The Best No Clog Toilets for a Trouble-Free Bathroom

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best no clog toilet

The thought of clogged toilets disgusts most people. Aside from requiring a lot of effort in correcting the flushing mechanism, some don’t like the idea of facing the toilet bowl for an extended period. To save you from this situation, get the right no clog toilet that has the following features.

  • Flushing system and large valve

In the product description, a flushing system is indicated. The dual flushing mechanism can work with different water volumes for a clog-free toilet. A large flash valve is also crucial for a powerful flush and it must be at least three inches. To support the function, the trapway must be 2.3 inches or more to leave the bowl spick and span.

  • Water refill time

When looking for toilets that don’t clog, water refill time is essential. A clogged toilet usually flushes and refills slowly due to low pressure applied during flushing. It’s not a good sign if your toilet refills the toilet tank in 3 minutes. Ideally, it should only take 1.5 or 2 minutes for an uncloggable toilet to flush.

  • Material of the toilet bowl

Modern toilets are ceramic, a combination of silica and clay. It’s a good thing since the composition of your toilet bowl has something to do with clogging. Also, the trapway covered with enamel is good as it allows waste and water to go to the sewer without any trouble. It’s one way to prevent toilet clog.

At this point, it will be easy for you to sort things out and choose the one that won’t burden you with cleaning a toilet. You don’t have to look the other way as here’s a list of best no clog toilets. Know them all to find the one that suits your preference and needs.

Top 1


Toto Drake CST744SL#01

– Low water consumption
– Not noisy
– Comfortable and convenient


Top 2


American Standard 2034.314.020

– Powerful flush
– Low water consumption
– No cracks or crevices


Top 3


Kohler K-3493-96

– Efficient in flushing
– 30 to 50 PSI
– Tank is refilled right after flushing


Top 10 No Clog Toilet Reviews

1. Toto Drake CST744SL#01 (Cotton White)


As for me, this stands out among Toto’s two-piece toilets. With its elongated bowl, it proves to be the best anti-clog toilet. Since I replaced our two baths at home with this, I don’t need to spend a lot of time working on clogged toilets. I shared this good news with my neighbor who has a family of six-footers. Because of them, I found out that this is great for accommodating men with towering heights.

Although this has a 1.6 GPF low flush, it seems to devour everything. I think its efficiency is all about the G-max flushing system. To complete the operations, there’s a chrome trip lever and 8 psi water pressure.

This toilet does not clog and does not consume much water. Hence, my water bill doesn’t have any significant increase. In addition, I don’t even need to utilize a lot of water for cleaning since it can even dispose of ‘giant turds’.

Even though the flush is powerful, it’s not noisy so it won’t disturb anyone in the house. The greatest benefits that it brings are comfort and convenience not only for tall men but also those who are in the recovery phase after surgery. I like that it’s made of vitreous china to maintain a sleek look. There’s a one-year limited warranty offered for this product so I know it will last.

You can install this non-clogging toilet by yourself just like I did. Don’t worry because it’s a straightforward process. However, I got confused with the ID system. Since this is a two-piece toilet, the ID of the tank is different from the base. I just hope that Toto could have provided specifications.
  • Has a low flush but devours everything even the ‘giant turds’
  • Low water consumption
  • Not noisy despite its powerful flush
  • Comfortable and convenient for tall men and those recovering from surgery
  • Easy to maintain its sleek look
  • Offers one-year limited warranty
  • Id system can be confusing

This is a dependable never-clog toilet that does not require a large amount of water. Thanks to it, I no longer have to spend time fixing toilet clogs.

2. American Standard 2034.314.020 Champion 4


Unlike our previous toilet, this one doesn’t require me to hold on to a plunger often. With its powerful flush, it can get rid of liquid and solid waste in no time. Even those who have stool-like rocks don’t have issues with flushing. I talked to one of them and she attests that this is a toilet for flushing large waste and a savior of habitual cloggers!

This has changed my perspective on one-piece toilets. I thought they were just for a sleek, modern design but this is a toilet that doesn’t clog. The trapway is wide enough so it works wonderfully. It doesn’t only flush down waste but even the backside. Also, it’s self-cleaning thanks to the vitreous china and everclean surface.

