How To Apply For Your Turf Replacement Rebate

NOTE: Please do not start your project before receiving your reservation approval.


Set Up Rebate Account

Set up an account with a valid email address and password. The account will allow you to send and receive communications about your project.

Complete Part 1: Request Reservation Approval

In Part 1, you will apply on-line to reserve funds for your project. The reserved funds are referred to as the reservation. There are items you will need to complete the on-line application. It is best to complete these before beginning the application. They are:

  • Take 5 (five) ‘before’ pictures of your yard showing the area where lawn will be removed (see How to Take Your Project Photographs on the Frequently Asked Questions page).
  • Measure the area of the turf you are removing (see Measuring Project Area Square Footage) Note: It is important that you measure your project area(s) accurately. Once your project start has been approved, your rebate amount cannot be increased from the amount reserved.
  • Have a photo or scanned copy of your recent water or energy bill (if you are on a domestic well) for the property for proof of service within the designated area.
  • Obtain permission from the property owner, if you rent or lease

Complete the on-line Rebate Application to start Part 1. The reservation will specify the estimated rebate amount based on the measured area and information provided.

Wait for your Reservation Acceptance Notice

Your Turf Reservation Application will be reviewed within 2 weeks. You will receive an e-mail if you applied on-line or a letter if you applied via regular mail.

Once you have received your Reservation Acceptance Notice, you may begin work. You have 120 days from the Reservation Acceptance date to complete your project and submit Part 2.

Submit Part 2 – Request Rebate Approval

After completing your project, you are ready to request your rebate. Visit the Rebate Application page. Log in as a “Returning Turf Applicant” using your original email and password. Complete the Part 2 Application and submit 5 pictures of the completed project.

Your Part 2 rebate application will be reviewed and you will receive an email or letter with the results in approximately two weeks.

Receive Rebate

After receiving your approval notice, you will receive your rebate in 8-10 weeks.

Please visit the Residential Turf Rebate Program FAQs for specific guidelines and restrictions for participation in the Residential Turf Rebate Program.