How to Find Your Toilet Model Number? (4 Locations)

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how to find your toilet model number

Knowing how to identify the toilet model is essential in case you want to replace or upgrade specific parts. Repairing or adjusting components—such as those in the tank—may also depend on the model.

But is it hard to locate the toilet identification? Not at all!

This article teaches you how to find your toilet model number, especially the common places it may be written upon. We also included what you can do if you really can’t locate the model code.

Ways to Find the Toilet Serial Number

Here’s how to do a toilet model number lookup.

Location 1: Toilet Tank

The most known toilet model number location is inside the toilet tank. Lid numbers are also helpful, and they can be found underneath. To see these, do the following:


  1. Open the toilet lid and immediately look at the tank’s wall. The model code should be written above the waterline.
  2. On the other hand, flip the toilet lid to see numbers that can be molded or embossed on the porcelain or written through a stamp.

Location 2: Toilet Bowl


Manufacturers of two-piece toilets often place different numbers on the toilet parts. For instance, Kohler has different numbers under the lid, inside the tank, and under the bowl. However, the toilet model number itself is not on the commode.

But don’t worry; these numbers of the parts we mentioned indicate that they are part of a set, so knowing them is still crucial.

We have already taught you how to look inside the tank and under the lid, so now we’re going to look under the bowl.

  1. Crouch down to see under your toilet’s rim area. A flashlight may come in handy since this place isn’t usually hit by the light from your bathroom’s bulb.
  2. Once you see a number molded on the porcelain that belongs to the toilet bowl.

Location 3: Toilet Manual and Spec Sheet

When you purchase a toilet, it will come with a manual that contains instructions for installation and usage and sometimes a toilet parts diagram. You will also find other relevant information, such as the commode’s model number. In this case, ensure to keep the manual somewhere safe!

You may also see the model code in the spec sheet of the specific toilet online, which we recommend you check when you buy your commode.

Here is how to find it:

  1. Visit the manufacturer’s website online and search for your toilet’s type (or your prospective toilet). We’ll make TOTO the example in this step.
  1. Click a toilet, then scroll down to see the “SPECIFICATIONS” button, which has the “DOWNLOADS AND SPECIFICATIONS”.
  1. Click the “Spec Sheet – model number” and save it for future reference. This sheet contains not only the model code but all the important information about your toilet too.

Here’s an example of how it looks:


Location 4: Toilet Warranty Information

When you buy your commode, it will come with warranty support. The model number of the toilet can be included in the warranty card or document, so be sure to remember where you place it.

Finding the Model Code of Old Toilet Brands


If your commode is old and you can’t decode the toilet model number (either some of the numbers have faded or they have completely disappeared), below are the things you can do.

  1. Take pictures of your toilet and show them to the manufacturer. If you only have partial numbers of the model, include them to provide a lead. If not, explain that you can’t see or locate the model code anymore.
  2. You can measure the toilet rough-in and state the color to add more clues.
  3. You may also check this “Toilet Identification Cross Reference” with a list of different toilet models and see if one matches yours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Find My Toilet Seat Model Number?

Toilet seat numbers may be written on the packaging itself or the instructions that come with the product. In some brands like Kohler, the toilet seat model is indicated in the seat hinge’s underside.

Can the Toilet Serial Number Locate the Model Number?

When you tell the manufacturer your toilet serial number, it can aid them in locating the model number. While it may differ per brand, the usual places where the serial numbers are located are:

  1. inside the toilet tank;
  2. back of the toilet tank (outside);
  3. back of the toilet (the side facing the back wall);
  4. underside the toilet bowl;
  5. inside the toilet’s access panel and;
  6. underneath the toilet’s shell.


Knowing your commode’s model code is necessary for future replacement of components and claiming of warranty. It may also come in handy when you’re renovating the bathroom.

How to find your toilet model number is easy, since it’s usually written in the following places: inside the toilet tank (the tank wall and near the waterline wall), product manual, and warranty documentation.

The numbers on the lid’s underside, the bowl’s number under the rim, and the serial numbers are also useful in locating the model code.

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