Its glazed bowl doesn’t have cracks or crevices for urine to get stuck. Hence, there will be no sanitary issues with this toilet. Besides lying low from frequent use of a plunger, you don’t have to be annoyed with any leaking issues.

Its ability to easily flush and keep itself clean doesn’t require high water consumption. 1.6 gallons per flush is all it takes to make your waste disappear. There’s no banging sound that will bother someone as it has a slow-close toilet seat. It works quickly but in silence.

It’s indeed at the right height as I feel comfortable sitting on it. There’s nothing that I can complain about this product, only that this is an elongated toilet, and it’s not suitable if you have little clearance between the bathroom and toilet.
  • Has a powerful flush that gets rid of liquid and solid waste in no time
  • A savior of habitual cloggers
  • Can remove backside of log of the stool as it’s self-cleaning
  • No cracks or crevices where urine can get stuck
  • Low water consumption
  • Not a disturbance as it operates quietly
  • Not suitable for areas with little clearance or limited space
Not all toilets have the ability to prevent clogs. This one is unique, and it can even keep itself clean after flushing liquid and solid waste.

3. Kohler K-3493-96 Highline Classic Pressure Lite


Out of the toilets that I’ve used, this no-clog toilet commercial use makes waste disappear in just one flush. It’s not a partial flush because it only takes out 1.28 gallons, but it’s still an efficient toilet unit. The flush is powerful and I don’t have to embarrass myself to work on a plunger in the guestroom’s bathroom.

There’s so much ease and convenience using this toilet due to its pressure assist flushing system. I’ll always remember how it helped me through tough times. After the hurricane left our area, the sewage got stuck and most of the toilets have to be backed up except for this toilet model. So, you can’t blame me if I have this in all my bathrooms.

I connect it with my well, which has 30 to 50 psi. It’s not a problem even though this toilet’s minimum requirement is 20 psi. I also noticed that the cold water from the well doesn’t make the tank sweat when it’s hot and humid. It only happened to the previous toilets that I had.

This two-piece toilet with an elongated bowl is available in white and black. Hence, you can also consider it for remodeling your bath. It’s great in a contemporary bathroom. The handle is removable so you replace it with other Kohler styles; don’t think it’s defective!

The only thing that can bother users is its noise when flushing. It’s not too noisy but it’s louder than conventional toilets. It doesn’t bother me at all. But refilling the tank doesn’t create noise even though it takes place right after flushing.
  • Efficient in flushing but only consumes 1.28 gallons per flush
  • No need for a plunger as it flushes waste in one flush
  • Can be connected with 30 to 50 psi
  • Cold water doesn’t make its tank sweat when it’s hot and humid
  • The handle can be changed with other Kohler designs
  • Tank is refilled right after flushing
  • The flush is louder than conventional toilets
This is the top-rated toilet for not clogging even when there’s a problem with sewage. I say so due to my wonderful experiences with it.

4. WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Cotton White Toilet


Due to the modern, luxurious appearance of this product, I never thought that it could be on the list of clog-free toilets. Hence, I can say it’s one complete package! With its aesthetics and convenience, I can say it’s priced appropriately. I love the style since it can match modern, traditional, and other themes.

The powerful flush is quiet as the water passes through the glazed surface. This feature makes it easy for me to clean. I have a 5-year old who still needs to learn how to aim it right when peeing. His leaks are not hard to clean because of the skirted sides of this toilet. Even dust doesn’t accumulate on those sections.

There are two buttons that you can push to flush. I’m grateful for this part since my kid can manage to flush by himself. The 96-year-old mother-in-law of my friend finds this toilet convenient when doing the call of nature. My high school buddy who is a big guy doesn’t mind sitting on this toilet too. He doesn’t even need to use the strong option from its dual flush system.

I was surprised but a single purchase includes a high-quality wax ring, floor bolts, necessary fittings, and other things for installation. A one-year limited warranty is also provided. This terrific toilet is made for perfection, except for its hollow seat. Don’t get me wrong, it opens and closes well.
  • An elegant and luxurious toilet
  • Clog-free and easy to clean
  • Dust doesn’t accumulate on it
  • Can accommodate large people
  • With two flushing options
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty and things for installation
  • Has a hollow seat
I’m happy with it because it’s not all about luxurious appearance. There’s a lot to appreciate from it like super easy cleaning and being free of clogs.

