How to Install a Bidet Toilet Seat? Get It Done Fast & Easy!

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how to install a bidet toilet seat

Using the toilet after unloading yourself could sometimes be tricky. If you are especially OC about hygiene, you should consider everything around you.

Your toilet reveals the essentials you have for washing and cleaning, which include constant running water, antibacterial soap, tissue, and a toilet bidet.

Your toilet amenities represent your priorities for comfort, easy use, and functional aesthetics. Among these, the bidet is something special.

For hygiene purposes, the bidet is indispensable in your modern lifestyle. These steps provide you with ideas on how to install a bidet toilet seat.

What to Prepare for the Installation


The tools and materials vary as different bidet toilet seat models are available, which also present various requirements.

But here are the main tools we need:

  • New Bidet toilet seat (to be installed)
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner or
  • Small Pipe Wrench
  • Muriatic Acid
  • Flat or Phillips Screwdriver
  • Toilet Brush
  • Teflon tape
  • Rag or towel
  • T-Valve
  • Small basin or pail

Bidet Toilet Seat Installation Steps

The following steps are advised when installing a bidet toilet seat. Take a read if you just installed one the first time.

Step 1: Prepare your toilet for the new bidet toilet seat

This may appear obvious but cleaning the toilet bowl well, including its seat and undersides, are essential for a very important reason: hygiene.

If you have an existing toilet seat installed, remove it first to expose all areas needing cleaning.

Use a brush and toilet bowl cleaner or muriatic acid to remove limescale deposits on areas usually hidden and where watermarks appear.

Remove all stains and discolorations in crevices and hidden areas if possible. Your new bidet toilet seat looks best with a neat, shiny bowl.

With a rag or towel, dry your toilet’s cleaned surfaces, especially its seat.

Step 2: Unpack the new toilet bidet seat

Before installing your new bidet toilet seat, read the accompanying instruction manual carefully. This should give you head-up ideas.

Remove any plastic protection cover of the new set, if there is any. Carefully unpack its supplied screws, mounting plate, and other attachments.

To ensure that your new bidet set fits well with your bowl, try placing it on the seat and determining its fitness before getting down to work.

Step 3: Install your new bidet toilet seat

  1. Shut the water supply valve off before flushing your toilet. Remove the hose connector from the water tank.
  2. Before attaching the supplied T-valve to the tank inlet, put Teflon tape on the thread. This ensures leak-free connection of the water supply to the tank and the bidet seat.
  3. With your screwdriver, mount the toilet seat bracket or plate following the instructions in the manual. Attach the new bidet toilet seat in place.
  4. Reconnect the water supply hose to the T-valve. Connect the new bidet toilet seat to the T-valve using the supplied hose.
  5. After hooking up your bidet toilet seat, test your installation for proper operation. Use a small basin or pail to deflect the water squirting out.
  • Note: If you install an electric bidet seat, make sure you locate a GFCI outlet and plug it in before using it.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you install a bidet seat on any toilet?

Fortunately, yes. Installing bidet attachment to modern elongated toilets, the common two-piece or one-piece type, is not very complicated.

They are designed to be attached with a seat cover while connected to a water source which is necessary for a bidet seat installation.

To add a bidet to a standard toilet, just select the proper design, color combination, and plumbing attachments to make it work best for you.

Read more: Bidet attachment vs Bidet seat: what is the difference?

Do you need a plumber to install a bidet?

Not really. With proper tools and basic knowledge about plumbing, you can do it yourself. Being street-smart with lots of common sense surely helps.

Toilet seat installation costs could be prohibitive if the plumber asks for a costly service.

Just always remember that you need to carefully follow the steps in product labels or instructions. Youtube also now provides demonstrations to follow.

What plumbing is needed for a bidet?

An existing connection to your toilet tank is actually enough. Adding a bidet to a toilet needs only a T- valve adaptor from the tank to the bidet.

This minor adjustment can even be done by hand or by using a common pipe wrench when screwing a T-valve to the tank inlet.

Just make sure that your plumbing setup allows for availability of continued water supply needed for an added bidet toilet seat.

Is it hard to install a bidet toilet seat?

With basic plumbing know-how and a do-it-yourself attitude, you won’t need a professional to provide you with toilet bidet installation service.

Installing a bidet to an existing toilet can be done by anyone with just the right attitude and basic tools. Sometimes, tools may not even be needed at all.

Can you install a bidet seat on any toilet?

Modern bidet seats are now practically designed to be simply attached or installed by anyone.

When should I replace my toilet bidet and consider a bidet toilet seat?

Replacing your toilet bidet and considering a bidet toilet seat is a personal choice and option. There are basically 2 reasons why you would consider this.

One, your standalone bidet has become damaged or broken, and is too cumbersome to reach and use to wash your rear end.

Two, if you are using a bidet seat already, it is already malfunctioning or broken and is too impractical to repair.

If any of these 2 reasons occur to you and you have dollars to spare, it is the perfect time to have a new bidet toilet seat installed.


Bidet toilet seats are nowadays almost an indispensable comfort room amenity. Your need for hygiene demands its presence in your own private comfort.

With current toilet designs and simple steps to follow, knowing how to install a bidet toilet seat has never been easier.

A proper attitude of do-it-yourself and practical wisdom to undertake a minor home improvement task certainly helps.

Doing toilet bidet installation on your own not only saves you money but allows you to spend some time improving your home.

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