Toto vs American Standard Toilets: Which Toilet is Better?

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toto vs american standard toilets

Because of their advanced features, contemporary designs, and exceptional flushing technologies, many are interested in Toto vs American Standard toilets. They are prestigious toilet brands that woo and impress buyers.

These companies use vitreous china in making toilets. Of course, there are still differences. Toto toilets are known for their comfortable seats and one-of-a-kind flushing technologies. On the other hand, American Standard offers affordable toilets that are impressively excellent in terms of quality and functionality.

It all depends on your preference. To make the right decision, you must know more about these toilet brands. So, it’s worthwhile reading this comprehensive review of Toto toilet vs American Standard toilet; don’t just browse partial comments on Reddit.

Essential Features of a Toilet


Material for durability

The reason why you have to check the toilet’s material is to discover if you can depend on it in the long run. Both brands use the durable material called vitreous china. However, American Standard includes porcelain, enamel, and ceramic.

Regarding maintenance and durability, Toto toilets have the edge as they have the SanaGloss coating that makes cleaning a breeze. This coating blocks the growth of bacteria, microbes, and mold, which, in turn, minimizes the chances of clogs and backups.

American Standard features EverClean for odor and stain prevention. It is easier to obtain spare parts and a lengthier warranty (5-10 years) is offered.

Colors and design

American Standard is quite conservative in putting colors on their toilets. They only have three options: bone, linen, and white. Toto toilets have a bit more variety: bone, colonial white, cotton, ebony, matte silver, Sedona beige, and white.

When comparing the design of American Standard vs Toto, the latter is more innovative. There is a strong emphasis on beautifully made parts and advanced features.

But you can’t deny the simple yet elegant looks of American Standard toilets. They’re water efficient too. You also avail of high-end Toto toilets that have heated seats, self-cleaning, and warm-air drying.

Both brands produce two-piece and one-piece toilets. The designs also come with comfort height that follows ADA guidelines for the comfort of every user.


The reason behind the excellence of Toto toilets is the G-Max flush and tornado flush systems, which are both energy efficient. The powerful siphon jets help you maintain the cleanliness of the bowl.

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see rim holes on a Toto brand toilet. You can rely on its nozzles. They promote cleanliness. Some of the models use gravity so water consumption is minimized.

Based on its flushing power, tank refilling, and draining speed, you are guaranteed long-term service from an American Standard toilet.

Powerful flushes are delivered by American Standard toilets thanks to the tank float, fill valve, and refill tube. A single flush only requires 1.28 gallons. They’re energy-efficient and powerful so you can ditch the idea of needing multiple flushes.

You’ll love the Power Flush rims and EverClean surface as they keep the bowl clean after every flush. The durability of American Standard toilets is unprecedented. They can last for 15 years or more without damage. Therefore, you can take advantage of their sleek and modern design for a decent period.


It’s much easier to install a Toto toilet than one from American Standard. What makes the process effortless for homeowners is the great connection. Even an inexperienced person can complete the installation. It will be a piece of cake for individuals who are into DIY projects.

There’s an exemption on this matter as mounting wall-hung toilets can be tricky. You can give it a try as clear instructions are provided. Anyway, Toto toilets are known for their lightweight features. So, you won’t be burdened during installation. The easiest to deal with are its one-piece toilets.

There are clear and easy-to-understand instructions for the installation of American Standard toilets but they’re heavy. You can accomplish simple connections by yourself. However, adding the trap may require you to hire a professional to do it for you.


These toilet brands meet the industry standards for being environmentally friendly and water saving. Toto has certification from ADA, EPA WaterSense, Universal Height, CalGreen, Declare, Beyond Green, and California Proposition 65. American Standard is approved by ADA, CEC, CalGreen, and EPA WaterSense.


Toto toilets are pricey, whereas American Standard allows you to save some money. You’ll be able to save $70 to $100. For instance, there’s around $70 difference between Toto Drake 2 and American Standard H2Option.

The high price of Toto is worthy due to its wonderful features and advantages. If you have the money, why not go for it? The affordable American Standard toilets can also live up to your expectations if you’re on a budget.


Warranty is only offered for quality products. It’s an assurance that the company gives the buyer if there are ever damages that need to be fixed. Toto usually offers a 0ne-year limited warranty while American Standard’s warranty is 5 to 10 years.

Special Features: Toto vs American Standard


  • SoftClose seats

Soft-close lid and seat are added on Toto toilets to hinder the chances of slamming. Thus, there will be no unwanted noise when using the toilet.

  • Tornado flushing system with double cyclone

It’s astonishing to see the 360-degree centrifugal whirling motion that takes place when flushing a Toto toilet. The water comes out from every side of the bowl for rinsing and cleansing. It’s not only innovative but also powerful!

  • Cefitontech and Sanagloss

The surface of a Toto toilet is made of these materials. They are selected to maintain cleanliness and stop the growth of molds and microbes.

  • Universal height for comfort

It was certified by the ADA because of its universal height which is at least 16.5 inches or more. This is important for the comfort of every user.

American Standard

  • Slow close seat

It’s similar to Toto’s SoftClose feature. The seat gently moves as it unites with the bowl and no unnecessary noise is created.

  • EverClean surface

The toilet surface is covered by a tough glaze to prevent germs and microbes from dwelling on the bowl.

  • The flushing system of Champion 4

Clogs and backups can’t persist in the flushing system of Champion 4 thanks to its 4-inch flush valve and 2 3/8 inches siphoned glazed trapway! You won’t be compelled to use the plunge as you save water in every flush.

Top Pick Toilets from Toto and American Standard


Toto Ultramax ii and American Standard Cadet 3

Toto Ultramax ii vs American Standard Cadet 3 Flowise are recognized as the best water saver toilets. They both have 1.28 GPF. Ultramax ii operates with a Tornado flushing system while it’s a direct flushing system with pressurized rims for Cadet 3.

They have the same level of comfort because they share common features, such as elongated bowls and comfort height. Cadet 3 is around $600 while Ultramax ii is more than $700.

Some may not be pleased by the tiny design of Toto Ultramax ii but those with limited space will be happy about it. It has only a one-year warranty but the Cadet 3 offers one for five years.

However, urine tends to seep through the holes in connection with mounting the seat. This is a matter of cleanliness. If this is your main concern when getting a toilet, you have to look at American Standard Vormax vs Toto Ultramax ii.

Vormax is designed to maintain cleanliness. When flushing this toilet, you get rid of the waste and maintain the bowl’s pristine condition. Moreover, it eliminates foul odor so your bathroom atmosphere is free of foul odor.

In the battle of cleanliness, Ultramax ii is the top pick from Toto toilets. Therefore, it’s safe to say that it’s worth every penny. Apart from its one-piece design, the double cyclone flushing system cleans the rim and sends the waste to the sewer. Its glazed surface has a big role in maintaining cleanliness too.

Besides, you also can refer more to the comparison between Toto drake ii and ultramax ii.

Takeaway: Toto vs American Standard

In Toto vs American Standard toilets, the former excels in advanced features while the latter gives assurance of quality product by offering five to ten years of warranty. If you’re willing to spend a lot for fresh innovation, there’s no harm in getting a Toto toilet. Nonetheless, American Standard can prove to you that an efficient toilet doesn’t need to cost a lot.

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