How Much Does It Cost to Unclog a Toilet? (Updated in 2023)

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how much does it cost to unclog a toilet

You might have flushed toilet paper in your commode, or perhaps it’s too old. Either way, the water in the bowl is already above recommended and you can’t flush waste goodbye down the drain.

So now you’re asking, “How much does it cost to unclog a toilet?”

The common range of fees for toilet unclogging service is $200 to $500; they differ per gravity and necessary work needed. Location and urgency also affect the costs.

Costs for Unclogging a Toilet


Common Range for Plumbing Repair $200 to $500
Average Cost $200 to $300
Minimum Cost $100
Maximum Cost $4,701

The table above contains a realistic cost estimation for toilet clog repairs. If we hire a cheap plumber to unclog the toilet—like someone who charges less than $50 per hour—we can achieve the $100 minimum cost.

But normally, toilet repair costs more than that. The usual pay is $200 to $300 within the common plumbing range bracket of $200 to $500.

1. Cost depends on unclogging methods

Method of Unclogging Estimated Cost
Manual Drain Snake


$150 to $200

$250 to $450 (with camera)

Power Rodding $150 to $400
Auger $300 to $350
Electric Drain Snake $300 to $400
Hydro Jetting Pipes $300 to $500
Removing the Toilet Unit $200 to $500
Cleaning the Waste Pipe $600 to $700
Part Replacement $50 to $4,701

You can also get plumbing services that offer flat rates for toilet removal. Roto-Rooter costs to unclog a toilet is $160 to $450 on average.

1. Manual drain snake


It costs $150 to $200 to snake a toilet. With a camera included in the toilet snake, the price is $250 to $450.

A snake works by pulling a minor or medium-sized clog out of the commode while not damaging the porcelain. However, this method might not work with severe blockages.

2. Power rodding


Rodding the toilet costs between $150 to $400. In this method, the pipes are unclogged using spinning metal cables that grind on and push away the obstructions.

While this can clear larger blockages, the plumbers might have to perform a few tries, making it less efficient compared to hydro jetting pipes.

3. Auger

The cost to unclog a drain using an auger is $300 to $350. While some may perceive that this tool is similar to the toilet snake, an auger works better in harder or bigger clogs.

Toilet augers clear the pipes by pushing and breaking through the blockage, contrary to a snake that takes the clog out of the toilet.

4. Electric drain snake

This tool works like the usual toilet snake but with an electric power source. The cost of a plumber to unclog the toilet using this method is between $300 to $400, depending on the usage of the electric snake and the necessary features that the plumber has to use.

The electric drain snake is one step ahead of chemical and natural drain cleaners since this works better on heavy clogs.

5. Hydro jetting pipes

Hydro jetting is where a strong pressure of water is blasted to the pipes to disintegrate or push away the obstruction causing the clog. If you’re wondering how much a plumber charges to unclog a toilet with this method, it can be between $300 to $500.

This method will deep clean the pipes, but it’s not recommended if you have an older plumbing system as the water pressure may damage it.

6. Removing the toilet unit


In some cases, we need a professional plumber to take out the toilet unit in order to remove the clog. This can take more than an hour to perform, so the plumbers’ charge to unclog a toilet that involves commode removal can be $200 to $500.

7. Cleaning the waste pipe


If the sewer pipe is blocked, a plumber might need to open it near the cause of obstruction and clean it afterward. The process will cost around $600 to $700.

Cleaning the waste pipe is rigorous work since the plumbers will also need gadgets such as a camera, to determine the accurate location of the clog.

8. Part replacement

There are instances where we have to get a part of our toilet or plumbing system replaced to solve clogging issues. For this, a plumber’s cost to fix a toilet will vary.

For a specific section of the drain pipe, we will spend $250 to $1,250. If ruled necessary by the plumber, replacing the entire drain pipe system will cost much higher, from $15,000 to $20,000. Installing a new sewer line will range from $1,253 to $4,701.

