Wet Wipes Vs Toilet Paper – Advice From the Experts

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wet wipes vs toilet paper

There’s a debate of wet wipes vs toilet paper that occurs in your mind at some point when shopping in a supermarket. Can you use wet wipes as toilet paper? Wet wipes have extra moisture, and depending on the brand, they can stretch a bit and won’t easily tear.

However, you may think that toilet paper is safer and more natural. Some companies recognize this concern and so, they provide wipes made from good materials. Nonetheless, it’s normal to worry about which one to use, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Of course, the things that you use on your body can affect your health. Getting the right option helps you clean up properly after taking a dump. Thus, you can avoid getting a urinary tract infection. For clarifications regarding this matter, keep reading.

Advice From the Experts

Apart from dwelling on the question ‘Are wipes better than toilet paper?’, an expert on women’s health said that women should be conscious about their usage. The wiping direction should start from the front and go to the back. Following this method prevents poop particles from getting into the private area.

When irritation still occurs, it’s best to check the components of the toilet paper or wipes that you use. It’s best to consult a doctor if you experience any discomfort.

What You Need to Know About Wet Wipes


Despite arguments, using wet wipes instead of toilet paper makes some individuals satisfied. The most compelling reasons for using wet wipes are comfort and hygiene, which are crucial when doing your business in the toilet. Due to the moisture in the wipes, you can clean and sanitize comfortably. They leave you feeling fresh!

There are wet wipes that have biodegradable fibers like Dude Wipes, Goodwipes Flushable Butt Wipes, SURVIVEWARE Biodegradable Wet Wipes, and Cottonelle FreshFeel Flushable Wet Wipes. It means that they are safe to use and can be flushed.

Wet wipes are multipurpose. Aside from the sake of hygiene, they can be used to clean and sanitize a surface. Many people actually depend on it as a cleansing item. Even men in the military who are assigned in the field have wet wipes as makeshift shower.

Advantages of wet wipes

  • Wet wipes have some chemicals that can break down poop particles so you can wipe your behind properly. Furthermore, wipes can eliminate bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. On the other hand, toilet paper doesn’t have this ability.
  • They are capable of absorbing odor so air fresheners and bathroom sprays won’t be necessary. Some are scented wipes like Alcala Deodorizing Body Wipes. You’ll notice that they remove the odor. Hence, you won’t be bothered when throwing away used wipes in the trash.

Disadvantages of wet wipes

  • Wet wipes are not easy to break down so it’s not advisable to flush them in the toilet. You need trash bags to collect the wipes after using them. Later on, you can throw them to the dumpsite. When you opt for wet wipes, you need to use a lot of trash bags.
  • Wet wipes can cause an allergic reaction due to the existing chemicals. You need to put up with discomfort and sometimes even pain. Even if they’re made for cleaning, it’s not good to rub them as they can irritate.

About Toilet Paper


Due to the fear of having allergies and irritation from chemicals in wet wipes, people choose toilet paper, which is made from fibers that absorb water. Moreover, the materials are picked from soft and hardwoods. The pulps are mashed then flattened to dry and turn into paper. It’s been used for centuries and regarded as part of bathroom etiquette.

Thus, flushing it in the toilet won’t damage the water treatment facility or clog the sewage. It’s common in public bathrooms and even in boats and cruise ships. Since it’s rampant, you should be comfortable using it.

Advantages of toilet paper

  • The cost and availability of toilet paper favor many buyers. It’s sold in various places like supermarkets, drug stores, and convenience stores. You can’t complain about anything when buying it because a roll usually costs below $0.50. It’s even cheaper when bought in bulk. So, it won’t be a financial Most places have toilet paper so you have to be at ease when using it. They usually don’t allow wet wipes to spare themselves from clogging issues.
  • The disposal of toilet paper is not too demanding since it’s acceptable to flush it. It breaks down as it goes down the sewer pipes. As long as you flush just the right amount, it won’t cause clogs.

Disadvantages of toilet paper

  • If you use toilet paper, you have to be diligent so even a bit won’t stay behind. The absence of cleanliness can lead to a bad smell, skin irritation, and the worst case: hemorrhoids. This risk can be prevented by taking a shower but it’s not something that you can always do after using the toilet. Just make sure you put extra effort into wiping.
  • Because of unregulated quality, you can find cheaply made toilet paper that easily crumbles when handled and used. Apart from not being able to not clean well, you need to deal with a mess that can be taken care of by taking a shower.

The high-quality ones can cost more. Considering the need for proper hygiene, though, you should consider it an investment. Check out Pacific Blue, Presto, Quilted Northern, and Charmin.

Points to Look at When Comparing Wet Wipes and Toilet Paper

You can look at these points and see what you‘re after when comparing toilet paper vs wipes.

  • The aspect of being cost-friendly

As mentioned, the cost-friendly among these two is toilet paper. However, you have to be aware that there are brands with low quality, which are just a waste of money. A single-ply toilet paper makes some people uncomfortable. If you’re one of them, wet wipes are more cost-effective than double-ply toilet paper.

  • Comfort and hygiene

Wet wipes are more hygienic than toilet paper because of the cleaning agent. So, they can break down bacteria in exchange for effortless cleaning. You may need to take a shower after using the toilet when using toilet paper. As you know, it’s not acceptable to just wipe a used plate with paper and without water.

  • Environmentally friendly

Toilet paper proves to be more environmentally friendly than wipes. With the absence of chemicals, it breaks down once it arrives in the sewer. It’s biodegradable, unlike wet wipes that are made of synthetic fibers. However, it’s not to be ignored that a lot of trees are being cut to make toilet paper.

  • Disposal

Toilet paper can be disposed of after use. When it comes to wet wipes, you need to collect them in a trash bag before sending them to a landfill. They’re not meant to be flushed as they can cause pipe and sewer problems. When it comes to the disposal of moist wipes vs toilet paper, the latter has an advantage.

  • Cost

To compare how much you spend on these necessities, the concept of ‘Cost Per Movement’ is considered. For instance, a piece of wipe for $0.04 is allotted for every movement. Then, four wipes are needed in every response to the call of nature number two. Therefore, it costs you $0.16.

The CPM of toilet paper is not easy to estimate. Still, a rough estimation of $0.04 is needed for four movements. This amount is based on the 6 sheets per wipe that come from the pack of toilet paper costing $21. In the said pack, there are 48 rolls with 264 sheets each.

Baby Wipes for Adults

It’s fine for adults to use baby wipes. Some parents even buy in bulk as they can use them for their babies and themselves. Note that there’s no difference from regular wet wipes. Since baby wipes are for baby’s sensitive skin, they won’t irritate or cause allergies on adult skin.

Takeaway – Wipes or Paper

With the comparison of wet wipes vs toilet paper, it’s normal to be concerned about comfort, hygiene, cost, and disposal. Furthermore, you should consider whether it’s environmentally friendly or can cause allergy or irritation. You can check the safety of the components before choosing a product. When adverse effects occur, see a physician.

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