Where to Put Toilet Paper Holders in a Small Bathroom?

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where to put toilet paper-holder in small bathroom

In a small bathroom, you have to arrange things well to make the most out of the limited space. Do your concerns include where to put toilet paper holders in a small bathroom? There are numerous options, like the available toilet paper holders for small bathrooms in the market.

You can place the toilet paper holder on top of the tank since you have a small bathroom. Also, you can go for mounting and freestanding options. Despite the limited space, you can even choose one that suits your bathroom décor. Learn all the options here.

Where is the Best Place to Put a Toilet Paper Holder for a Small Bathroom?


The toilet paper holder location varies in different bathrooms depending on the installation, preferred décor, and arrangement.

1. Mounting options

This is the most popular placement of toilet paper holders. It’s done by screwing them on the wall, one side of the bathroom cabinet, or the bathtub. There are many possibilities as the set-up depends on you.

It’s confusing at some point but you can base it on the requirements set by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association).

ADA – You have to hang a toilet paper holder on the closest side wall. It should be 19 inches away from the floor and the gap from the rear wall should be a maximum of 36 inches.

NKBA – The holder should be installed 26 inches from the floor, and it should have a distance of 8 to 12 inches from the toilet’s front side. The said distance is just right for users when reaching out for toilet paper.

Moreover, here are tips to consider when you go with the mounting option.

  • You can’t go wrong when you place a toilet paper holder in a small bathroom across the toilet. Since the toilet paper is in front of you, it’s safe to reach out for it without getting hurt.

Within a safe distance, you won’t get cramps and hit your elbows on something when tearing some sheets. Ideally, you have to get the one-arm toilet paper holder as it doesn’t need a lot of space when mounted. It can serve you in the long run and is low maintenance.

There are toilet paper organizers that you can mount on the side of your tank. But it only works for specific tank shapes. The curved types can’t hold these organizers.

Before installing this holder or organizer, you have to lift the lid of the water tank and then put it back on. This ensures that the lid’s weight keeps the holder secured in its position. Though it can only hold two rolls, it helps you save some space.

  • If your sink cabinet is beside your toilet, it’s the ideal place to put your toilet paper holder. Depending on your arrangement, the tissue paper will be too close to the toilet so there won’t be a strain in reaching for it.
  • It may not be convenient for some to put a cabinet in a cramped bathroom. A self-adhesive will let you mount the holder on the bathtub or other solid surface. You can always find a solution for tight spaces by mounting the toilet paper holder on the wall behind the toilet.

You can choose toilet paper holders that you can mount from FORIOUS, KES, Designers Impressions, and Moen.

2. Freestanding options

A freestanding option can hold more than one roll of tissue paper. I like the designs of SimpleHouseware and SunnyPoint. Putting more rolls in your small bathroom that won’t take up much space. It’s recommended to place it in a corner by the bathtub.

Other areas to put the freestanding toilet paper holder are between the toilet and tub or toilet and sink. But these options are not for everyone as the floor space might be limited. You can opt for a decorative basket that won’t only hold the toilet paper but also compliment your bathroom décor.

You can have a basket on a rolling rod so you can just hang it. The rod can serve as a toilet roll holder while the extra rolls are kept inside the basket. It shouldn’t be placed near the floor as it can get wet easily. You may put this over your tank or the sink. However, some baskets have hooks so you can hang them on the wall.

There are many freestanding options in the market. I’ve found a round glass vase that has a diameter large enough to hold the rolls. It also secures the rolls so they won’t get wet. The glass body is also great for enhancing the bathroom’s appearance.

In saving space, use a toilet paper stocker. It’s a freestanding option that can accommodate a dozen rolls at once. I like it as it’s compact.

Besides, you also can refer more to the length of a toilet paper roll.

Other Ideas

1. The back of the door

Since you have a small bathroom, you have to use every space that you have, including the back of the door. You can leave any part of the floor space as it is. The door is also a safe zone from water splashes that can soak up the toilet paper. You can hang an AUHOKY storage bag behind your door.

