How Many Sheets Are in a Roll of Toilet Paper? (Answered)

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how many sheets are in a roll of toilet paper

Having toilet paper at home is essential, and millions of people use it to clean themselves in the bathroom. But before stocking up on supplies, do you know how many sheets are in a roll of toilet paper?

The number of sheets will differ depending on the brand and product line, but a standard roll of 1-ply toilet paper has 1,000 sheets. For 2 and 3-ply ones, the usual amount of sheets is around 500 and 300 respectively.

How Many Sheets Does a Toilet Paper Roll Have?


There are a ton of toilet paper brands to choose from, each with different characteristics. And when it comes to the number of sheets per roll of toilet paper, it also depends on the brand and product line. Typically, there are:

  1. 1,000 sheets in 1 ply
  2. 500 sheets in 2 ply
  3. 300 sheets in 3 ply

This count is not standard since you’ll find some brands offering less or more. For example, Scott offers 1-ply toilet paper with 1,000 sheets but its 2-ply variant has 550. Bumboo and Presto! have 3-ply with 300 sheets while the Kleenex 3-ply only has 150.

Does This Apply to Mega and Jumbo Rolls?


When it comes to the number of sheets in a mega roll toilet paper, it’s typically near 300. We can also say that it’s highly dependent on the brand. For instance, Charmin offers a lot of mega-roll types that are usually sold in packages:

  • Charmin Ultra Soft – 244 sheets
  • Charmin Ultra Strong – 264 sheets

On the other hand:

  • Presto! – 313 sheets
  • Angel Soft – 480 sheets

Jumbo ones are meant to have more squares of paper, that’s why 1,000 sheets are common. Brands like Scott and General Supply are examples. If we compute the length in sheets, it will be 1,000 feet.

Although, keep in mind that the “mega” and “jumbo” are only indicators that the roll will contain more sheets than the ordinary. So, don’t just look at how many squares it has; inspect the thickness, ply, absorbency, and other descriptions as well.

How About the Travel Version Toilet Paper Rolls?

Travel toilet paper rolls don’t contain as many sheets compared with the previous ones that we’ve discussed.

The sheet count for travel-sized rolls is commonly 85 like the Gotta Tinkle (2-ply), but Coghlan’s Packable Camp Toilet Tissue has 140.

What Affects the Number of Sheets in a Roll?


1. Ply

This refers to the number of layers put together to create toilet paper sheets. Generally, if the product has greater ply, there will be fewer sheets of toilet paper per roll.

Since more ply indicates stronger and better absorbency, the user will need fewer toilet paper squares.

2. Product Features

The product specifications affect the toilet paper roll length.

For example, Charmin’s Ultra Soft and Ultra Strong have 244 and 264 sheets, respectively. Both are labeled as mega rolls and 2-ply, but Ultra Soft is more absorbent. With the latter, you can use fewer sheets.

3. Brand and Manufacturer Standard

In the end, the brand and the manufacturer will determine how many sheets in a roll of a particular type of toilet paper. Some may mention that the cardboard roll’s size or the sheet’s dimensions affect the number of squares in a roll, but there is no evidence to support this claim.

What Length is Perfect for a Toilet Paper?

1. Home

length-of-toilet-paperIn deciding the length of toilet paper you should purchase for your home, it’s helpful to consider how many people live in the household and how often they use the bathroom. To estimate, a person may use 150 sheets in4-5 days.

With this in mind, we recommend stocking up on standard rolls with 300 or more sheets. As for the quality, ensure that it’s soft enough for the skin’s comfort and thick enough to be efficient.

2. Commercial


The number of people using commercial bathrooms will be higher, so we will need a greater amount of toilet paper.

While the traffic in these bathrooms will vary, 2-ply jumbo and coreless rolls are good choices since they have plenty of sheets (typically 1,000 squares!) and the thickness will satisfy the user.

3. Travel

Travel-sized or compact toilet paper with about 85 sheets is perfect in this scenario. They are mostly 2-ply, although thicker options are also convenient since you don’t have to use as many squares. 


Toilet paper products are packaged differently, catering to different purposes. You can find a type of roll perfect for the home, commercial bathrooms, and even for traveling. But the ultimate question is how many sheets are in a roll of toilet paper?

There is no standard count on the sheets, as it will depend on the brand and specific product line, but the typical number of sheets per toilet paper roll is 1,000 for 1-ply, 500 for 2-ply, and 300 for 3-ply. Travel-sized ones usually have around 85 sheets in them.

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