The blockage may also be caused by the tank not filling up properly because of a leak in the bowl, hence the lack of water to flush. The cost to fix the running toilet is $50 to $400, which will also depend on the tank parts that have to be replaced.

2. Cost to repair toilet per part

The expenses related to repairing a toilet clog will also depend on where that clog is. We will have to prepare $200 to $900 as the average estimated cost for this type of service.

Clogged Toilet Part Estimated Repair Cost 
Plumbing Vent $100 to $300
Toilet Tank $100 to $250
Water Shut-off Valve $50 to $150
Toilet Bowl and Trap $150 to $200
Toilet and Sink $300 to $400
Toilet Drain $250 to $400
Toilet Drain Line $400 to $700
Main Sewer Line $600 to $900

1. Plumbing Vent


Cleaning of plumbing vents costs $100 to $200. If repairs are necessary, it may go up to $300.

This vent is essential in the plumbing system, as the fresh air helps move water around the pipes every time we flush the toilet.

If the waste drains slowly from the commode, it’s most likely that the vent is dirty and air can’t come through.

2. Toilet Tank


The cost of repairing the toilet tank is between $100 to $250. It’s essential that all parts of the toilet tank are working as they perform the flushing mechanism. If one part is damaged, the function will be hindered.

3. Water Shut-off Valve



This is responsible for bringing water into the toilet tank through the fill valve. This valve can get clogged with mineral deposits, and repairing or replacing it costs $50 to $150.

4. Toilet Bowl and Trap

If your child flushes a toy in the bowl, you will want to take that out from the P or S trap with a toilet snake. As we’ve mentioned earlier, snaking a toilet will cost $150 to $200.

5. Toilet and Sink

The toilet and sink can develop blockage at the same time if there is a clog in the main sewer line, or if they share the same drain line. To remove the clog, we will have to spend $300 to $400.

6. Toilet Drain

The toilet drain is the opening on the floor below the toilet, and it’s where the waste passes through the drain pipe. Repairing this will cost $250 to $400.

7. Toilet Drain Line

Unclogging the drain line will cost between $400 to $700. The drain line is important since it’s the one that transports the waste from the bowl to the main plumbing system

8. Main Sewer Line

The main sewer line is the line that carries all the waste coming from a place’s drains (not just the toilet), to the septic tank or municipal sewer. Clogs in this part will cost $600 to $900 to be solved.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Unclogging a Toilet


The expenses of unclogging a toilet depend on the following factors:

  1. Location – The local costs of living vary per location which affects the wages of the plumbers. Hourly rates can be higher in urban cities and lower in rural ones.
  2. Expertise – A master plumber’s rate is higher than an apprentice and journeyman because they made their way up through the experience and learning that they acquired.
  3. Job complexity – Clogs differ in gravity. The easier and faster to remove the clog, the lower the fee that we have to pay.
  4. Necessary materials – If there is a need for a new part, we will have to shoulder its cost.
  5. Emergency service – Emergency repairs will cost more than scheduled ones.
  6. Other fees – There are some plumbers that ask for travel fees, so make sure that you inquire about all the inclusions in the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can You Unclog a Toilet Without a Plumber?

It’s possible to unclog a minor toilet blockage without a plumber. You can use a flange plunger, snake, and auger if you have them in your home. You can also try DIY solutions such as vinegar and baking soda mixture before contacting a plumber.

Repair vs Replace Toilet: Which Is Better?

The first approach for a toilet problem should always be a repair unless a professional plumber says otherwise.

However, if you always have to get the toilet repaired – either the same problem keeps arising or other problems are coming out on the commode – then a toilet replacement will be better to help you save money from the constant repair costs.


There are different methods for solving the blockage in a commode, so how much does it cost to unclog a toilet?

We can expect to spend at least $200 to $500 for a toilet clog removal, and the cost will go higher depending on the complexity of the job and the method to be applied. The most expensive method is replacing the drain pipe which can go up to $1,250.

For unclogging a specific toilet part, we have to prepare at least $200 to $900, with the main sewer line being the most expensive.


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