Do Toilets Come With Wax Rings? (Answered)

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do toilets come with wax rings

There are several reasons to look into new toilets (and eventually buy one), but you may be wondering if the crucial parts are included in the package or if you have to purchase them separately.

So, do toilets come with wax rings?

Installation and function parts, such as the wax ring, are usually included when you get a new toilet. There are also other components in the set, depending on the brand.

What is a Wax Ring?


A wax ring is a material that seals the toilet to the flange on the floor, creating a secure connection to block sewer gases and water leaks. It also keeps the commode from wobbling!

Wax seals are traditionally made from beeswax, vegetable-based wax, or a petroleum-based variant that may contain a polyurethane additive. While the effectiveness of these materials has been proven through the years, they can be a little messy to work with.

That’s why toilet wax ring alternatives are now available in the market, mainly manufactured using the following materials:


  1. Rubber
  2. Foam
  3. Wax and rubber combo

A wax-free toilet seal offers a less messy and easier way of installation because aside from it not having wax, you can reposition the seal even if you’ve had your first attempt.

It’s also reusable, considering that it doesn’t have damage, unlike wax-based seals that get quickly deformed when you remove or replace the toilet, requiring you to remove it with a putty knife.

Do Toilet Sets Include Free Wax Rings?


When you buy a new toilet, remember to check the inclusions inside the box or ask for assistance from the store. A set will most likely include:

  1. The flange bolts.
  2. Wax ring.
  3. Tank-to-bowl gasket.
  4. Tank components (flapper, flush valve, and fill valve).

Manufacturers that include a wax ring in their toilet set include:

  1. American Standard
  2. Gerber
  3. Kohler
  4. Project Source
  5. Mansfield

However, some brands or models may not include it, like with TOTO.

There is no particular reason for this difference; it’s simply not a universal practice for all manufacturers to include wax rings in their commode sets. So before you exit the store, ask about the parts that come with the toilet.

That said, if you do a toilet replacement using TOTO or other brands that don’t come with wax seals, you have to purchase one separately. Make sure that it’s compatible with the toilet and flange!


When looking for the most suitable commode, some of you may ask, “Do toilets come with wax rings?” The answer is, that they most likely will.

When purchasing a toilet, essential parts for the fixture to be installed and to correctly function normally come with the set. These are the wax ring, flange bolts, gasket to connect the tank to the bowl, and the toilet tank components.

However, some manufacturers, such as TOTO, don’t include wax rings in their toilet sets. In this case, you have to get it separately.

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