2. Cart storage


This idea is to put the items used in the bathroom in the same cart. You can arrange toilet paper, soap, shampoo, skin care products, and toothpaste in one area. It’s not only about saving space but also about grouping these toiletries neatly and orderly. AOJIA slim storage cart, SOLEJAZZ rolling storage cart, and danpinera utility cart will fit a small bathroom.

Ideally, the cart should be placed in the corner. You’ll head in the same direction whenever you need something when you’re inside the bathroom. Putting everything together can also be done on the vanity as a part of the sink.

The use of this cart storage can also be served by a magazine holder. If it’s too big for toilet rolls, you can stock other toiletries so they’re all organized in one place. Let it stay in one corner and it won’t take up much space. If you have a magazine holder that you no longer use, there’s no need to buy a toilet holder at all!

3. Doorless wooden cabinet

As mentioned, not everyone can squeeze in a full-bodied cabinet with dimensions that take up a lot of space. Hence, a doorless wooden cabinet is the most practical item for saving space!

This cabinet has two vertical wooden supports with a base and top surface where you can put a small potted plant. It has a roll holder on the uppermost part so you can stock the rolls reserved for future use.

4. On the tank


If you don’t have floor space to spare, you can turn to your tank. But this is convenient for toilets with a lever or handle on the side of the tank. As you can imagine, it may annoy you to pick up the toilet paper every time you need to push the button on the top of the tank when flushing.

5. Floating shelves

Floating shelves are efficient as other options when it comes to holding rolls of toilet paper. They prevent you from using the floor space. A floating shelf doesn’t need to cover the wall when installed. You can place a few rolls on a small one similar to what AMADA, SODUKU, Danpoo, and AHDECOR made.

6. Hanging storage


Since this part is about making the most out of the walls of your bathroom, you can have hanging holders aside from floating shelves. These holders should be hung on two points on the wall. It’s a technique not to allow the weight to be solely on the holder. Regarding this matter, it’s wise to not put potted plants or other things.

A hanging storage box is also great for saving space and holding toilet paper. A roll can fit into every section of this storage and you can even keep other toiletries in it.

You can make a toilet paper holder for small spaces out of colorful braided leather too. Insert the roll into its length. Then, add hooks on both ends of the braided leather. These hooks should be on two points on the wall.

Only one roll is recommended for braided leather. Nonetheless, you’ll like its different colors as you can choose the shade that suits your bathroom.



What side of the toilet should the toilet paper holder be on?

Generally, there’s no rule you have to observe. You can place it on the left if the users are left-handed and on the right for right-handed individuals.

Since the main focus of this article is a small bathroom, the toilet paper holder, due to practical reasons, is usually placed in an area with enough space.

See to it that there’s space for the user to move his or her body, arms, and hands when reaching for the toilet paper. When setting up the holder, make sure that everyone in the family can access it easily. Don’t disregard the limitations of the movements of the elderly and children.

Where can I put a toilet paper holder in a small bathroom with no side walls?

A small bathroom with no side walls is typically found in old houses as modern homes have privacy walls around their toilets. Since there are numerous toilet paper holders, the options seem endless.

You can go with the basics by mounting the toilet paper holder on the wall behind the tank. When your toilet is beside the bathtub, the holder should be placed on the opposite side so the toilet paper won’t get soaked with water.

If your toilet has a flush handle and not buttons, you can put the holder on top of the tank. You have to place the hook of the holder on one side of the tank lid. This type of holder holds two rolls at a time. It may be inconvenient to reach out for it as it’s at your back. However, it can save you some space.

Cabinets and stand-alone holders are great options too. They hold not only toilet paper but also other toiletries. If you’re worried about space, place it in the corner. You’ll find it convenient to put everything in one place.

How far should the toilet paper holder be from the toilet?

The toilet paper holder shouldn’t be more than 15 inches away from the front side of the seat whether it’s on the left or right side of the toilet.

How high should the toilet paper holder be?

The mounting height of the holder should be 8 inches above the bowl or 24 to 26 inches away from the floor.

Last Words

There’s a long list of where to put toilet paper holders in a small bathroom. But they all help you save some space so your bathroom won’t look crowded. Some of them can even be a decoration. Don’t only focus on making your bathroom spacious. You also have to consider if the users can access the holder without trouble.

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