Why Does Toilet Paper Get Stuck When I Wipe? – 6 Causes

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Why Does Toilet Paper Get Stuck When I Wipe

I know once in your life you have experienced having tissues stuck in your bum. This ordeal isn’t pretty at all. So, let me clear one of the most embarrassing questions of all “Why does toilet paper get stuck when I wipe?”

Some possible reasons why your tissue paper is getting stuck behind are over-wiping, improper wiping habits, and a hairy butt. Using the wrong toilet paper and having mushy or hard poop can also lead to disasters such as this. Some medical conditions can even cause you to wipe wrongly.

Continue reading to learn each cause and consequence along with tips on how to avoid them.

Possible Causes and Consequences

There are many reasons why your toilet paper keeps getting stuck in your delicate areas. Let’s discuss each possible reason below.

1. Wiping More Than Necessary


Some people aren’t satisfied with three wipes, especially those with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). People with OCD tend to overdo things; hence, they end up wiping more than three times to feel clean. As a result, they’ll likely get more toilet paper getting stuck in sensitive areas.

Wiping repeatedly can take a toll on the sensitive part of your bottom. It can either cause itching or irritation. More serious injuries happen when you use toilet paper with chemical components.

2. Wiping the Wrong Way


How you use the toilet paper matters when you don’t want to leave some tissue down there. To save toilet paper, people use the same thin layer to wipe their bum clean. Though economically right, it’s unhygienic, and the TP can easily tear apart into pieces.

For the ladies, wiping your genital area with a lot of pressure doesn’t mean better cleaning. The pressure can easily crumble the toilet paper and leave some pieces behind in the vag. When these tiny bits of paper get in the urethra, it can lead to a urinary tract infection.

Yeast infection is another common irritation from toilet paper, particularly when the product used has fragrance and harsh chemicals like dyes. Symptoms include itching, redness, and soreness.

3. Hair in Butt


Too much hair in the anus can be a hassle when you need to use toilet paper. Small pieces of tissue can get stuck in the hair after wiping without you knowing it. Over time, these tiny toilet paper pieces turn into butt crumbles, which can be embarrassing and unsanitary.

Although these butt crumbles fall out in your underwear or toilet bowl as time goes by, you don’t want to wait for that to happen. Make sure that you do something with the hair.

4. Using Bad Toilet Paper


Rough toilet papers aren’t a good option because micro cuts from toilet paper can irritate. Also, avoid those brands which are heavily scented, because they likely have chemicals that cause infection in the cervix. What you’ll need is a thick layer that’s natural and gentle to the nether regions.

5. Medical Condition


Hemorrhoids are one of the main reasons why someone finds it hard to use dry toilet paper. You’ll need to moisten the TP a bit, which can be gentle but can leave tiny bits of tissue behind.

Likewise, skin disorders like anal eczema can lead to a messy cleanup after pooping. If you don’t want to use damp toilet paper, use a bidet instead to avoid aggravating the condition.

You’ll need to see a doctor if you suffer severe anal injuries, then get proper medication and learn the proper care tips.

6. Stool Consistency


Having either too soft or too hard of stool consistency can affect your wiping habit.

A mushy stool easily breaks down the toilet paper, hence increasing the incidence of toilet paper shreds getting left behind. This is especially true if you use the same sheet of paper numerous times.

A hard stool won’t make it easier to wipe your ass either. You’ll tend to over-wipe to ensure that your bum is clean. As you use more toilet paper, you’ll likely leave more tissue bits behind.

Tips to Prevent Toilet Paper from Getting Stuck

Having toilet paper getting stuck in your bum is normal, but you can do something about it. Here’s a guide to help you say goodbye to tissue residues.

  • Shave: Remove the hair around your butt hole so that you can wipe without leaving toilet paper Apply shaving cream and use the razor in small strokes.
  • Eat Fiber Or Hydrate: If you suffer from mushy poop constantly, add fiber to your diet. Fiber-rich foods like sweet potatoes and apples can solidify your poop and make cleaning easier, hence helping you avoid toilet paper residue.
    If you constantly suffer from constipation, drink lots of liquid to make the consistency of your poop normal.
  • Choose The Right Toilet Paper: Choose a toilet paper that’s gentle and free of chemicals, like hypoallergenic bamboo variants. Make sure to use a thick layer to keep toilet paper from sticking to your behind.
  • Wipe Properly: After pooping, wipe three times using fresh toilet paper. For the ladies, wipe from front to back to avoid bacterial infection.
  • Follow-up With Water: After using the toilet paper, wash your bum with water to remove anything left behind. You can also consider using a bidet or a hose as they do not leave toilet paper residue.


After reading this article, I hope you know the answer to “Why does toilet paper get stuck when I wipe?” Using the right tissue and wiping technique matter the most for a mess-free cleanup. Though those butt crumbles are out of sight, save your pride and start wiping clean.

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