What Size Wax Ring for Kohler Toilet Should You Get?

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what size wax ring for kohler toilet

Even if you own the most expensive Kohler toilet model, you’ll need a good wax ring to keep the leaks at bay. So, what size wax ring for Kohler toilet should you get?

You can choose a regular or extra-thick wax ring to fill the gap between the flange and your floor. To make sure that no nasties escape from the base of your Kohler toilet, choose a universal wax ring with a diameter that fits 3 to 4-inch waste pipes.

Keep reading to learn more about our guide for Kohler toilet wax rings.

Toilet Wax Ring Sizes Guideline for Kohler Toilet

A wax ring installation is important for your Kohler toilet because it prevents any unpleasant odor and sewage water from leaking onto your floor. To get a secure seal, you should have the right toilet wax ring size. The sizes are available in thickness and diameter. 

1. Thickness


For a Kohler toilet seal ring, you can pick the regular or extra-thick form. The regular wax ring measures around 0.8 to 1 inch thick, whereas the extra-thick version can get as much as 2 inches. 

Choose a regular wax ring if your toilet flange rests just on top of your bathroom floor. If the flange is recessed deeper than that, you can make up the height difference with an extra-thick version. The Kohler 1023457 Replacement Part is 1.25 inches thick, making it ideal for flanges located slightly below floor level.

2. Diameter


The opening of your drain pipe should be the same as the diameter of your wax ring. Kohler adheres to the US standard size for toilets.

Hence, wax rings that will fit this brand have a diameter of 3 and 4 inches. You can measure the old wax ring in your Kohler toilet or get the outside diameter of the opening on the base of your toilet, called the elbow neck.

The good news is that most toilet wax rings of today can fit 3-inch and 4-inch waste lines. For example, LASCO 04-3306 can fit both diameter sizes while offering a strong seal.

Tips for Selecting the Most Suitable Wax Ring


The best wax ring for Kohler toilets should fit to provide a secure seal. Here are tips on how to choose the most suitable wax ring.

  1. Consider buying a whole toilet wax ring kit to include a flange and bolts for a more straightforward installation process.
  2. If your Kohler toilet works with high water pressure, choose a reinforced wax seal toilet fix over a standard one. Reinforced wax rings like the Eastman 40007 use metals to improve durability.
  3. Look at where the flange sits when choosing the right thickness. Tape measure the distance between the flange and your bathroom floor. Choose a regular wax ring if the distance is no more than ¼ inch and an extra-thick one for distances over ¼ inch.
  4. When an extra-thick wax ring can’t fill the gap, choose a flange extender.
  5. To know the right diameter for your Kohler toilet wax ring, measure the width of its old wax ring. Remove the bolts and turn the toilet on its side. If the old wax ring is worn out or unavailable, measure the width of the elbow neck.


Now that you know what size wax ring for Kohler toilet is most suitable, you can make the right choice. Always make sure that the ring fits to prevent your bathroom floor from wastewater leaks. Refer to the product’s manual for complete installation.

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