Why Put Dish Soap in Toilet at Night? Here’s the Reason

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why put dish soap in toilet at night

A clogged toilet is an issue that needs an urgent solution. This condition makes the toilet unusable. Although a plunger can assist you, an effective cleaning method will give the ultimate solution. There will be several options but you may wonder about one question. Why put dish soap in toilet at night?

A dish detergent toilet like Dawn can be used to clean your toilet and solve clogging issues. You can even mix it with other household items for the desired efficacy. It’s also fine to only add dish soap to the clogged toilet and let it stay overnight. To know the proper steps, read the rest of the article.

Why Does Dish Soap Work in Toilets?


Some may be reluctant to put dish soap in the toilet overnight as the product is made for a different purpose. They may think about consequences like dish soap clogged toilet. What happens if you put dish soap in your toilet? The answer to this question can convince them.

Well, dish soap cleans a toilet and eliminates clogs like what it does on the food particles that get stuck on dishes. It breaks up and dissolves things that cause clogging in your toilet. This effect does favor the plunger.

  • Other Things That Dish Soap Can Clean

There are many recommendations for dish soap as a cleaner aside from dishes. Aside from Dawn, you can use dish soaps like Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyer’s. Some call dish detergent in a toilet considers it a lubricant that gets rid of the thing that causes clogging. Even the kitchen sink and bathtub can be unclogged by dish soap.

Those who are fond of DIY are amazed at the cleaning ability of dish soap. They can depend on it as a greener option than the products filled with strong chemicals.

How to Resolve Toilet Clogs With Dish So

If you haven’t tried this process yet, you need a guide on how to unclog a toilet with dish soap. You’ll need to let it sit for several minutes to get rid of the clog. It’s recommended to do it at night as the toilet is not in demand during this period.

Based on my experience, cases that are not too serious can be resolved in just 15 minutes. To start with, you need dish soap and hot water.

  • You have to make hot water but don’t pour boiling water into the bowl. A gallon of hot water is needed. Just use hot water that is not boiling as an intense level of heat can break the toilet bowl. Another consequence is melting the wax ring. You have to be wary so you will not cause damage.
  • While you’re trying to make your water hot, pour ½ cup of dish soap.
  • Once you have the gallon of hot water, carefully pour it into the toilet bowl. Look at how the soap works in unclogging your toilet. If you’re concerned about water that will overflow from a toilet bowl, you can turn off the water valve.
  • How long does dish soap take to unclog a toilet? You have to give it at least 15 minutes. If there’s no improvement in half an hour, you need a plumber.

Other Mixed Solutions With Dish Shop for Your Toilet


There’s more than just a combination of hot water and dish soap to unclog a toilet. It’s worth your time and effort as it can serve other purposes. Here are the solutions and the steps. You can easily make them as you’ll have these items in your house. Doing this allows you to save money.

1. Toilet cleaner 1

To make a toilet cleaner out of dish soap, you need to add Epsom salt and white vinegar. You have to combine two tablespoons of dish soap, a cup of Epsom salt, and three cups of white vinegar.

Put all of these ingredients in a container with a lid. Cover it and make sure it’s secure as you need to shake it. This dissolves the Epsom salt.

Use 1/3 of the solution that you made in cleaning your toilet. Let it sit on the toilet bowl for half an hour. Brush stubborn stains and flush once you see the surface is squeaky clean.

2. Toilet cleaner 2

Water and baking soda that is known for their cleaning prowess is combined with dish soap. All of the ingredients should be in equal parts. Using this solution is like pouring soap into the toilet as there’s no need to mix.

You can directly pour all of them and use a toilet brush to stir them. Then, leave it for a night so you have to do it before bedtime. You can brush the remaining stain the following day and flush.

3. Toilet bombs – toilet cleaner

This solution is akin to toilet bowl cleaning tablets and bath bombs. You’ll be impressed by its awesome cleaning performance! Aside from a tablespoon of dish soap, you need a cup of baking soda and a quarter cup of citric acid. Put all of these in a large mixing bowl.

You have to be careful in handling these ingredients and don’t forget to put on dish gloves for protection. The mixture can be molded in an ice cube tray. If it rises above the tray, you have to cover or pack it down. The drying time is around four hours or more. You have to achieve a dry outcome so you may need to give them more time.

When the cubes are dry, place them in a clean jar for storage. One cube is enough for every cleaning of a toilet bowl. Let it dissolve before brushing the bowl. When you clean every corner of the toilet, flush it so every bit of soap is gone.

Summing it Up!

Why put dish soap in toilet at night? First, it’s best to clean or resolve issues on your toilet at night because it’s the time that the usage is low as it’s sleeping time.

There’s no harm in trying dish soap to clean or unclog your toilet as it’s proven to be effective. However, you have to remember that it can only deal with minor clogging cases. If the dish soap wasn’t able to resolve the issue, you need to call your plumber.

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