Who Makes Glacier Bay Toilets for Home Depot?

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who makes glacier bay toilets

Many become curious about Glacier Bay Toilets after visiting Home Depot. Who makes Glacier Bay toilets? What company makes these toilets for Home Depot? There’s a little information about the manufacturer. But the rumor is that they’re from different brands that operate in China, Israel, and Taiwan.

If this is true, Home Depot collaborates with international companies to produce Glacier Bay toilets. These toilets are affordable but of good quality. It’s no wonder many want to know more about them. If you’re one of them, you have to read this article to feed your curiosity.

About Glacier Bay Toilets


You can see comments online that Glacier Bay toilets are durable and of high quality. They’re backed up with a limited, lifetime warranty, which is only offered for dependable products.

When there are issues with the toilet that you receive, you have the right to rectify things. Even if you check it on the website of Home Depot, customers generally leave four or five stars for these products.

Apart from being a good brand of toilets, Glacier Bays also sells kitchen sink workstations and pull-down sprayer kitchen faucets. Of course, there are Glacier Bay toilet seats too.

Although Home Depot is an American company that owns and distributes Glacier Bay toilets, it chose to collaborate with foreign companies in China, Taiwan, and Israel.

By doing this, Home Depot can sell affordable products with ISO certification, proving their high quality.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are Glacier Bay toilets made in the USA?

Even though Glacier Bay toilets are from Home Depot, an American company, they are produced in other countries based on some leaked information. These toilets are either from China, Taiwan, or Israel.

2. Where are Glacier Bay Toilets made?

As mentioned, Glacier Bay toilets are made overseas. They’re either from Israel, Taiwan, or China.

3. Is Glacier Bay a good toilet brand?

Yes, Glacier Bay is a good toilet brand. The toilets are favorable to buyers as they’re affordable and of good quality. Users also attested that they’re durable.

4. Does Kohler make Glacier Bay toilets?

No, Kohler doesn’t make Glacier Bay toilets. Not a single clue about it is disclosed to the public.

Featuring the Best Glacier Bay Toilet Models

If you need to replace your toilet, here are the best Glacier Bay toilets.

1. #N2420

This is at the top of the list because it’s a compact, one-piece toilet. You can install it in a small bathroom without compromising comfort. It won’t only make you save space but water as well since it operates with only 1.1 GPF and 1.6 GPF. Just imagine how you can save a lot of water from this dual flush toilet! You can depend on its efficiency.

The bowl’s height is 16.5” so it’s ADA compliant. You won’t feel any strain on your knees or back. With vitreous China, this one-piece toilet looks sleek and sophisticated so it’s suitable for any bathroom.

2. #N2428RB

Just like the previous model, there are many reasons why you’d love this toilet. It’s a two-piece toilet with a single flush but it’s efficient with 1.28 GPF. Since it’s also made of vitreous china, it has resistance to stain and abrasion. With a 2-inch glazed trapway, cleanliness and sanitation are prolonged.

You need to spend time cleaning some sections because it’s two-piece. However, this feature makes it easy to fix if there are any issues. Its round bowl is suitable for kids so it’s ideal for a family with children. As required by ADA, it has a 16.5” bowl height.

3. #N2428E

When you want to get extra comfort from your toilet then this one’s for you. It’s a high-efficient toilet that functions with 1.28 GPF. Just like other Glacier Bay toilets, it’s made of vitreous China with a trapway that promotes cleanliness and hygiene.

I was surprised that it’s super easy to install; not to mention that it comes with essential components. The only downside is the pull handle for flushing as it’s old school.

4. #N2430E

This is the toilet for those who desire to save water when using their toilet. It can happen with a dual-flush toilet like this that only requires 1.0 GPF and 1.28 GPF. Even though all Glacier Bay toilets are WaterSense certified, this model is the best in saving water. Its elongated seat is 16.5 inches tall. So, users are comfortable when sitting on this throne.

The seat is wonderfully made as it’s the second attractive feature of this toilet. Even though it demands more time to clean because it’s two-piece, it looks sleek and sophisticated.

5. #N2428R-DF

It’s a water saver but with a round bowl. It’s a dual flush that works with 1.1 GPF and 1.6 GPF. Even though the previous one has a tad lower water consumption, this model can make you save water without a doubt.

It’s made of the same materials as other models so it’s durable and resistant to stains and cracks. Installation is so easy, especially since the necessary parts are included in every purchase.


Even though there’s no confirmation from Home Depot about who makes Glacier Bay toilets, it’s not a big deal at all. If they’re imported, they are shipped legally and each toilet is worth every penny. Users have positive feedback on these toilets, and it’s the reason for their curiosity about the producer or manufacturer.

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