Washlet vs Bidet – The Most Detailed Comparison

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washlet vs bidet

Whether you’re furnishing a bathroom or having some renovation, washlet vs bidet is something you have to think about. Comparison leads to knowing their similarities and differences as well as their pros and cons.

Toto toilets washlets are designed by a Japanese company. They’re added to Toto’s collection of warm water sprays. A washlet fits every toilet and sitting on it feels like you’re on a regular toilet.

A bidet is a standalone fixture that is similar to a toilet. It has a retractable or handheld sprayer for washing and cleaning. The short definitions for these items may not be enough to make a decision. So, read the whole article to gather more knowledge.

About Washlet


What is a washlet toilet? Toto, the Japanese toilet company created this product that releases water upwards to clean your behind. It’s like a toilet seat that’s attached to your regular toilet. You can pee, take a dump, and clean yourself without changing positions. Everyone can use this. Washlets are suitable for small bathrooms and powder rooms.

What’s behind the washlet’s increasing popularity? It’s because the elderly and people with disabilities benefit from it. The set-up of the toilet and washlet gives them independence in doing their business and their mobility is no longer limited. It lessens the work of caregivers for a cleaner and safer outcome, too.

When installing a washlet, a chair height or comfort height is the preference of many. A tall height suits the elderly and people with disabilities. It’s fine to attach a washlet to a two-piece toilet. But some opt for one-piece since cleaning is easier.


  • Easy installation
  • A space saver
  • More affordable
  • Additional features
  • Saving money on toilet paper for the betterment of the environment
  • Prevents hemorrhoids and yeast infections

Installation of a washlet

  • Replace the toilet seat with a washlet that perfectly fits with your toilet.
  • By using a single hose, you can link it to the water supply of your house. There’s usually a T-connector that makes the connection to a water supply effortless. However, you have to see to it that it’s adjacent to the power outlet for efficiency.
  • You won’t worry about space when installing a washlet. Just be attentive to its compatibility with your existing toilet.

The cost of a washlet and additional features

A washlet is more affordable than a bidet as you can get the simplest model at a hundred dollars. You’ll also find ones that are sold at a thousand dollars but with more features, such as deodorizer, heated seat, auto flush, light, self-cleaning system, warm air dryer, automatic technology, and customizable settings.

Furthermore, washlets usually fit every toilet since you don’t need to use toilet paper, which causes yeast infection and hemorrhoids.


  • Unreliable water pressure
  • Doesn’t clean the bowl
  • Tendency to leak

The water pressure from a washlet can be unreliable because it’s from your house’s water supply. When the water runs low, it will not only affect your shower but also the washlet. A washlet only replaces a toilet seat so it doesn’t do the job of a toilet cleaner. Consequently, you’ll need a toilet brush to clean up. On the brighter side, clogging is lessened as you won’t need toilet paper.

Leaking arises when using a washlet. It’s a normal thing with things that are connected with the plumbing system. To avoid any troubles, always turn it off when it’s not in use.

About Bidet

What is a bidet toilet? This is more commonly used in Europe than North America. It has the appearance of a toilet but is assigned to do a different task. A fixed faucet is its main feature to help you clean yourself after responding to the call of nature. Therefore, you can’t poop and pee on it. Typically, it’s used by women as it’s exclusive for cleaning genitals.


  • More comfortable
  • Can manually adjust water pressure
  • The consistent and precise temperature on a hot water line
  • Promotes health benefits

You’ll find the bidet more comfortable than the washlet because of the control over water temperature and pressure. Despite its position of being away from the toilet, it has a low and wide toilet seat. The downside is encountered by pregnant women and individuals with mobility issues. It happens due to the low position of the seat.

You’ll have a personalized experience when using a bidet since you can regulate water pressure and temperature. It has mechanisms that allow you to adjust the setting to your preference and needs. All you need to do is twist the knob to make adjustments. So, you can control how you clean and make yourself comfortable.

Cleaning with bidets goes a long way as it can prevent hemorrhoids and yeast infections. Wiping with toilet paper causes these diseases. You can skip this process when using a bidet since water does the cleansing. By letting the water flow, you can avoid catching diseases. Hence, a separate bidet is perfect for people with the said conditions.


  • High bidet price
  • Low house resale value
  • Takes up more space and is a bit inconvenient
  • High cost of installation
  • Thorough cleaning

How much does a bidet cost? Since it’s one of the cons, you’re curious about it. The lowest price is $300 to $500. Don’t miss including the installation fee to the sum that you need to spend. It will be an additional $500. However, the cost varies because of some reasons like having a designer style bidet and with additional features.

You have to spend more if the plumbing needs to be altered. Note that it’s impossible to install the bidet if your house doesn’t have extensive sewer, space reconfiguration, and sewer. Hence, you have to build the basics if you don’t have these things.

Bidets can affect the house’s resale value as they can be in a new or old model. Aside from washlets’ popularity, they’re not attached to your house so they have nothing to do with value. They take up space as the building code requires a fifteen inches gap on both sides of the bidet. The overall size of the area is similar to the typical master bathroom.

You have to give a lot of attention to cleaning your bidet thoroughly since there’s a large rim where you sit. It needs regular disinfection to eliminate contamination.

What to Know Between Washlet vs. Bidet


Here are the two things to consider in bidet vs washlet.

  • Ease of use

Using a washlet is easier and more convenient. There are numerous things to do before sitting on a bidet. You use a toilet first then you may need to wipe any spillage. Due to the setting that the bidet separates from the toilet, you have to remove your bottom garments and shoes when mounting it. You’ll also spend some time adjusting the settings, dismounting the bidet, and putting your clothing back on.

  • Water conservation

The average amount of water you use when using a bidet is 16 ounces. It will be twice or more if you adjust the temperature. In the case of a washlet, you’ll consume 12 ounces every time you use it. The water is released without a waiting time as there’s no need for warming up and presetting.

A washlet can let you save around $110 by not spending on toilet paper. Although it comes with a sprayer, you can still save $200 every year from less water consumption.

Recommended Washlet and Bidet

It was mentioned that the washlet was first introduced by Toto. I would like to recommend some products from this Japanese company. The perfect candidate is the Toto Piedmont elongated toilet. This Toto washlet costs around $300 and you need to spend another $100 to run the faucet.

You will be enthralled to see Toto washlet bidet seat C200. This model stands out among other Toto washlets because it has a memory that can store your preferred setting. For just around $400, you’ll get to enjoy a heated soft-close seat, warm air dryer, soft water spray, air deodorizer, and self-cleaning wand.

Toto S550e is another interesting model but it’s sold at $1,000. It has an automatic lid that operates with a sensor. You’ll love this if you always want to wash your behind with warm water. Moreover, you can splurge into warm water because of the uninterrupted stream. There’s a nightlight that can guide you in the dark. Due to its electrolyzed water system, the bowl and wand is cleaned automatically.

Wrapping It Up!

At this point, you’re enlightened when it comes to washlet vs bidet. You know the purpose of these things and you can find products that include both of them. However, you may pass on installing a bidet if your house doesn’t have the necessary plumbing and lines. You may instead be tempted to use a washlet since it’s convenient for men, women, and even those with limited mobility.

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