Bidet Attachment vs Bidet Seat: A Detailed Comparison

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bidet attachment vs bidet seat

While you’re in search of the best bidet, you’ll come to the point of comparing bidet attachment vs bidet seat. You’re in the right place as we’ll explain the difference between them.

A bidet attachment is non-electric and located in the middle of the bowl and toilet seat. On the other hand, a bidet seat can be electric or non-electric. It comes with one or two nozzles situated at the back for front and posterior cleaning. They both have advantages and disadvantages. You’ll learn more about bidet seat vs bidet toilet attachment in the following part.

What You Can Expect From Bidet Attachment


It’s unnecessary to include bidet toilet vs bidet seat since bidet seat attachment is designed after bidet seat. This attachment comes in a thin bracket made of plastic. You can directly install it between the bowl and the seat.

There are knobs with different functions. A T-valve is present to connect this attachment to the water supply. Learn more by going through the pros and cons of bidet attachment.


  • Affordability

A bidet attachment is more affordable than a bidet seat. Thus, this is the choice for those who want to save money.

  • Not costly operation

A non-electric bidet attachment doesn’t require electricity to operate. After adding it to your toilet, there will be no increase in electric bill. You don’t need to spend on a power outlet installation beside your toilet, as well.

  • No changing of seat

You can install a bidet attachment without replacing the seat. It’s favorable to those who want to stick with a wooden toilet seat instead of a plastic one. Of course, it’s also convenient for individuals whose toilet seat is still in good shape. Adding the attachment doesn’t require changing the toilet seat.


  • Cold water for cleansing

Cleansing with cold water in the summer is not a problem but it is when the cold season comes.

  • Dryer is unavailable

A dryer that gives off warm air is unavailable in bidet attachment. So, you need to dry yourself using a towel or toilet paper. This setting is not always relevant, especially if you have guests at home. You should also consider that some people no longer depend on toilet paper.

  • Some discomfort

There’s a small gap between the seat and the bowl’s front side. You’ll feel a bit of discomfort as the seat tends to slope forward when you sit on it. To ease this issue, you have to look for the thinnest toilet bidet attachment like GenieBidet and HUACHEN-LS.

What You Can Expect From Bidet Seat

A bidet seat is an option if you’re into comfort and luxury. It’s not necessary to have an electric vs non-electric bidet seat because there are no serious differences between them. Read on for the pros and cons of a bidet seat.


  • Cleansing with hot water

Cleansing with hot water feels great at any time of the day. Moreover, there’s a temperature setting to meet your preference. The pressure can also be adjusted to soft or strong. There’s even a user preset on a bidet seat like BioBidet USPA.

  • Dryer with warm air

Toilet paper is no longer needed when you have a bidet seat. After a thorough cleaning, you’ll feel the warm air coming behind the seat. It can completely dry your front and back parts. There’s usually a temperature setting on the bidet seat.

  • Adjustable nozzle position

When you have a bidet attachment, you need to place your body in a position that allows the nozzle to clean you. However, you won’t mind it if you have a bidet seat with a nozzle that projects forward. You may even adjust it back to reach different areas. Therefore, it works with posterior and rear cleaning. Amazingly, it can clean people of various body sizes.

  • Pulsating and oscillating wash

The water comes out alternately soft and strong in the pulsating wash. This gives a relaxing feeling like what you feel when you get a massage. In the oscillating wash, the nozzle moves back and forth fast. So, this makes it possible to clean a wider scope.

  • Heated seat

You don’t need to dread sitting on a cold toilet when you have a bidet seat because it’s heated. However, not all bidet seats are heated.

  • Nightlight

A nightlight is a LED light that illuminates the toilet bowl. When you need to do your business at night, you don’t need to turn on the lights in your bathroom. Some toilet seats have a light and you can just add a bidet attachment for an existing toilet.

  • Deodorizer

The deodorizer available in the bidet seat works right after you use the toilet. So, you don’t have to bear the stink.

  • Enema wash

A thin layer of water with a strong current comes out of the nozzle to clean your behind. It’s added to ease constipation and you’ll only find them in some bidet seats like Bio Bidet BB-1000SW.

  • Auto-lid

The automatic lid closes when you leave and open when you get near the toilet. This feature prevents you from touching the lid.

  • Remote control

Mid-range and high-range bidet seats come with remote control. It makes navigating the commands and settings straightforward.


  • Costly

With the convenience and comfort that bidet seats offer, it comes with a high price tag. In addition, you have to attach it to a power source all the time so expect an increase in your electric bill.

  • A shock from cold water

Although most bidet seats offer warm water, it doesn’t come out as it is all the time. The water needs a few minutes to get warm. Many users experienced cold water shock. It’s not desirable at all and you can add a hot water reservoir at the toilet’s back to counter this issue.

Factors to Look at – Bidet Seat vs Bidet Attachment


It consumes a lot of time when you go through Reddit comments. Here are the factors you have to look at when comparing bidet attachment vs seat.

  • Ease of installation

The ease of installation depends on the bathroom’s layout. Nonetheless, both of them are fairly easy to install. Cold-water attachments and non-electric bidets are easier to deal with by using a T-adapter. If there’s an electrical outlet nearby, it’s also effortless to install an electric seat bidet.

When the hot water line is behind a cabinet, you need to drill for attachments, which means more work. You can save time, effort, and money if you already have a hot water line. An electrician should be hired to install a line for you if it’s unavailable.

  • Features

As shown above, bidet seats have an edge on features as they offer numerous of them. For example, enema wash, pulsating and oscillating wash, heated seat, deodorizer, and more.

  • Water pressure

Bidet attachments and non-electric bidets are operated through the house water pressure. In the case of electric bidets, a built-in motor does their water spray. Attachments and non-electric types have more powerful water spray. But softer water spray from electric bidets is not always considered a downside.

Full power can hurt someone’s skin. It’s also important to note that electric bidets utilize aerated water. There are bubbles for softening the spray without diminishing its cleansing ability.

  • Ease of use

Since the toilet is used daily, it’s reasonable to go after the ease of use. Apart from a pleasant toilet experience, you want to avoid complications. In operating attachments and non-electric bidet, you’ll only need to determine the ideal pressure. Since there are several modes and buttons on the electric bidet, you need to give yourself time to learn.

Mobility is not an issue when using an electric bidet. To make yourself comfortable, you can adjust the nozzle’s position. Controlling the setting is much easier with remote control.

Some may struggle using a bidet attachment because the nozzle is not adjustable. You’ll tend to wiggle on your seat to get the most comfortable position. Moreover, you need to reach the controls on the side and your head turns as it follows the course.

Think It Over Before Flushing!

In bidet attachment vs bidet seat, you’ve learned their advantages and disadvantages. The important factors are also laid out to help you further analyze your priorities. If you’re not after advanced settings but prefer water pressure, you’ll be comfortable with bidet attachment. Otherwise, easy control and convenience will be your reasons for choosing a bidet seat.

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