Why Put a Red Cup Under Toilet Seat at Night? (3 Reasons)

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why put a red cup under toilet seat at night

Many homeowners around the world place a red cup under their toilet seat before going to bed. You may be clueless and have this question in mind, ‘Why put a red cup under toilet seat at night?’

Believe it or not, this red cup under the toilet seat hack has many purposes. It’s used as a warning if the toilet paper is out and an animal has traveled into the pipes and reached your toilet.

If you want to know if it’s worth doing it, you have to read the rest of the article. You’ll know the other reasons why people put a plastic cup under the toilet seat.

Reasons for Putting a Red Cup Under Toilet Seat at Night


1. Toilet paper has run out

Have you experienced using the toilet and it was too late when you realized that there’s no toilet paper? It can happen as it’s hard to resist the call of nature. You’ll fail to check the availability of toilet paper before sitting on the throne. Even if it’s not nighttime, people put a cup under the toilet seat to let others know that there’s no more toilet paper.

You can easily see the red cup. Once you get the message, your eyes will search for the toilet paper. Thus, it saves you from the embarrassment and frustration that an empty toilet roll can cause.

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2. For the sake of hygiene

A red cup toilet seat can promote hygiene, especially in public toilets. With this setting, you can avoid getting in contact with germs when you need to lift the seat. If there’s a red cup, the seat is slightly popped and you can use your foot and leg to lift it.

3. For intruders

The last thing that you expect to happen is that snakes and critters find their way to your toilet. You may have heard about an urban legend that alligators dwell in the sewer of New York City. However, it can be true if you live in Florida. In this state, it’s easy for the said animals to get into the toilet.

What’s the connection of the red cup trick in this situation? You would know that something tipped the red cup if your toilet seat is closed. This is a practice done at night as you don’t know what’s happening around you when you’re asleep. Once the red cup drops, there will be a banging sound.

If this happens and you see the toilet cover is down, you’ll be more careful and mentally prepared to deal with the situation.

  • Measuring urine

Some people have medical conditions that require them to measure their urine. They don’t put a red cup under the toilet seat for measuring. Instead, it’s a reminder for them to do what’s required.

  • Potty train young boys

It’s not easy to potty train young boys but placing a red cup under the toilet seat can help. It can remind them that they need to lift their seat before doing their business. They should develop this habit so urine won’t splatter all over the place.

  • Waking up sleepwalkers

Some people are sleepwalkers and these individuals can pee and even poop in their sleep. Since they don’t have control over their actions, they can soil themselves. When it happens, a red cup under a toilet seat can wake them up. Knocking on the red cup makes a noise that can alert and wake them.

More of Red Cup Under the Toilet Seat


You may want to learn more about red solo cup facts since valid reasons are unveiled. Learn more in this part.

  • Solo cup or more?

You want to be sure if it’s fine to have a solo cup under the toilet seat. Won’t it dislodge easily? If this worries you, especially if you do it at night, you can have two cups under the toilet seat. It’s not necessary at all and it can have consequences like giving a child a hard time removing the two cups. But you can use two if the need arises.

Final Part

You now know the answer to, ‘Why put a red cup under toilet seat at night?’ Indeed, it is useful as it can serve various purposes, such as minimizing contact with the toilet, warning of no toilet paper, finding out if there’s an animal that got into your toilet, potty training, reminding users to measure urine, and waking up sleepwalkers. One cup is fine but you can make it two if it’s necessary.

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