5. Kohler Sta Rosa 3810-95 Toilet


The efficient flush of this nice-looking toilet doesn’t fail to amaze me. In just a single flush, the waste is forwarded to the sewer line. That is how powerful this Kohler no-clog toilet is with its Aqua piston technology and large flush valves!

It’s the best example of a toilet that maximizes water usage because the water comes out in all directions. Therefore, it has an unquestionably efficient flushing system. Even better, it does not come with a higher water bill.

It’s aesthetically appealing, especially when placed in a modern bathroom. I must say that I no longer hate cleaning the toilet because this one is so easy to clean. Its one-piece structure doesn’t cause leaks so it doesn’t create a mess. Additionally, it’s compact so it doesn’t have to go against the wall.

Kohler has undoubtedly created this with a comfortable height. Individuals in different frames can be at ease sitting on this toilet. People who had hip replacement surgery get up after using it with no problem at all. The only thing that I don’t approve of is its toilet seat. It’s not a soft closing toilet seat but more of an old style.

Installation is easy. I just watched an instructional video from YouTube and got some tips found on no clog toilet reviews. Voila! I was able to come up with the expected outcome. It has something to do with it being a one-piece toilet.
  • Has efficient flushing system
  • No need for a second flush most of the time
  • Nice looking and compact so it suits modern bathrooms
  • Easy to clean and doesn’t leak
  • Comfort height applicable to all people of different stature
  • Easy to install
  • Old style toilet seat
Seeing the water coming out from all sides of the bowl confirms that it’s the toilet that won’t clog! Apart from its efficiency, I like the modern and sleek look of this toilet. It surely is ideal for a bathroom with limited space.

6. TOTO Entrada CST243EF#12 Toilet


Due to the strong flush of its Emax flushing system, it becomes a clog-proof toilet. Although it is powerful, the water consumption is still low at 1.28 GPF. By quickly pressing its lever, you can go for a partial flush to save more water. This is suitable for kids who always fail to flush their solid waste and play around. Even with the frequent use of the full flush by pressing and holding the lever down, no clogging occurs.

There’s been a lot of improvement in different aspects since I had this toilet. I don’t have to worry about the hike in the water bill. The height of this toilet also favors me because I’m a big guy. There’s no doubt that it has a universal height. Moreover, I don’t have to stare at the toilet to ensure that the waste is discarded into the sewer.

It’s a clean toilet with a round bowl that’s perfect for a modern bathroom. If you get this for replacement, your bath will surely look spectacular. It fits well in one of the smaller bathrooms in my office. So, it’s safe to say that it fits well in limited space.

I must say that it’s easy to install but you have to buy some bolts and toilet seats separately. It doesn’t matter to me as it accommodates all users. Taking a break from installation and going to the hardware to buy other components are not deal breakers.
  • Works with strong, powerful, and quick flush
  • Low water consumption
  • Doesn’t clog even being frequently flushed
  • Has a universal height for everyone’s comfort
  • Great for modern bathroom and limited space
  • Easy to install
  • Buying some bolts and toilet seat separately
As always, Toto toilet never disappoints. I love the low water consumption but clean flush. Everyone in the family can use it because of its universal height.

7. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St. Tropez Toilet


I’m astounded by the modern and sleek design every time I see this toilet in Lowes, Home Depot and local stores. It’s sexy and appealing with its skirted trap way. Thus, you won’t hesitate to match it with different bathroom themes and décor. Apart from the impressive aesthetics, its design makes it super easy to clean. No crooks and crannies will give you a hard time.

This one-piece toilet is not all about style as it also stands out in functionality. With its dual flush system, you can choose from .8 or 1.28 GPF. You can use the right amount of water to dispose of your business. Though it seems like a fragile toilet, it has a powerful flush that doesn’t only get rid of waste particles but also leaves the surface clean.

My sister likes to use it for her 3-year-old toddler whenever they come to visit. The seat adapter for children fits perfectly as my niece can do the number 2 when sitting on the front part of the bowl. Therefore, the round, elongated bowl and comfort height can serve people of all ages.

