches with the seat already included. The next is Convenient Height toilets followed by Kohler.

American Standard, WoodBridge, and TOTO all have the same height range of tall toilets. All these are of good height to be used as extra tall toilets for the elderly.

Toilet Brand Height (with seat included)
Signature Hardware 22 inches
Convenient Height Company 21.5 inches


19 inches
28 inches for wall-mounted toilets
American Standard Brands 17 – 19 inches
WoodBridge 17 – 19 inches
TOTO Ltd. 17 – 19 inches

How to Measure the Toilet Height


When we say “toilet bowl’s height,” the measurement is from the floor up to the bowl’s rim.

However, some brands add the toilet seat height—the one we can remove and replace— and even interchange the terms, so we know it can be quite confusing.

Nevertheless, always check if the toilet is ADA-compliant. Aside from measuring, the brands themselves indicate that their specific models comply with the ADA standards in toilet height.

Who Are Extra-Tall Toilets Meant for?

Extra-tall toilets are meant for tall people, senior citizens, or those who are handicapped. They are also known as senior height toilets.

A tall toilet will lessen the need to squat and bend not only your knees but also your back. That is why an ADA-approved toilet will relieve your bathroom responsibilities if you have problems with mobility.

What is ADA?

ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. This law forbids any form of discrimination against anyone who has disabilities.

Discrimination can stem from not having suitable tools, such as a comfortable toilet. However, this act covers more than the toilet bowl heights.


Toilets have different heights depending on the users since all of us have varying needs that either stem from age, physical condition, or disability.

To answer the question of what is the highest toilet height, the measurement is 21 from the bowl to the rim; 22 inches if we include the toilet seat. There are also wall-mounted toilets that can have 28 inches of height, particularly from the Kohler brand.

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