Korky vs Fluidmaster: Which Toilet Fill Valve Is Better?

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korky vs fluidmaster

Repair and replacements on your toilet will lead you to think about Korky vs Fluidmaster. These are popular brands, so it’s just reasonable to weigh things between the two of them. You have to be keen on the quality of the parts that you connect with your toilet to avoid frequent repairs.

Fluidmaster vs Korky fill valve is something that most toilet owners look at. It’s the most complex toilet part as it manipulates the water flow between tank refills. Furthermore, you have to pick the fill valve size that is suitable for your toilet. Repair kits from these brands include fill valves. Learn more as dynamic repair kits from Fluidmaster vs Korky are presented here.

Toilet Repair Kits


You better know what you can get from every repair kit. It’s also a way to compare Korky vs. Fluidmaster toilet repair kits.


4010PK Universal Repair Kit

This kit grants your wish to have an easy set-up and usage. There’s an impressive sturdiness gained from its durable design.

Favorable features:

  • Availability of three styles
  • Effortless maintenance
  • Composed of durable materials
  • A solution to any toilet problems
  • 5-year warranty

Korky Universal Kit

This is the solution for repairing and refilling toilets. It’s tough, but it comes with a light design. It won’t be difficult to decide on picking this as it has a universal fit. Moreover, you can eliminate unwanted noise and replenish the toilet at the same time. Aside from simple usage, you’re also allowed to make some adjustments.

Favorable features:

  • Has universal fit design
  • Minimizes toilet noises and refills
  • Installation is a breeze
  • Little durable fills in terms of fitness
  • Has a good value

5030BP Universal Toilet Kit

You have to get this if you prefer superior quality and a highly featured toilet repair kit. It contains an outstanding fill valve with a 3-inch flush valve to match any type of toilet. Due to the confidence in its structure, a whopping 5-year warranty is provided.

Favorable features:

  • Available in two sizes
  • The design is durable and resilient
  • 5-year warranty service
  • Uncomplicated set-up
  • Universal size fitting


400AKRP10 Universal Toilet Kit

The quality and useful features of this kit are sometimes surprising for its affordable price. You’ll love it more because it’s open for simple installation and universal fit.

Favorable features:

  • Universal fitting
  • Can be set up through simple instruction
  • Trouble-free installation
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty service
  • Made of rubber and plastic

400CRp14 Universal Fit Toilet Repair Kit

This kit is suitable for noisy toilets. It’s reliable and functional due to its premium fill valves and 3.5 GPF.

Favorable features:

  • Durable and with superior quality
  • Built-in rubber and plastic material
  • 5-year service warranty
  • For fixing loud and refilling toilet
  • Prevents breakdown caused by bacteria

400ARHKRP10 Performax Universal Toilet Kit

Due to its universal fit, it’s suitable for most toilet models. It’s an effective tool in blocking leaks and runny toilets. There are 2-inch flapper openings, a rubber flapper, and a gasket. Once installed, you’ll get to avail its water-saving ability.

Favorable features:

  • Fits most toilet
  • Clear-cut installation
  • With easy-to-follow instructions
  • Has a strong outline and is very durable
  • In reasonable price

Review on Fill Valves


Do you have to get Korky or Fluidmaster? As mentioned in the introduction, the fill valve is the most vital part of a toilet repair kit. Thus, here is some essential information about this toilet component.

Korky Fill Valves

There are various types of Korky fill valves and you will surely get the one that matches your toilet. All in all, you’ll likely appreciate their common features:

  • The Korky Platinum fill valve can be adjusted from 8.5 inches to 14 inches. Therefore, it surely fits most standard toilets.
  • Necessary hardware for installing the fill valve is included in every purchase of the Korky repair kit.
  • It’s compatible with every HET toilet.
  • The assembly of the fill valve includes a sediment filter as well as parts for service and maintenance. The Korky repair kit typically has a toilet fill valve, refill adjuster, refill tube and metal clip, set of installation hardware, and helpful instructions.

What You Can Expect From Korky Fill Valves

The instructions provided in the Korky repair kit are crystal clear and precise. Even a novice will be able to install it even without any special tools. Surprisingly, the valve from Korky is even mutual with toilets that are 5-decade old.

It features an internal float mechanism to prevent damaging the valve float. The Korky valve is relatively more affordable than the competitors, but you won’t be bothered by noises as it operates quietly. I can say that homeowners can install and use this for repairs and DIY projects.

Fluidmaster Fill Valves

Fluidmaster can be seen everywhere because it’s the ultimate choice of professional plumbers. Its widespread recognition and approval from experts happen because of its great features which are as follow:

  • The anti-siphon component is integrated with a Fluidmaster fill valve to have a smooth water delivery system.
  • Every fill valve can be adjusted from 9 inches to 14 inches. With these possible adjustments, this is compatible with almost all toilets. You may even use it on an older toilet and it can enhance its functions.
  • Fluidmaster valves are made of materials resistant to corrosion for a long lifespan.
  • The Fluidmaster repair kit usually contains Fluidmaster 400a fill valve, refill tube, refill clip, shank lock nut, shank washer, and illustrated instructions. Thus, installation is done with no complications.
  • Based on the effortless water level and float level setting, your toilet can work like brand new.
  • This valve operates quietly without annoying noises.

More Information

Aside from the dependable kits mentioned above, I want to talk about Fluidmaster 400a vs Korky Quietfill as some may need either of them. Another reason is that both brands are competitive since they share remarkable features. Hence, it’s difficult to decide which will work for you.

The 400a shuts off quickly and you may hear a thump when it happens. It somehow bothers me as I care about the pipes every time I flush the toilet. So far, my toilet is still working. Anyway, there’s a 5-year warranty for it.

In the case of Quietfill, it also does the same thing but it’s quieter. However, there was a delay in refilling the tank. I was able to think of a solution which is tapping the valve’s top enclosure. Voila! It started working again and something got stuck probably. I guess I should have been more careful with the twist-lock adjustment. It also has a 5-year warranty.

There’s not much to mention in terms of the Korky and Fluidmaster toilet seal since they both have wax-free seals.

Final Words to Take Note of

In Korky vs Fluidmaster, you can surely find one that allows your toilet to regain its optimum performance. The valves from these companies are intended for noise-free, smooth, trouble-free flushing systems, and even for replacements of fill valves of older toilets.

They can both be adjusted. You only have to check each item included in the repair kit to evaluate if it has the parts that are compatible with your toilet. The notable things about Korky are the reasonable price and inclusion of hardware. In the case of Fluidmaster, it’s made of corrosion-resistant materials and is recommended by professionals.

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