In clog toilet reviews, there are a lot of people who complain about the difficulty of installation. But if you spend some time analyzing before doing so, you will know what to do. I must say that two people should do the installation so one checks the bolt location while the other executes the step. It has a bigger base than a regular toilet too.
  • Has a modern and sleek design with a skirted trap way
  • Super easy to clean
  • Has a dual flush to use the right amount of water
  • Gives a powerful flush that eliminates waste and keeps the surface clean
  • Seat adapter for children can be attached
  • Can be used by people of all ages
  • Two people should do the installation
  • Has a bigger base
You won’t regret buying this toilet with its modern design that makes cleaning super easy. It’s functional while you save water.

8. HOROW HWMT-8733 Small Toilet


I like the size of this one-piece toilet because it’s around 25 inches long. It’s compact but not too high or too long. To be specific, it’s two inches lower than the modern elongated toilet. But I still feel comfortable sitting on it like it’s a standard toilet height. It has a skirted trap way with a design that fits any bathroom décor.

The wonderful toilet features also come with great functions. I never thought that a smaller toilet can have the flushing capability of a bigger toilet. It works with siphon flushing and it seems that the water is being vacuumed. The light regime can get rid of the waste and clean the bowl at the same time. It’s dual flush so you can conserve water by choosing from 0.8 or 1.28 GPF.

No clogging and leaking issues will bother you and I like that it works in silence. The glazed porcelain is partly responsible for it. This material is not prone to staining and fading so it won’t look old after a while. More time and effort are no longer necessary when cleaning the toilet.

Many may find it hard to install but I must say that you can use someone’s help with installation. I asked my wife to help me when I installed it in our farmhouse’s bathroom. It will be much easier if you install it in a spacious area but you need to adjust a lot when doing it in a small space.
  • A compact toilet that is not too low or high
  • With skirted trap way that fits any bathroom décor
  • Has powerful siphon flushing like regular and expensive toilets
  • With dual flush for water conservation
  • Doesn’t cause clogging and leaking issues
  • Not prone to staining and fading
  • Installation may be hard in a small space
This seems to be smaller than modern toilets but it’s fully functioning. You don’t have to worry about clogs and leaks as you dispose of waste properly and keep it clean all the time.

9. Toto 1061180 #01 Ultramax II Toilet


Among Toto toilets, this one is my favorite for many reasons. Most of all, it’s not prone to clogging so it spares me from tedious cleaning. Who likes spending time cleaning the toilet, anyway? Thanks to its large flush valve (3 inches) that ejects water in three directions and 2 1/8-inch wide glazed trap way, blocked toilet traps are not an issue for me.

These incredible parts function accordingly with gravity flow and a double cyclone flushing system. The relatively larger trap way can send a large amount of waste to the sewer with no problem. If you look closely at the bowl, you’ll find two nozzles under the rim. They wash the bowl for any spots and stains. Despite the efficiency and amazing ability, the water usage is low since it works with 1.28 GPF.

The smooth flushing is similar to its surface. This is another factor that makes cleanliness easy to maintain. With the integration of Sanagloss finish, waste, bacteria, and mold won’t stick to the bowl. Since this is a one-piece toilet, its modern and sleek look is undeniable. It has a soft closing seat that won’t bang on its elongated toilet bowl. A hinge mechanism connects the cover to the bowl.

Installation is not complicated, and it only requires special outlet connection fitting. Toto could have mentioned this in the product description. Either way, it’s not a big deal.
  • No clogging and demands of tedious cleaning
  • No blocked trap ways to deal with
  • Can send a large amount of waste to the sewer with no problem
  • Low water usage
  • Has smooth surface that doesn’t allow waste, bacteria, and mold to stick
  • Soft closing toilet seat to not create noise
  • Needs special outlet connection fitting

This is not only a toilet to prevent clogs but it’s also for maintaining your toilet and bathroom clean most of the time. You can’t go wrong with a toilet that has a large trap way like this one.

10. American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 FloWise


Choosing this among numerous toilets in the market is a wise decision. It’s an American Standard no clog toilet that is the perfect replacement for the old toilet in my house. I followed my sister’s recommendation who has been using it for years and remains unbothered by clogging issues.

