What Size Wax Ring for American Standard Toilet?

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what size wax ring for american standard toilet

You want your toilet to make a watertight seal to your waste pipe and flange to keep the nasties out. To achieve that, the best solution is fitting a wax ring at the bottom of your toilet. So, what size wax ring for American Standard toilet is the best?

Use a standard wax ring (#1 and #3) with a thickness of less than an inch to flanges set above or at the level of your flooring. If the distance is more than ¼ inches, then you’ll need to fit an extra-thick one (#10) for adequate seal.

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American Standard Toilet Wax Ring Sizes

Wax rings are available in different thicknesses, ranging from one to ten. A higher number means a thicker ring to add floor thickness or make up the height difference of the flange. Currently, you can find #1, #3, and #10 as the popular sizes.

  • #1: This American Standard toilet wax ring has a standard thickness of 0.75 – 1 inch, making it sufficient for all American Standard toilet models with a flange at level to your floor.


  • #3: This is the same size as #1, but with a metal reinforcement ring perfect for wall mount models like Glenwalll, Afwall, and Rapidway. If you want more durability for your standard setup, this one fits.


  • #10: This is the thickest of the bunch, measuring about two inches in thickness. It’s perfect for fixing a long gap between the drain and the base of your toilet. You can use this size for many American Standard models like Champion Pro, Cadet Pro, and Titan.


Waste line openings for American Standard may come in two diameters: 3 or 4 inches. Fortunately, universal wax rings of today will suit both types.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Suitable Size for Your Toilet

Choosing the right size of the wax ring may depend on several factors, like the toilet type and flange depth. Here’s a sizing guide to help you make the right choice.

  • Toilet Type

The type of toilet can determine what size of a wax ring you should get for your American Standard unit. For floor-mounted models, you can use #1 with its standard size and design or #10 for an extended distance between the drain and the toilet base. For wall-mounted units, choose either #3 or a bigger size with reinforcement.

  • Flange Depth


The distance of your flange to your flooring is one of the most significant factors in determining the suitable thickness of the wax ring. You want to close the distance between the flange on the floor and your fixture to make a watertight seal. 

A standard wax ring that measures between 0.75 to 1 inch suits best for flanges that are set on top or at the level of your bathroom floor. It can also fill the gap of a distance of no more than ¼ inches. If the distance is more than that, then you’ll need an extra-thick wax ring.

Although possible, it’s never recommended to stack two rings together because it will leave a space in between for leaks to occur. When an extra-thick ring still remains insufficient, consider using a flange extender to increase the height of the existing flange.

  • Diameter


American Standard complies with the basic size of toilets. Hence, it’s typical that it can fit both 3 or 4-inch waste pipes. The diameter of the waste opening is crucial for choosing the right wax ring size because you want the connection to be tight.

To ensure that you get the diameter right, you can measure the width of your toilet’s old wax ring or the waste opening found at the base of your commode.


At this point, you probably know what size wax ring for American Standard toilet is perfect for your unit. You need to get the exact fit to achieve a watertight seal. Leaving a few gaps can ruin your bathroom floor with wastewater leaks and make your home smell terrible.

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