The Best 11-Inch Rough in Toilet: A Helpful Guide

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best 11 inch rough in toilet

The standard toilet rough-in sizes are 10, 12, and 14. It’s almost impossible to find a toilet marked with an 11-inch rough-in size. So, what’s the best 11-inch rough-in toilet?

You can find many good options in the 12-inch rough-in toilet models. Toilets like Toto Drake, American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise, and Kohler Cimarron provide a slight clearance between the wall and the tank. When installed in an 11-inch rough-in, they offer a tight fit.

Continue reading to learn more about 11-inch rough-in toilets.

What is a Rough-In Toilet?


The toilet rough-in refers to the location of the waste outlet hole underneath the toilet. More specifically, it’s the distance between the center of the toilet flange and the finished wall behind the toilet’s backside.

When you say there’s an 11-inch rough-in for a toilet, it means the distance between the toilet flange and the bare wall is 11 inches or so. They’re also commonly toilets less than 12 inches from the wall.

Generally, the common rough-in sizes are 10, 12, and 14 inches, so getting a size 11 rough-in can be tricky.

Benefits of an 11-Inch Rough-In Toilet

An 11” rough-in toilet is a sweet spot between 10-inch and 12-inch rough-in models. These models are compact toilets with strong flushing power.

Since most of these space-saving toilets are marked as 12-inch rough-in toilets in the market, they share the same benefits of fewer clogs and more toilet options. A few models even provide the same lower water consumption as 10-inch rough-in toilets, which is about 1.28 gallons per flush.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an 11-Inch Rough-In Toilet

It sure is challenging to find an 11-inch rough-in toilet because it’s not part of the standard measurements. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right one.

1. Rough-In Size


Since you can’t directly find a toilet with an 11-inch rough-in size, get a measuring tape. Check the actual dimensions because some 12-inch toilets have an actual rough-in size of fewer than 12 inches. Oftentimes, toilet models with 11.25- and 11.5-inch rough-ins leave no gap between the wall and the tank.

Generally, anything between 10 and 12 inches can fit into an 11-inch rough-in toilet. Consider using an offset flange if the rough plumbing toilet is off.

2. Wall Tilt

The wall behind your toilet matters when you’re installing an 11-inch rough-in toilet. If it’s leaning a bit forward, then the fitting of the toilet can get compromised.

Make sure to measure the rough-in distance between the protruding wall portion and the toilet flange.

The suitable 11-inch rough-in toilet for this case is any 10-inch model with additional centimeters like the 10-7/8 inch Toto Drake.

3. One Piece Vs Two Piece Toilets


A one-piece toilet offers a higher-end look with its smooth and seamless design. It offers no gaps between the tank and the bowl, leaving no space for the bacteria to grow. Since dust and dirt don’t get collected in the gaps, this type of toilet is easier to maintain.

However, you have more freedom to move the tank and the bowl when you want to fit a 12-inch rough-in toilet to an 11 rough-in size. These two-piece models are lighter than their one-piece rivals, adding more ease to the installation.

4. Toilet Dimensions


If you and your family have people with disabilities, consider the toilet dimensions and make sure that they comply with the guidelines of the Americans Disabilities Act or ADA. The ADA toilet rough-in size doesn’t matter more than the seat height. The distance from the floor to the top of the seat should be between 17 to 19 inches.

Also, consider the width and length of the toilet. Make sure that they fit in the available space in your bathroom. The sidewall shouldn’t be too far, so it’s required to leave a space of at least 15 inches between the wall and the center of the toilet.

As much as you want to fit a 12-inch toilet into an 11-inch rough-in size, the front of the toilet should have a space of 21 inches for clearance. The flush handle should also be located in the open area for easy access.

Top-Rated 11-Inch Rough-In Toilets on the Market

It’s not easy to find a toilet with 11-inch rough-in exactly, but you can choose among the 12-inch rough-in models that can also fit an 11-inch rough-in size.

  Toto CST744SL#01 Drake American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 FloWise Kohler Cimarron K-3619
Dimensions 28 x 19.5 x 30.5 inches 28.25 x 15.75 x 30.75 inches 29.63 x 19 x 28.63 inches
Material Vitreous China Vitreous China Vitreous China
Configuration Two-Piece Two-Piece One-Piece
ADA Compliant Yes Yes Yes
Water Consumption (gallons per flush) 1.6 GPF 1.28 GPF 1.28 GPF
Price $446.00 $375.05 $748.50

1. Toto CST744SK#01 Drake Toilet


This two-piece toilet is marked with a rough-in size of 12 inches but fits an 11-inch rough-in just fine without leaving any gap between the finished wall and the tank. If you have a large drain hole, you can even fit it into a 10-¾-inch rough-in. The compact construction of this model makes this unit ideal for smaller rough-in sizes.

On top of that, the Drake model boasts a powerful GMAX flushing technology with a large trap way to prevent clogs. When it comes to quality, the Drake never disappoints with its durable construction. However, this unit uses more water compared to its rivals.

  • Has a high-quality construction
  • Ensures no clogs with its large trap way
  • Provides a strong flushing power
  • Uses a bit more water for flushing

2. American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet FloWise Toilet


If you have limited toilet space, the Cadet FloWise might be a good option with its narrow construction. There’s a 1-1/8-inch clearance when installed, so it may provide a tight fit when suited for an 11-inch rough-in.

The best part about this model is the full-skirted design, making it easy to clean. It also uses less water consumption per flush and sits high at a comfortable level. However, the flushing system isn’t as powerful as Toto Drake’s.

  • Easy to clean
  • Saves water for every flush
  • Comfortable to use
  • Flushes with less power than Toto

3. Kohler Cimarron K-3619


Cimarron can easily fit into an 11-inch rough-in because it offers a clearance of 1-3/16 or 30mm from the wall. The tank is very straight, leaving no ugly gaps behind the tank.

Thanks to its one-piece design, this particular Kohler model is easy to clean and looks sleek in the bathroom. It already includes a soft-closing lid to provide a complete package. However, the price is expensive.

  • Has a sleek one-piece design
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes a lid that closes softly
  • A bit expensive


By now, you probably have an idea what’s the best 11-inch rough-in toilet. You need to look at the specification sheets of each model so you’ll know how much clearance is provided. From there, compute whether the toilet can fit in your 11-inch rough-in dimension.

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