With its single flush of 1.28 GPF and siphon jet action, it operates well in disposing of waste. Its trap way coordinates with this function despite being concealed to put up a clean look. Thus, I don’t need to double flush most of the time. It has a 3-inch larger flush valve than regular toilets. There are no delays with refilling the tank as well.

After every flush, I don’t have to look back on the remaining bits and clean up. Even regular cleaning doesn’t take much time. This happens because the toilet is made of vitreous china and Everclean surface. These components impede the growth of stain and bacteria that cause mold and odor. That’s why I feel relaxed when sitting on this throne. It has a soft-close toilet seat and covers that lifts easily.

The tank is not bulky so it can be installed even in tight spaces. In terms of the bowl’s height, my wife who’s shorter than me still finds it comfortable. It’s an amazing toilet for many reasons but you have to put extra effort into the installation. If you’re not handy, it’s best to hire a plumber.
  • No clogging issues when used continuously for years
  • Trapway is concealed for a clean look
  • No need for a double flush
  • No delays on refilling the tank
  • Remains clean as no bits remain on the bowl
  • Has a height that is good for tall and short people
  • Extra effort on installation
Just like my sister, I believe that this toilet is for the long run. Working or even paying for a plumber for installation is all worthwhile as it helps me set up a clean and odorless bathroom environment.

What to Look for When Buying No-clog Toilets?


When looking for a durable no clog toilet, you have to look at the essential features so it works as needed. A three-inch flush valve is ideal but the largest flush valve is excellent! This part promises a powerful flush. You must also seek a large trap way so there’s enough space to allow the waste mass to reach the sewer.

Why Does My Toilet Get Clogged So Easily?

Despite designing the toilet to prevent clogging, it can’t be effective because of some factors. It requires awareness of the following things.

  • Low flow toilets

The first low-flow toilet introduced in the market is for lowering water consumption. Unfortunately, it’s not meant for a powerful flush. As improvements were honed, these low-flow toilets became capable of preventing clog issues.

  • Blocked toilet traps

When the toilet traps are blocked, clogging follows. It takes place in a trap way, a U-shaped pipe that is a passage for the waste to reach the sewer. This will be congested when you flush toilet paper or in cases of frequent, inadequate flushing to send the waste to its destination.

  • Toilet paper usage

It’s previously mentioned that toilet paper can block the trap way. It can truly clog the toilet if used excessively. You can lessen the amount of paper that you use or opt for the one-ply type.

  • Flushed non-biodegradable objects

The habit of flushing non-biodegradable objects is an absolute way of making your toilet clog. Be aware that wet wipes, diapers, hard paper, and hygiene or sanitary items can clog your toilet. If you flush either one of them, you’ll be burdened by the need to plunge for the toilet so it can function normally again.

What Kind of Toilet Does Not Clog?


What toilet is best for not clogging? Apart from checking on reputable toilet brands, you have to be familiar with the flushing system. As mentioned several times, you have to choose the toilet with a large flush valve and trap way. These are the essential things to ensure that a toilet won’t easily clog. Some powerful ones are the pressure assist flushing system and the type that releases water on all bowl sides.

How Do I Make My Toilet Not Clog?

The first step to not make your toilet clog is to know if you have selected a reliable toilet. An incompetent toilet is one of the causes of clogging. You’ll realize that no matter how properly you use the toilet or fix the issue, progress isn’t made.

A plunger will help you get rid of a non-biodegradable object to put your toilet back in a functioning state. If the waste is stubborn, you can use a chemical drain cleaner. Another option is to fix or change the flushing system.

Where Can I Buy a No Clog Toilet?

You can buy a no-clog toilet from your local hardware store or shop that sells bathroom fixtures. But if you want it to be convenient and delivered to your doorstep, you can buy it online. Besides convenience, there are a variety of choices and usually no availability issues. Just make sure that you access a reputable website so you can get the exact product that you like.


There are many reasons why people would love to have the best no clog toilet. First and foremost, no one is fond of cleaning the toilet. It’s not a likable task, especially if it takes a lot of time and effort. Maintaining your toilet is also a way of keeping a bathroom tidy and free from odor. You will feel at ease when sitting on a toilet that doesn’t have issues.

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