The Smallest Toilet Dimensions: All You Need to Know

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smallest toilet dimensions

The toilet is the most important part of your bathroom, so getting the right fit matters. What if you have a small bathroom? You’ll need to install the smallest toilet dimensions.

The shortest toilet length belongs to the wall-hung toilets, featuring a depth of around 16 inches. With a width of 13 inches, a compact floor-mounted unit like the Carus is among the narrowest toilets out there. The height may vary depending on the design, but some units can get as low as 13.5 inches.

Let’s explore more about the different types of toilets and their respective dimensions below.

Dimensions of Smallest Toilet for Different Types of Toilets

There are so many types of toilets, and each one of them has different dimensions. Here are the usual dimensions for each type of toilet.

1. Round Vs Elongated


The shape of the toilet bowl is either round or elongated, and every shape differs in measurements. The elongated bowls, though comfortable, are longer than their round counterparts. More specifically, elongated bowls’ dimensions reach around 18 inches long and 14 inches wide, providing more surface area to sit.

On the other hand, a small round toilet saves more space in the bathroom. A round toilet seat measures about 16 inches long, adding 2 inches to the clearance in front of the toilet. The 14-inch width usually stays the same to provide stability.

2. Wall Mounted Vs Floor-Mounted


As implied by its name, a floor-mounted toilet is installed on the bathroom floor. This common toilet type may appear bigger than the wall-mounted ones because the tank is visible. If you want to save space in your bathroom, opt for toilets with small tanks or low-profile toilets with a low height of 21.5 inches.

A standard floor-mounted toilet can measure about 28-30 inches deep, 20 inches wide, and 27-32 inches high from the floor to the top of the tank. On the other hand, a compact toilet model has a shallow toilet depth and a slimmer body. These 25-inch tiny toilets are typically 13 inches wide and 28 inches high.

A wall-mounted type is a perfect toilet for a small space, as you can hide the tank behind the wall. Unlike floor-mounted toilets, a wall-mounted model looks sleeker and has no fixed height. The smaller models also have a depth of 16 inches and a width of 14 inches.

3. Low Level Vs Comfort Height


The standard height of toilets is around 15 inches. However, the American Disability Act (ADA) asserts that the elderly and other people with mobility issues need a higher toilet seat for comfort. According to ADA regulations, the comfort height should be at least 17 inches from the floor to the toilet seat.

For kids and smaller people, a low-level toilet like the Dometic 301 is more practical. The height dimensions of this toilet can get as low as 13.5 inches, which is easy to reach. The depth is around 19 inches, while the width is about 15 inches.

4. Composting Vs Macerating


Composting and macerating toilets are great mini toilets in the RV or mobile home. While a composting toilet separates the liquid and solid waste, the macerating unit uses a grinder to break down the waste. A macerating model uses water to flush down the waste into the discharge pipe, unlike the composting unit.

The dimensions of a composting toilet are a bit smaller than its macerating counterparts. Its toilet seat measures about 17 inches high and 19 inches wide. The depth is around 21 inches, which is shorter than most compact floor-mounted units.

The smallest macerating toilets are also compact. For example, the Saniflo SaniCompact has a toilet seat measuring 18.5 inches tall and 21.5 inches deep. The width is similar to most standard toilet units at about 14 inches.

Benefits of Choosing a Smaller Toilet


A large toilet offers a large capacity, but a smaller unit also provides many practical benefits to users. Here are some benefits of using a smaller toilet.

  • Saves space: Small toilet sizes leave a small footprint on your bathroom floor, hence saving space for other fixtures. You’ll appreciate the compact size if you have a mini bathroom.
  • Quick To Clean: These space-saving toilets have a small surface area, hence making the cleaning a lot quicker. You can do a few wipes on the exterior and interior in just a few minutes.
  • Versatile: Aside from saving space, you also have the liberty to install this unit in any bathroom shape and design. Do you want a toilet in your basement? Choose any of these smaller units.
  • Saves Money: The price of a small toilet is lower than a regular-sized one. Apart from saving the initial cost, you also save water, as most of these models use a smaller amount of water for flushing.

The Best Small Toilets

If you’re planning to purchase a small toilet, here are some of the top brands we recommend.

1. American Standard Afwall Millennium Flowise


This wall-mounted toilet not only saves space in your bathroom, but it also provides a powerful siphon jet flushing performance.
Thanks to the Everclean system, the toilet stays clean and germ-free. The toilet dimensions are 15.88 inches deep, 14.69 inches wide, and 27.06 inches high.

2. Luxury Modern Home Carus


This particular model is one of the smallest compact toilet models, measuring 23-inch depth, 13.5-inch width, and 27.5-inch height. The best part of this small floor-mounted toilet is the Self-Cleaning glazed surface which keeps the bowl clean and damage-free.

3. Swiss Madison Sublime


This 24-inch depth toilet is a bit narrow, with a width of 13.81 inches. Standing 27.31 inches high, this one-piece toilet looks seamless and elegant. It also works wonderfully with its dual flush system and soft-closing seat.


Now that you know the smallest toilet dimensions, you can find the right toilet type to fit in your limited bathroom. If you want to save space as much as possible, choose compact floor-mounted toilets or composting toilets for portability. A low-level toilet may solve height restrictions, but comfort height models provide extreme comfort for adults.

Let us know the smallest toilet that you’ve used in the comment section below. If you like this article, share it with your friends.

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